The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Kishuku on Sun Oct 14, 2012 4:26 pm

Hi Katelynn! Of course I'll be your friend. Smile

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:36 am

Chapter 3

As Chris and Katelynn became a couple, one of Barnaby Craighan’s henchmen, Ben, was a spying on them, and took a picture of the 2 as they were talking.   Low and behold he caught the mark of the Royal Family on the back of Katelynn’s hand.    Soon the picture was sent to Barnaby, and it wasn’t long until Lord Barnabus found out.


Barnaby: Good plan my lord, but how will we accomplish that?

Lord Barnabus: Hmmmmm, send your henchmen Ben to infiltrate the near by highschool, get some of the Princess’s friends under my spell, it’s bound to work.  We’ll break them apart just like that.   You’ll see.

Barnaby: Will get to work on it right away.  Then what shall I do.

Lord Barnabus: Send over some of my workers, and build me a castle in the Space Dimension.  From Outer Space I can rule both worlds, and can then move on to RULING ALL!!!!!!!!!!! MWA HAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Barnaby then contacts his head henchmen, Ben, and makes a plan.  He was going to find a way to have Ben break Chris and Katelynn apart.  But he didn’t know how.   He was going to have Ben find a way to thwart their relationship, which would allow him to kidnap her, so he could catch Chris alone and kill him off right in front of Katelynn.   However, they didn’t know how long that would take, so Lord Barnabus loaned Ben enough magic Power so an ancient dragon hidden in an old crater of Hell’s Gate Mountain, to wipe out all those in the Magic Kingdom as a sign of warning to those who opposed him.

Barnaby: Ben, come in, this is Barnaby.

Ben: Yeah, yeah yeah, what is it this time?

Barnaby: I need you to find a way to break Prince Christian and Princess Katelynn apart.    By doing this we need you to go under cover as a high school Student.   Find a weak link in their partnership, kidnap Katelynn, and imprison her in the crater of Hell’s Gate Mountain in the Magical World.   I then need you to revive the ancient Dragon Cardonia to kill off anyone who apposes us.  But first I need you to lure Prince Christian over to Hell’s Gate Mountain, chain up Katelynn, and make sure she witnesses Chris being killed.   Katelynn will be spared if she promises to become Lord Barnabus’s slave, if not, she will be next in line after Chris to be destroyed by Cardonia.

Ben: Done, but just 2 problems.   I don’t have any magic power to revive the ancient dragon, and you want me to do what?  GO TO A HIGH SCHOOL WITH LOW LIFE CORNERIANS?!!! Not to mention CARDONIA?!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!   THAT DRAGON WAS BANNED AND DESTROYED DECADES AGO FOR A REASON!!! IF I REVIVE HIM HE CAN DESTROY ALL WORLDS AND US TOO.  If I'm right, legend has it that he almost completely wiped out the magical world, but a brave young man who was only 17 destroyed him with a large hammer.  If we're not careful, it can happen again.

Barnaby: I know, it sickens me to think that too, but if you help us out, we will grant you magic power, and you can have a fair share in ruling the universe with Lord Barnabus and I.  As for Cardonia, Lord Barnabas can take care of him.

Ben: Okay, but on 2 conditions!   Once Christian and Katelynn are apart, I want no more in high school, second, I WANT TO RULE THE COUNTRY OF JAPAN SO I CAN HAVE ACCESS TO ALL THE GIRLS I WANT!!!!!

Barnaby: WHAT??!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben: That is my only offer. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!

Barnaby: Okay, whatever you say, just when can you start?

Ben: Immediately.


While Barnabus, Barnaby, and Ben come with plans to take over the world, Prince Christian, and Princess Katelynn soon begin to fall in love.   Chris soon takes Katelynn out on their first date and Walt Disneyland Resort on Thanksgiving, but before he goes out on his date, he is still hard at work with Space Shuttle Endeavour’s rebuild.

Christian: So far so good, we have assessed much of the work, and the booster engines are in fairly good shape, very few parts of the main core need replacing, and mainly only the O-rings are in dire need of replacing, but my fear is some of the mechanics not really noticing the condition of the O-rings.

Juan: Hey, ease up Bro, the Orbiter will be alright, there’s still plenty of time, and it turns out this rebuild isn’t going to be as expensive as we all thought, so all is well.  

Christian: I hope you’re right because Alister and Chessley are counting on me to get this done right.

Juan: Chris, you’re stressed out because tonight is the night of your first date.  She’s your first girlfriend, so it’s okay.  Just relax Bro.   I’m still mad at you for dragging me here to work on Thanksgiving because of your nervousness.  I mean, we get today, tomorrow, and the whole weekend off, and you still dragged me out here because you’re nervous over a girl, and decided to keep busy by continuing on the orbiter’s overhaul.  This isn’t like you.

Christian: Well excuse me, this is my first date, and I never felt this way about anyone before, and I’d rather think about the importance of getting the space shuttle back in service than how nervous I am about my first date.  I mean, Katelynn is not like most girls…..

Meanwhile, back at the highschool, Katelynn and the girls were at cheerleading due to for similar reasons.

Katelynn: How was I, was I okay?  I hope I was okay.

Lexi: Katelynn, relax, you were just fine, we still have time before our next competition.

Brittany:  Yeah, so don’t worry, you did just fine.

Alexis: There’s no need to have a cow, we’re just practicing anyway.

Tori: I still don’t know why you made all of us come here anyway.

Kelly: And wear our uniforms too.

