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Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:47 am

Here are previews for upcoming sequels that I will be writing.

My favorite and I think my best story by far is The Magical Game Of No Return, and that will indeed have a sequel.

Here is the preview for it!!!!

                            The Magical Game Over No Return 2

Cam May Von Ludwig is back in a whole new adventure, but trouble has occurred in the Von Ludwig Gaming Corporation.   Greedy employees eventually turn into con artists out of jealousy of Cam and his rise to fame, and are after the rights to the Von Ludwig Game’s graphic designs.  These con artists will stop at nothing to get their hands on the gaming company’s graphic designs and soon plant viruses on new prototype games before eventually invading in on Cam’s home territory in Enchanted 2.  
Not only that, but Cam also has a brother/sister vacation to England that of which he promised his little sister Erika, combined with a business trip on revealing his new games internationally. To top it off he also has his wedding with Chrissy and Wendy to worry about
Is the power of Cam’s imagination strong enough, and bright enough to save the game and world he loves?  Can he fulfill his promise to his little sister Erika and get his business trip to England done in one shot?  And is Cam able to pull off his wedding to Chrissy and Wendy successfully?
You are about to find out in our new book, The Magical Game Of No Return 2, The Uninvited!!!!!

Coming to you in 2017!!!!!!

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