The True Story Of Volvagia The Old Girl

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The True Story Of Volvagia The Old Girl

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Wed Mar 01, 2017 6:42 am

The True Story Of Volvagia The Old Girl

My car was a hand me down from my mom. My mom bought her when she was brand new. I remember seeing her pull up in the drive way of my family's mansion on a rainy night in February of 1998. And I thought, WOW!!!!!! What a beautiful and AWESOME CAR!!!!! I wanted it to be mine, but I was only 9.

However, when I was 11 and 12, I wanted a hot and sexy car like a Viper, and didn't think about having the Old Girl as my car.
But when it came my time for Driver's Ed at 14, my parents told me "You're learning to drive on the OLD 1990 Volvo 760 Turbo." I figured, fair enough, and at least it's a car.
So, I learned to drive on the Old 760 that was originally my sister's car, and my sister at the time got the Cross Country, and the Old Girl suffered being neglected, driven into the ground, bashed into walls, and not taken care of when my sister had her.
Her boyfriend at the time, coughed up his own money to fix her fenders, and when the car came back in 2004, during my driver's training, my mom said "You should learn to drive on a different car, so you should also learn to drive the Cross Country."
Right after my 16th birthday, during my driver's training in the Christmas season of 2004, I learned to drive the Old Girl, and OH MY GOD!!!! She drove SOOOOOOOO AMAZINGLY!!!! Her steering was responsive, her engine revved AMAZINGLY, she was fast, and because in 2004, she was a 98, to cute girls she was HOT!!!!
And whenever I was in my training, I just had to be seen driving her.
So, during the duration of my driver's training, I would drive both the 1990 760 Volvo and the 98 Cross Country.
Then my sister was going back to Africa for her studies, and my parents said it was time to sell the 760, and keep the 98. That meant that when my sister would return, she'd be given a new car, and the Old Girl would become mine. That was the plan until.........
One rainy night during the Christmas season of 2005, we were doing a trip to Lake Tahoe for Christmas, and we had our dog with us. The trunk was full of a sled, our clothes, our Christmas presents, Christmas decorations, cooking supplies, and we even had a rocket box on top of the car to accomodate the luggage. We even had our groceries on our laps.

But that night it was rainy, it was pitch black, and visibility was VERY low.
We round a bend and my dad sees what looks to be a pile of clothes, but it wasn't. It was a 2X2 foot bolder, and then CRASH!!!!
When we round the bend, the Old Girl hits the bolder, pops a wheely, and slams down hard on the rock, and the rock knocks the engine and transmission off the frame.
Worst of all, the snow plow was RIGHT behind us.
My dad and sister then scramble to a near by cottage to call for help.

Luckily no one was hurt, not even a scratch. The Old Girl protected us.
A taxi came by and the driver was the nicest man who said "We can do this" We worked like a team to unload the Old Girl and load up the taxi which was a nice LARGE van. The Old Girl was then put on a tow-truck, and towed to Incline Village less than 10 miles away.
My sister said "You're not selling the 1990 car. I was like "You're leaving me with the broke car?" But at the same time, the car was supposed to become mine, and it hit me.
I was worried about her. I cried myself to sleep that night, not knowing whether she'd be okay or not.
I cursed at my dad, and told him that I will never forgive him unless the car gets fixed.
My parents thought about getting a new car, and thought about getting the SUV, when I said "If we get a new car, it has to be the same model, same color." A V70XC WAGON!!!
But they wouldn't listen.
Thankfully, the car had value and the insurance company was willing to pay to fix the car.
2 weeks after the accident, the Old Girl is then restored back to working order. I then get back behind her wheel, and resume my driver's training.
The Old Girl and I became inseperable, and when my instructor told me that I was ready to get my license, I took the DMV driving test in the Old Girl, and passed on my first try at age 17 and 1/2 on May 31st of 2006.
And it was on the day of my high school graduation.  

Before my graduation, I would brag to my classmates proudly saying "THAT IS MY CAR!!!"

A lot of guys thought it was cool, the girls thought it was cool. Heck, a bunch of cheerleaders piled on top of her and I was revving up her engine, and she ROARED like a race car. Both the girls and guys were blown away, by how awesome my car really was.
Shortly afterwards, my parents and drove the tar out of her. We took her EVERYWHERE!!!

She was going to banquets, 5 star hotels, concerts, off road trips to light houses at Point Sur, forests along Big Sur, the mountains of Carmel Valley, and valet parking attendants were complimenting us on how nice of a car she was whenever she was taken to a 5 star hotel and restaurant.

I then drover her to the train station daily when I was attending college in Foothill until I became brave enough to handle the freeways alone.
I then remember driving her on the freeways, and driving her at a WHOPPING 115 mph which was AWESOME!!!
I then performed maintenance on her at my job at an independant repair shop, and used her to take me wherever I needed to go.
She has been in multiple train yards, whether it be Roaring Camp, Niles Canyon, Redwood Valley, the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, along with the model train shows I've been with her ALL over San Francisco.