Natalie: It’s kind of pointless, I mean it’s Thanksgiving, we should be with family relaxing, and bonding, not practicing cheer.

Ashley: It’s all because you’re nervous over that Chris, isn’t it?

Katelynn: Well……

Ashley: I knew it, ever since you met him, you’ve been head over heals for that nerd.

Lexi: Hey, hey, Ashley calm down.  Chris may be smart and work for the space company, but that doesn’t make him a nerd.

Alexis: I agree with Lexi, and also why are you so nervous, you’ll be fine.

Katelynn:  But it’s my first date, I never dated anyone before.

Brittany: It’s okay, we were also nervous on our first dates.
Ashley: All this trouble over a guy, I’m out of here.

Tori: If you have nothing nice to say Ashley, we don’t need you.

Ashley:  Yeah, whatever, see ya later.

Kelly: Ignore her, just relax, and you’ll be fine.

Katelynn: But I can’t help it, Chris is something special…

(Back at Nasa)

Juan: even so she’s still just a girl.

Chris: I know, but I’m 24, I shouldn’t be like this, you would think someone my age would have more experience with this.

(Back at the highschool)

Lexi: Chris may be special, but he’s still an ordinary guy.

Katelynn: I know, I know, but he’s mature, and I’m still a kid, I feel soooo sooooo, immature.

(At Nasa)

Juan: Your point being.

Christian: My point being, is I’m much older than her, and should be more of a smooth talker, and more of a lady’s man, not some busy body who knows nothing about girls.

(At the school)

Lexi: Age is only in numbers Katelynn, what matters is on the inside.

Katelynn: But still, I’m scared if I seem too immature to him.  I don’t even know what guys his age like.

(At Nasa)

Juan: You’re making this into a problem, when it’s not, and you’re dragging me and the orbiter into it.

Christian: Wait, we have a problem?

Juan: Do I have to push you off a cliff?

Christian: Do we even have a cliff?

(At the school)

Lexi: You’re turning this into a big deal when it’s not a big deal at all.  I don’t mean to be mean, but this isn’t helping you or any of us.

Katelynn: Then what do I do? Please help me……

(At Nasa & School)


Both Juan, and Lexi leave Chris and Katelynn behind, so they can go home and be with family, while Chris and Katelynn, go over to Walt Disneyland Resort and meet up for their very first date.  
Chris was the first one to show up at the Disneyland Resort.  He parked in the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, got aboard the Mickey & Friends Tram, and made his way to the Disneyland Resort Main Gate Entrance.  After disembarking the tram at the Main entrance, he decided to wait for Katelynn at his favorite attraction, which was Mainstreet Train Station of the Disneyland Railroad.   Ever since Chris was little, he always had a passion for trains, and the Disneyland Railroad steam locomotives, were his biggest passion of all.
Katelynn was dropped off by her big brother Dylan, at the Toy Story Parking Lot where she got on board a Toy Story Bus, and made her way to the Disneyland Resort Main Entrance Plaza.   It wasn't long after until she met made her way through the Main Gate Entrance.

Katelynn & Chris: *Takes a deep breath*  I can do this, I can do this.  No matter what happens, we will still have eachother.

Katelynn: Hey Chris.

Christian: Hi Katelynn.

Katelynn: Fancy seeing you here.

Christian: We planned to meet here.

Katelynn: No I mean, here in the train station.

Christian: Oh, yeah.  This is my most favorite attraction after all.  LOL

Katelynn: Really?  I didn’t know you liked trains.

Christian: Oh, I love old steam trains, they’re my passion, besides that of the space shuttle that is.

Katelynn: Wow!  That is so cool.  I got to know another thing about you.  *Giggles*

Christian: That you did, and now here comes my favorite engine and train consister.

The Ward Kimball locomotive number 5 came steaming in blowing her whistle, and ringing her bell.   Her headlamp was shining brightly, her firebox was glowing brighter than that of the headlamp, her pistons were chuffing deeply, her air compressor was huffing and puffing, and clouds of steam poured from her stack as she proudly pulled in with the Holiday IV Green train consist and Lilly Belle Parlour coach.

Katelynn: WOW!  I have never seen a steam train before.

Christian: This is your first time here?

Katelynn: Yes, it is.  And never before have I ever seen anything like this.

Christian: what’s more amazing is that the locomotive is 110 years old.

Katelynn: WHAT?!

Christian: She was built by Baldwin in 1902, although most of her original parts no longer exist, but yeah, she’s pretty old.

Katelynn: WOW!  That is amazing.  I guess that’s why it’s your favorite.

Christian: Not really, they do have an engine here older than this one that was built in 1894, but it’s mostly the history that goes into this locomotive, as well as her design, her personality, just overall how different she is from the other 4 engines they run here.

Katelynn: Wow, that is so cool.  

Chris and Katelynn were having fun talking to eachother, they forgot how nervous they were, they then climbed aboard into the first car behind the locomotive, and enjoyed a nice circle around the park until they decided to ride as many attractions as they could until they finally arrived at It’s A Small World Holiday.

Katelynn: WOW!  That is beautiful.

Christian: Isn’t it.  It’s my second favorite attraction after the steam train.  Well, when it’s in its holiday décor that is.

Katelynn: I can see why, look at all those lights.

Christian: I know, they are beautiful, it’s also the Christmas music, the projection show that occurs every 15 minutes, as well as the whole environment of this ride during the Christmas season.  It gets you into the spirit, and excited about the holidays, and helps you forget reality for once and enjoy your time in this magical world of Disney.

Katelynn: Wow!  You’re right.

Katelynn, and Chris then board the boat that takes them through It’s A Small World Holiday, after a sweet and romantic ride the couple fall in love.

Katelynn: Thank you so much Chris, that was wonderful.

Christian:  Anytime Katelynn, I’m glad you had a great time.

Katelynn and Chris then hug eachother tight, and lean into kiss, but the clock strikes 11:45 pm.

Katelynn: This must be the projection show you were talking about it.

Christian: Yes it sure was.

Katelynn: It’s so cool.

The couple enjoy watching the holiday projection show until it ends, they then walk up to Toontown Depot to catch the train to take one more circle around the Magic Kingdom.    

Christian: Why it’s our old friend, Ward Kimball.  She’s decided to be the last one out, and will be giving us a final ride before we head home.

Katelynn: Yep, that’s right.  *Giggles*

Christian and Katelynn enjoy a final ride around the park, and once Ward Kimball and her train steam back into Mainstreet for the final time, everyone disembarks, but Katelynn and Chris are asked to stay behind on the train.

Katelynn: Why is it that we are staying, everyone else is leaving?

Christian: You’re guess is as good as mine Sweetie.

Katelynn: Sweetie, I like that Boo.

Christian: That sounds cute.

Conductor Mark: Excuse me for interrupting but there’s a reason why you 2 are requested to stay behind.   A superior of mine says you 2 are very important to our world, and we’ll show you were you 2 come from.  It’ll all make sense later on.  

Christian: Okay.

Katelynn: What do you think he means Boo?

Christian: I’m not sure Sweetie, we’ll have to find out.

Conductor Mark: ALL ABOARD!

The engineer then gives 2 loud blasts on Ward Kimball’s whistle, then slowly eases her throttle open.  It is not long until the train picks up speed, and she then goes faster than her restricted speed of 15 mph, and right when the train reaches the tunnel past New Orleans Square Station, a Magical Portal opens, and the train soon steams right through it.
The train soon passes through the past of the Magical World of where Prince Christian, and Princess Katelynn originated from but, neither of them knew what it meant, or why, and soon they saw dark clouds, and the eyes of the Evil Dark Lord Barnabus as he invaded and took over the Magic Kingdom.    The train then passes through the present time of the Magical World, and it has become a land of ruin, only the fields, farms, and small villages remain untouched, but as the train enters the future of the Magical World, all of that changes, and only a wasteland of extinction shows as all innocent life is treated like nothing but slavery, and only pain, and sorry exist.   The train then returns to Mainstreet Station, and comes to a stop.

Katelynn: What was that?

Christian: I have no idea, but it looked awful.

Katelynn: It made me want to cry.

Conductor Mark: It will all make sense later on in the future, I am only a messenger, and was asked to show you both your world of where you come from.  Over time, you will be told of your pasts, and your destinies.   Good night you 2.

Christian and Katelynn, then disembark the train, and then leave Disneyland.  

Katelynn: Chrissy, I had a great time, thank you for an amazing date.

Christian: You’re welcome Sweetie, I had a great time, you’re a very sweet girl.

Katelynn: Thank you Chrissy.

Katelynn then kisses Chris on the cheek, and then she boards a Toy Story bus, and makes her way back to the Toy Story Parking Lot where her big brother Dylan, takes her home.  Chris then gets on board a Mickey & Friends Tram, makes his way back to the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, gets in his car, and drives home.

Meanwhile, over in the Chamber of Sages of the Magical World, Aleasha, Shara, Quin, Alania, Corey, and Niki discus the revealing of their world to the Prince & Princess and share their opinions.

Aleasha: All is going according to plan.

Niki: Are you sure we didn’t over do it?

Corey: I think we were a little too late.

Quin: Chris will need to play his cards right.

Shara: A cruel fate awaits those 2.

Aliana: We need to help guide them through their problems.

Aleasha: That is a good point Ali, and we must, but we have to wait until the right time.

Niki: When will that time be?

Corey: It could be coming sooner than we think.

Quin: If we don’t hurry, it could be too late.

Shara: Friends and foes will try to tear them apart.

Aliana: We can’t let that happen.

Aleasha: It all comes down to Christian and his decisions.  He is our last hope of saving this world; in saving all worlds in fact.

Niki: Space Shuttle Atlantis has been sent to another world to help.

Corey: Those 10 people from Nasa that took Space Shuttle Atlantis, were the Royal guardians that were assigned to watch over Chris and Katelynn, when the Prince was 20, and Princess was 13, they were old enough to care for themselves, so the guardians went on their next mission to go to another world which is an ally to us, and get help to save our world, and pretty soon the hum world.

Quin: Sadly negotiations are taking longer than they should.

Shara: 4 years is a long time.

Aliana: Too long, and I’m afraid they might be too late.

Aleasha: Which is why the pressure is on and the fate of all worlds relies on the Prince, and it’s up to him to save our worlds, or we’re doomed to meet a tragic fate.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Core_Ale on Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:10 pm

So awesome!! Very Happy

Oh look; I'm a sage! Surprised

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Sakuya_Mizuki on Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:42 am

WOW! Shocked

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Kishuku on Thu Oct 25, 2012 4:28 am

Can't wait for chapter 4. Smile

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Sun Jan 20, 2013 7:49 am

Chapter 4

Shortly after Christian and Katelynn return home from their first date, they can’t stop thinking about eachother, and can’t help but wonder what the magical world they came from was, but were certain that they were somehow a part of it.