I LOVED driving to long haul drive shows far away. And the return trip home from a train show on a Sunday from Santa Rosa, (where little Shirley Fenette number #26 out performed a monster K-27 engine LOL)back to San Mateo in 2013, was one of the best return trips ever. She lost a light bulb on her left hand side, yet I drove her in the express lane at 85 mph, the cops even saw me and did nothing, and she and I made the trip back to my apartment safely.
Or the Christmas season in 2012, when I had to run multiple errands picking up a Christmas cake, and driving down to Carmel down highway SR-17 in the rain, (a dangerous highway where only the BEST drivers with the BEST cars make it out alive), then eating dinner once I reach highway 1 and making it to our get away cottage safely only to be called on the phone by my cheerleader girlfriend at the time Katelynn.
Those were the most AMAZING drives I've done with just me and the Old Girl.
Not to mention when my dad's 2000 Mercedes Benz 500S, or my mom's 2002 Jaguar XKR broke down, the Old Girl would come to the rescue.
Also the Old 1990 760 Volvo has meaning to me as well, and I even rebuilt his engine as a class project. In automotive school, both Volvos played HUGE rolls, and were both studied and experimented on for class lessons. They were also in car shows in college.
And when working at the Ford Dealership, the Old Girl would get serviced, and have her parts replaced through me, for I would order her parts, and the dealership would swap out the parts.
In the summer of 2014, the ENTIRE front suspension was replaced. The Control arms, the anti-roll bar, the roll bar links, the wheel bearings, the CV-axles, the struts, the strut bearings, the front coil springs, and tie rods ends were ALL replaced.

Yes. Then when I get the job at Disney, I have the Torque Converter seal, rear main seal, starter motor, and transmission dip-stick seal also get replaced. And then my mom and I do a HUGE Driver from San Francisco down to Anaheim, and the Old Girl held together and made it down unscathed.
Memories still build with her down here, continuing to drive to train shows with Del Oro down here, picking up family members from the airport when they came to visit.
Parking her at the Grand Californian Hotel, honking Shave & A Hair Cut with the monorails, following the truck trailers with the Disneyland Railroad locomotives on them, driving along side the Mickey & Friends Tram in the Pinocchio Parking Lot, and even driving side by side with the MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE floats when they were being moved into their permanent positions.

And I also had to carpool Mike down from Glendale to Victor's Open House in Mission Veijo while his car was being repaired after his DUI.
To her last BIG drive to San Diego and driving through an awful flood and parking her in a river.
She held together for just a little bit longer, until last week on Wednesday evening, her engine finally gave out and she came to a grinding halt outside my apartment.
No matter how bad conditions were, or how sick she was, the Old Girl would ALWAYS bring me home. Even during minor break downs, she'd always bring me home.
But when she had her BIG break down last Wednesday, she was SOOOOO Close, and just had to do a left turn, but she couldn't do it. So, it was my turn to bring her home safely in return, and after pushing her out of the intersection 200 feet away with the help of a kind man on the street, I finished the job in bringing her home and parking her safely in a parking spot right outside the leasing office.

I then called my parents, they told me what to do. I told the leasing office that the Old Girl broke down and couldn't move. They were understanding, and didn't have her towed to the impound. After it all hit me, I just broke down and cried on her windshield.
The Old Girl had been so good to me, and I cared for her like she was a part of me.
Was her maintenance perfect? No. I did neglect some maintenance due to budget reasons, but I still made sure she was well maintained, and in return she took care of me and protected me.
But she just gave out because of a bad water pump caused by corrosion and possible water damage.

The insurance company claims the car is unfixable, but the Old Girl has been so good to me, and I just can't abandon her and She's the ONLY girl in my life who has been loyal to me, and been good to me, and even though I have considered replacing her, I feel terrible at the thought.
She's my baby, my best friend, my love, my pride and joy, and i could never replace her or let her die.
Seeing her break down like that just broke my heart, just like the time she hit the bolder 11 and 3/4 years ago.
Thanks Bro.
Even though I want to give her a brand new engine, it would be TOO expensive at $9K, the least I could do is give her one more chance.
I've never even given her a proper thank you for being so good to me.

I've never given her a Thank you......... :'( Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad  Sad

Even though I've said "Thanks Old Girl" Multiple times, it never felt like a genuine Thank you from my heart. The least I can do is give her one more chance to last just for another 2 maybe 3 more years until it's time for her to be retired, which will happen right after I have renovation finished on a new house. She will be sitting in the garage until I have the funds to fully restore her for permanent display in my man-cave.
She will be completely repainted, leather re-upholstered, old cracked wood inlays replaced.
Semi used engine, steam cleaned to look like new. Dents smoothed out, under carriage thoroughly cleaned, scratches removed, and all fluids drained so she can be removed from drivable service for good, and displayed safely in my man cave to be shown off as a prized classic.
And she'll be protected from the elements.
That's what's most important.
When I eventually get a new Volvo Cross Country, the new Volvo Cross Country Wagon I will get will be named Volvagia II in honor of her, and will carry her legacy.

And if someone offered me a brand new Bugatti Veyron, a $2.8 Million dollar car that can go over 271 MPH, I would turn it down in a heart beat because no matter how much a car is worth, even if it's HOT Super Hyper Sports car that will no doubt help me with my girl trouble LOL, it could never replace how much the Old Girl is worth to me. No fancy hyper car could ever replace her.
I know it's stupid to have such strong feelings for a car, but if you were as attached to your old car, you'd understand.

That is her story, and thank you for your time.

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