Meanwhile, Ben makes his way to the human world on Corneria through the magical Portal. He then falls flat on his face right in the middle of the fast lane in the mountains on Highway SR 17.


Just then a large tanker truck comes by and flattens Ben.


Just then a beautiful blood red high speed Aston Martin DB9 comes flying down the winding highway at 70 mph, and it sends Ben flying into the top of the redwood trees after it strikes Ben with its front fender.


Just then a giant condor comes by, grabs Ben by the talons, and then flies away. Barnaby then calls Ben.

Barnaby: Ben, do you copy?!!!!


Barnaby: Our mistake, we still need to fix our portal. Anyway, I sent my pet Condor to give you a lift, it knows the way to Lake Buena Vista. You will take residence at the Mystic Manor located deep in the forest. It’s an old condemned haunted mansion that was built 2 centuries ago. Allies of ours haunt the mansion, and are helping us on our quest. It will be the perfect place for you to set up base.

Ben: Okay, how long must I stay on this stupid low life planet?

Barnaby: As long as it takes you to get the job done. The sooner you get the job done, the sooner we can get our plan in motion, and the sooner you can return home. WE WON’T TAKE FAILURE!!!! YOU BETTER NOT FAIL YOU GOT THAT!!!!

Ben: Failure is the last thing I would want to do, and besides I don’t know how long I can take this stupid world.
Barnaby: I hope so Ben, for your sake, Lord Barnabus is not as forgiving as I am so you better not let this slip.

The next day Christian makes plans to visit Katelynn at her highschool, however, his car was not too happy about an early start up in the morning. The thing is, Christian inherited his car from his father, and his father was handed down the car from his mother as a gift for his highschool graduation. Volvagia, who is what the car was affectionately named, had a mind and personality of it’s own, and it turned out that she was a girl car too. Volvagia was no ordinary Volvo Cross Country Station Wagen, and she made people know it, especially when she is not in a good mood.

Chris: Okay Old Girl, it’s time to visit Katelynn at her school.

Volvagia: *The Ignition turns over but the engine doesn’t start*

Chris: If you’re scared about meeting her, know that you’re a girl too, so it shouldn’t matter.

Volvagia: *Still doesn’t start*

Chris: VOLVAGIA KIRLIA BLOOM KNU CHII KIRARA! Lighten up, Katelynn is a very sweet girl; so don’t be giving me that attitude. I know you’re trying to protect me, because you remember when dad went through hard times with girls, but Katelynn’s not like that, and besides, she told me she likes cars.

Volvagia: *Starts up*

Chris: That’s a good girl. *Puts in the clutch, puts the car in gear and drives off.*

Christian and Volvagia then drive off, but it’s not long until Volvagia really shows her skills on the road. As soon after Christian hits the highway, Volvagia, jams on her accelerator, throws her transaxle into 6th gear, and takes off flying down the highway.

Chris: Woah, woah, woah, woah, Woah! Slow down old girl, it’s not like you’re back in the Trans France Race. I know you like to show off your skills and your history of being a racing car from your past, but still, that’s no reason to get a speeding ticket.

Volvagia: *Honks the horns, then turns on the radio, and The Little Old Lady From Pasadena, comes on.*

Chris: Well, hardly anyone is on the road, and there are no cops, and besides the GPS has a cop detector, so we can have some fun.

Christian and Volvagia then take off flying down the highway at 95 miles an hour, then it’s not long after when the speedometer reads 110 miles an hour.
Chris: Lawrence Highschool is coming up Old Girl, so we better slow down, we don’t want to make an……

Before Christian could finish his sentence, Volvagia, then shoots off the highway, slams on her brakes, does a 180 degree turn around, then backs straight into the parking lot, and backs into a parking space then shuts off. Not long after, every student looks at Volvagia with the jaws dropped and eyes wide open.

Chris: Overwhelming entrance.

Eric: Dude, what kind of car is that? It’s a classic.

Chris: It’s a 1998 Volvo XC70 Cross Country. I know she’s old, and is a station wagon, but she’ll surprise you.

Eric: Dude, this car is so rare, and looks like it’s in mint condition, there’s hardly a scratch or spec of dirt on it.

Chris: My dad was very meticulous with her, and I have been too.

Eric: Dude, how did you get so lucky to own such a classic?

Ryan: Who cares, it’s just a loser station wagon.

Bradley: Yeah, from what I read, the Volvo is a lame soccer mom’s car, there’s nothing special about it.

Volvagia then gets very angry, and revs her engine really high, and tries to ram Ryan and Bradly.

Chris: Woah, easy old girl, there is no need to lose your bonnet over a couple of teenage boys who don’t know the rules of the road.

Katelynn: Hey Chrissy Boo. *Runs up and hugs Chris and gives him a kiss*

Chris: Hello Katelynn.

Eric: So you’re Katelynn’s new boyfriend. It doesn’t surprise me on why you own such a classic car. She talks about you all the time Bro.

Bradley: A little too much if you ask me.

Ashley: Yeah, it’s so annoying.

Ryan: And there’s no point to it either. And besides it’s just a whimpy Volvo wagon, it’s not like it’s a Ferrari, or Mustang.
Bradley: I bet you my Hummer H2 can beat it in a tug of war.

Ryan: Yeah, it’ll rip that station wagon to pieces.

Chris: Volvagia may be old but she’s very strong, so I’d be careful of what I’d say if I were you.

Bradley: Ooooooh, I’m really scared.

Ryan: I’m trembling in my shoes.

Chris: Just so you know, many years ago, this car won 2nd place in the Trans France Race from Paris to Monte Carlo and was the vehicle that towed Space Shuttle Endeavour to her new home in Lake Buena Vista. Not to mention this car uses a turbo charger that was built by Pratt & Whitney, which is a company that specializes in turbo fan jet engines for planes, including 747 Jumbo jets on United Airlines.

Ryan: Really?!!! You don’t say.

Bradley: Well lets see what that jet engine car of yours can do in a tug of war, because I’m gonna tear it shreds.

Eric: Now, now, there’s no need to fight about this, lets all go inside before the Principal gets here.

Katelynn: Good point, I don’t want Chrissy in trouble.

Bradley: What? We still have plenty of time before Principal Black and Dean Valmonte get here, unless of course you’re too chicken Chrissy.

Ryan: Yeah, and no doubt your car can’t even beat a snail.

Volvagia: *Revs up engine really loudly, and tries to charge*

Chris: Easy Old Girl.

Eric: If you’re gonna do it, beat their asses.

Katelynn: Just be careful my love.

Chris: Don’t worry, no one has died in a Volvo since prior to 1966 when Volvos came out with four wheel disk breaks, so I’ll survive if something happens.

Katelynn: Yay!

Ashley: Bradley, put that rich boyfriend of Katelynn’s in his place.

Bradley: I’ll do that.

Ryan: No way he’ll beat our hummer.

Bradley and Christian then drive out to the street, and tie a tow cable from the back from Bradley’s Hummer to Volvagia’s tow ring behind her front bumper. Ryan and Bradley then hop right into the Hummer, and Christian gets right in Volvagia.

Ryan: We’re gonna to tow that piece of junk right out of here.

Bradley: You got that right.

But as Bradley steps on the gas, his Hummer gets pulled from behind. Volvagia throws her tranny into reverse, and stomps her throttle down 50%

Bradley: Uh-Oh, that thing’s got some muscle.

Ryan: Nothing your Hummer can’t handle, give it some gas.

Bradley then stomps on the accelerator, and all 4 wheels start spinner like mad. The tug of war then grows fierce with both cars moving back and forth, and the rubber from all 8 tires burning up causing clouds of smoke started billowing everywhere. The crowds were cheering loudly on both sides as the tug of war went on.



Suddenly, after much high RPM, Volvagia’s Pratt & Whitney Turbo charger kicked in, pulling the Hummer way across the line and then……….


The tow cable broken in half, and both cars went flying. Volvagia, slammed on her brakes, then carefully she stopped perfectly in a parking space. Bradly and his hummer went flying down the road, and collided head on into Principal Black’s Brand new Nissan Z350, which then flew back and slammed into Dean Valmonte’s brand new BMW M5, which then slams into Vice Principal Coe’s Mercedes Compressor 230. The street is then in a big huge mess with hunks of metal all everywhere from the four totaled cars, and car alarms were piercing the neighborhood. Bradley and Ryan then look at eachother in shock and terror.
Chris: I better get going, I don’t want them to find out the real cause.

Katelynn: You were awesome Chrissy, and yeah, you better go, I don’t want you in trouble, you bad boy. *Giggles*

Eric: It was great meeting you man, and that is one awesome car you have.

Chris: Thanks, the old girl and I have been through a lot together.

Katelynn and Chris, then hug and kiss eachother, and then Chris and Volvagia then take off for the Orbiter Processing Center taking the tow cable evidence with them which was still attached to Volvagia’s tow ring.

Katelynn: *Sighs*

Eric: You have one awesome boyfriend Katelynn.

Katelynn: I know.

Ryan: We were just playing tug of war. Really it wasn’t our fault!

Bradley: Yes, that Volvo was just too strong!

Principal Black: What Volvo?

Bradley: There is a ripped tow cable on the back of the Hummer.

Vice Principal Coe: I don’t see a tow cable.

Dean Valmonte: Looks like you guys were driving wrecklessly again.

Principal Black: YOU 2, MY OFFICE NOW!!!







On his way to the Orbiter Processing Center, Christian, dropped Volvagia off at the auto repair shop for an oil & tranny oil change, new spark plugs, new breaks and new tires.

Carlo: Dude, what did you do? You’re tires are bald!

Karl: And you need new rotors!

Henry R: Not to mention your engine oil is all black!

Vincent: So is your Tranny Oil!

Chris: Racing!

Carlo: Again!!!

Henry R: You better go easy on her because you don’t know when she’ll give out.

Chris: Will do, and thank you for your help.

Chris then heads off to work and resumes repairs on the Space Shuttle, meanwhile back at the high school, Ben makes his way down the halls, and spots Bradley and Ryan walking out of the principal’s office.

Bradley: I can’t believe it! We’re suspended and only you and I were blamed.




Ben: It looks like you 2 want revenge on this Chris guy!

Bradley: Yes!

Ryan: More than anything!

Ben: I know just what to do! But you must do something for me afterwards, and grant me my wish. And if you complete my wish, I will give an awesome power that is well beyond your imagination.

Bradley: Really??!!!!

Ryan: We will do anything!!!!

Ben: You will, will you? First you should………

In the chamber of sages, everyone watches Ben’s awful plan to thwart Christian and Katelynn’s beautiful relationship.

Aleasha: That Ben is coming up with an awful scheme.

Shara: Poor Chris, he is gonna get hurt really bad by this one.

Aliana: So will Katelynn, she’s gonna have her heart broken the poor thing.

Niki: This could be the end for all of us.

Quin: Chris will need to man up, and suck it in if he’s gonna save our world.

Aleasha: Hang on Chris, don’t give up. Friends and foes will do everything they can to break you, but believe and you will make it through. If my vision of you saving this world comes true 2 more times, all will be fine.

Corey: But what if it doesn’t?

Aleasha: Then we will have to wait and see. These visions of mine coming true are only a guide for what’s to happen, things can always be altered, and fate can be changed if a person has good control. Whether my visions of Chris saving the world comes true or not, we have to believe in him.

Corey: But to get to us, he needs to find the Old Temple in the deep forest, and get a hold of the scared Gorean blade sword. That will be the key to unlocking the power of the Royal Pendant Tri-Star, and finding his way to the Temple on Hell’s Gate Mountain.

Quin: Once after he reaches the Temple on Hells Gate Mountain, he must get the Flair Bowe and destroy Phantom Barnaby.

Shara: Then he must get a hold of the long hook take care of the sea serpent, Leviathan Morphia.

Corey: He then has to get the glass reflective shield and destroy the evil witch Kolate.

Niki: His next task would be to grab the glass of truth and destroy the entity known as Bongo Bongo

Aliana: And Lastly lies the large Megaton Hammer which he has to acquire, and destroy the evil Dragon Cardonia. Only after destroying Cardonia can he…..

Aleasha: Enter the Chamber Of Sages and be granted our powers to help him restore our worlds. We shall then lead them to their homes where they grew up when they were kids, so they know they have to save our worlds and restore peace to the Magic Kingdom. Christian and Katelynn are the rightful rulers, and are the only ones who can bring the balance of power under control.

Corey: But they must hold on if they are to succeed.

Aleasha: Let’s only hope that Space shuttle Endeavour holds in tact and protects Chris to carry out his mission. That shuttle, will be an important link to saving our worlds.

Quin: His car Volvagia is also part of it as well.

Niki: His friends also play a huge roll in saving our worlds.

Aliana: This will be a huge team effort to save our worlds, but most of it lies on Chris.

Shara: I also hear news that Brittany’s family wants to adopt Chris as a member of their family. She wants him has her big brother, and her parents want him as a son.

Aleasha: That would be good for Chris, because I am sure he needs a family since he lived over 12 years of his life without a family. You must help us Chris, because only you can help us, and save our world.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:58 am

Chapter 5  Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Ben gets to work on his plan of first ruining Christian, and Katelynn’s relationship, then by rigging up Christian’s job of making Space Shuttle Endeavour unsafe to fly.

Ben: Excellent!  You 2 are ready! Now break them apart, and show me the way to Hells Gate Mountain, and then you shall have your rewards.  

Bradley: I wonder what this awesome new power is.

Ryan: I don’t know, but I be it’ll be awesome.

Bradley: We’ll get back at Chris for suspending us.

Ryan: And making us look like fools with that Volvo.

As Ryan and Bradley walk down the school Corridor, Katelynn heads over to the gym to put on her cheer uniform for cheerleading practice.

Katelynn: Ryan, Bradley!  You know you’re not supposed to be here.

Bradley: We know that!

Ryan: But we came here to see you.

Katelynn: Why me?

Bradley: We all know about you and Chris, and your love for him.

Katelynn: Look, that is none of your business, I love Chrissy with all my heart, he’s my whole world, and if you’re not careful, I’ll report you to the principal about you 2 being here on indefinite suspension.

Ryan: Oh, we’re so scared.


Ben then instantly puts Bradley and Ryan under a spell, and then out of no where, Bradley French kisses Katelynn on the lips, then places her on all 4s, lifts up her skirt, and dry humps her.

Katelynn: STOP IT!!!! PLEASE!!!! YOU’RE HURTING ME!!!! PLEASE!!!!! STOP IT!!!!!

Ryan then spots Volvagia parked outside and sees Chris walking up the stairs with a bouquet of flowers.   Ryan then grabs a bunch of Irish coffee, and whipped cream out of the teacher’s lounge, then jumps out of the school window.   Volvagia then sees Ryan, and tries to fight him, but Ben uses black magic, and stops her right in her tracks.  Ryan then opens her driver’s door, opens the fuel door lock, then removes the filler cap, shoves a funnel  down Volvagia’s filler neck, and pours a bunch of coffee and whipped cream in her gas tank.   Meanwhile Chris spots Bradley humping Katelynn, and drops the bouquet of flowers just as soon as he sees her cum from her panties.  Katelynn then blushed and looked away.


Ben then released the spell off of Bradley and Ryan, and both were shocked and surprised at what happened.

Katelynn: BRAD!!! GET OFF OF ME!!!!!

Katelynn shoves Bradley off of her, and both Bradley and Ryan looked dazed and unsure about what they were doing.  

Chris:  I knew it!  I knew I shouldn’t have.

Katelynn: Chrissy, It’s not what it seems.

Chris: Don’t you Chrissy me, I saw what happened, and it looked like you enjoyed what Bradly was doing to you.

Katelynn: But it meant nothing, I swear, honestly.

Chris: How did it not mean anything to you, that kind of thing only happens when 2 people love eachother, and it looks like you love him and lost interest in me……. It’s breaking my heart…..

Katelynn: But Chrissy I am soooo sorry…….

Chris:  I really don’t know what to believe anymore……..

Christian then walks away, dismayed and broken hearted, while Katelynn picks up her bouquet of flowers with tears in her eyes, and runs away.





Chris: Then stormed out of school, and into the parking lot.

Alexis: Chris, it’s good to see you.   Wait, what’s wrong?

Chris: Nothing…….

Alexis: Please, tell me, what happened?

Chris: It’s hard to explain, now please leave me alone.

Alexis: But Chris I……

Chris just got in Volvagia with tears in his eyes and drove away.

Alexis: just wanted to help…….

Lexi: Are you okay Alexis?

Alexis: I don’t know, I saw Chris, and he seemed really upset.   He had tears in his eyes.

Lexi: He and Katelynn might be having trouble.

Alexis: That must be it, and we should get to the bottom of it.

Ashley: You guys are not going to believe it, Brittany and I saw the whole thing, and we’ll tell you everything.

Eric: I saw everything too, but I couldn’t do anything, because I felt frozen, and felt blocked by an invisible barrier.

Ashley: Me too.  Anyway, we’ll tell you everything.

Eric: Those 2 were very happy together, and Bradly ruined them.

Alexis: And I just caught Ryan vandalizing Chris’s car…… Wait, vandalizing Chris’s car…. OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! I should have stopped him, now his car will be destroyed no thanks to Ryan.

Eric: It’s not your fault, he took off because he was hurt, there was nothing you could have done.  I just feel sorry for that beautiful classic car of his.

Alexis: It was a nice car, and I wish I was so lucky to have as nice and safe a car as that.  I won’t be talking to Ryan until he cleans up his act.

Just then, the vice principal catches Bradley in the corridor, and the dean catches Ryan walking out of the parking lot.  Both the dean and vice principal get furious.


Both Ryan and Bradley go to the Principal’s office, and get a last final warning.


Ryan: What did we do?

Bradley: I can’t remember.

Ryan: It’s like we were in a trans.

Bradley: Where were we?

Ben: Good job you 2, I now have one more job for you, then you shall have your reward.  I need you to go to the Orbiter Processing Center and continue your dirty work there.  

Ryan: Yes sir, Ben.

Bradley: Anything you say Ben.

Ben: Those are good boys, now run along.  All going according to plan.

Meanwhile, Christian was on the road with Volvagia, but Volvagia wasn’t feeling too good.  She got a case of the hiccups, then her engine started surging, and it wasn’t long until whipped cream came pouring out her tail pipe.

Chris: What in the world has gotten into you Old Girl?

Volvagia’s health continued to decline, and she just got weaker and weaker
Chris: We need to get you to the repair shop and fast, because this is an emergency.

Sure enough Chris and Volvagia make it to the repair shop, and just as Volvagia parks outside the repair stalls, a loud BANG, and electrical surge happens.

Chris: You guys need to help her, some guys put whipped cream and goodness knows what in the fuel tank.  I don’t care what the cost is, just fix her back to health.

Henry R: Will do.

Carlo: Sugar and Whipped Cream makes a mess, and has probably crystallized the fuel lines, so those will need replacing for sure.

Karl: We’ll also need to decarbonizes the engine, put sea-foam into the combustion chambers of all 5 cylinders, and replace the spark plugs again.

Vincent: We will have to replace the fuel pump, and the fuel rails and injectors.

Henry R: Prant & Whitney will have to look at the turbo for damage, but my guess is, you weren’t going at a high enough rpm for sugar and cream to end up in the turbo, but we’ll still have them look at the turbo just to be safe.

Karl: And we won’t charge you for the plugs, they are under warranty, and since it was vandalism, we will contact the school you were at, and they will charge the repairs to the vandal’s insurance company.

Carlo: Rest assured, your car will be in good hands.

Vincent: Do you need a loaner car for the time being?

Chris: No, it’s okay, I have a back-up Volvo V50 at home.

Henry R: Just take it easy okay, your car will be fine.

Chris then walks to the Orbiter Processing Center, and checks over the work.   Juan then sees that something is up.

Juan: Chris, you look like you’ve had a rough day, please tell me what’s up?

Chris: I saw Bradley and Katelynn making out, my car Volvagia is sick due to vandalism, and now I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Juan: I’m so sorry about what happened.

Chris: That’s what I get for following your advice and take a liking to a girl.   I should have continued working on Endeavour, but no, you just had to get me with a girl, and now I can’t focus on the project because of it.

Juan: Woah woah, I didn’t tell you to get with her, I told you to befriend her, and see where things go.

Chris: That is what I did, and look where it got me…

Juan: So this is my fault, you were gonna be a lonely unkissed virgin by your 25th birthday.

Chris: I had no problem with that, until you talked me into a relationship.

Juan: I only wanted you to experience love because you grew up without a family.

Chris: And now I feel worse about it because I just had my heart broken, and in more pain than you know, and honestly would have rather gone on without the experience of love if I knew it was gonna hurt.

Juan: Love always has the risk, and we always risk getting our hearts broken.

Chris: You could have warned me about that ahead of time so I could have thought about it more carefully, and if you were a true friend, you would have respected my decision to continue focusing on repairing Endeavour for the rescue mission, and not bothered me about love at all.

Juan: Well I’m sorry I’m such a lousy friend, I just wanted what’s best for you.

Chris: Well you know nothing about me, you know what’s best for you, I should have stayed single.

Allister: Stop arguing you 2, this project is going no-where with you 2 fighting.

Chessley: And we need this project done on time.

Atchison: And we wanted to introduce you to another one of the head managers on team, this is Carlos, and he’s on board with us in this project.

Carlos: It’s nice to meet you, and I look forward to hearing about the updates in what’s going on.   I’ve heard great things about you 2, and I expect nothing but the best from you 2, so please don’t let me down.

Allister: Chris, Juan, you 2 have clearly had a long day, you should go home and rest.

Chesley: Your arguing will go no-where, so get a good night sleep, so we can get this project done safely.

Chris: Will do.

Chris and Juan then walk out, and head home.  Because Volvagia was in the repair shop, Chris had to take the monorail back home, meanwhile Ben saw Chris and Juan walk out of the Orbiter Processing Center and starting working on his second plan.

Ben: Excellent!  Here is your next job boys.  Go inside, pretend to be those 2, and have them put the shuttle back together with none of the safety upgrades done.   We’ll have a Challenger or Columbia repeat, and that is just what we want.

Ben then places a spell on Bradley and Ryan, and uses black magic to turn Bradley into an identical clone of Chris, and Ryan into an identical clone of Juan.  

Ben: Excellent!!!! Now get to work, and do my bidding.  

Bradley: Yes sir.

Ryan: As you wish sir.

Ryan and Bradley disguised as Christian and Juan walk inside the Orbiter Processing Center, and begin to wreak havoc.

Bradley: You guys, put the solid rocket booster engines back together, there is no further need to replace the O-rings, we can probably get one more trip out of them before replacing, besides we want this done on schedule, and time is money, so please get to work on reassembling the rocket booster engines.

The technicians then follow Bradley’s command, still convinced he is Christian, and set to work on reassembling the solid rocket booster engines.

Ryan: You guys, place the tiles back on the shuttle.   We need this thing in space as soon as possible.   The fuselage parts, and tiles can probably take one more trip, so just put the shuttle back together, we need to have this project on track, just reassemble the shuttle.

Bradley: And you can sign the sheets and state that all repairs have been done according to plan.

Ryan: The same goes for you.  NOW MOVE!!!

The technicians get to work on reassembling the shuttle and rocket boosters, and shortly after Ryan and Bradley exit the OPC with their task completed.




Ben: PATIENCE, Patience.  You will get your reward.  Just do me this one last quest.  

Bradley: This had better be the last one.

Ryan: Because Bradley and I can’t remember what we did on the last 2 quests, and we don’t like being left hanging on the line.

Ben: I know, I know, just follow my last request, and you shall have your reward.

Ben then hatched an evil plan, that would soon change the fate of everything, but little did he know, it was going to be the biggest mistake he will ever make.  

Meanwhile back at her home Katelynn locked herself in her room, and couldn’t stop crying.   She was so heart broken and distraught with the whole situation, she didn’t know what to do, and wish it never happened.


Meanwhile back at Chris’s penthouse, Chris was pounding away on his Mason & Hamlin Baby Grand Piano playing I wanna Know What Love Is from Foreigner.  The banging went on and on, and on, until a set of strings on the piano broke and Chris wiped himself out from exhaustion.  Tears poured out of his eyes after he had hit the sack for the night.

Katelynn: CHRISSY!!!!!!! CHRISSSSYYYYYY!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Katelynn couldn’t stop crying and felt so distraught and heart broken, and even with their relationship ruined, their love for each other wouldn’t die.

Over in the Chamber of sages, Aleasha shakes her head as she watches the 2 in pain.

Shara: Such a cruel fate, no one should ever go through this.

Aleasha: Hold on you 2, you will make it, just don’t give up.

Corey: Know that love can triumph over anything, even in the toughest of times, and their love for each other will over power anything, and everything that stands against them.

Aliana: They love each other too much to break apart.

Niki: I hope you’re right because our fate, lies with their love.

Quni: It’s a strong love that is impossible to break.

Aleasha: I see happiness in their future, we just need Chris and Katelynn to hang on.  All will be alright, I hope.

Later on that night, Ben along with Ryan and Bradley, was hatching his evil plan to capture Katelynn as a hostage to use in his next scheme.

Ben: Okay, now the plan is to capture Katelynn, and give her to me, I know just what to do with her.

Bradley: Kidnapping, that is wrong, and it’s illegal.

Ryan: And we’d never even think of doing something so low.


Ben then puts Ryan and Bradley under his spell using black magic, and has them sneak into Katelynn’s room to kidnap her.  

Ryan grabs a large sac, and Bradley slowly slid the bed sheets off Katelynn.  Little by little, Bradley undressed Katelynn butt naked, and Ryan slowly slid the sac over her.   The 2 then carried her over to Ben, and handed her over.  Katelynn was fast asleep and had no idea this was happening.  Ryan and Bradley then left Katelynn’s bed room, and walked over to Ben out in the street.

Ben: You 2 have done well, you have done everything I asked for, now it’s time for me to go.

Bradley: GO!!! GO WHERE?!!!


Ben: I did, didn’t I.   SORRY!!!!! I LIED!!!!!!

Bradley:  WHAT???!!!!!!!
Ryan: WHY YOU BIG FRAUD?????!!!!!!

Ben then opens up a magic portal leading him to Hell’s Gate Mountain, Ryan and Bradley chased after him, but it was too late, for he had already escaped through the portal and out of reach.




The next day, Katelynn was reported missing, and Brittany telephoned Christian, and asked him to meet up.

Brittany: Chris, I need to speak with you.  I know the whole truth about what happened, so does Ashley.  Alexis and Lexi know who’s responsible for damaging your car, and we all want to help you as best as we can, now come here as quick as you can.

Chris: Will do, and thank you for being a good friend Brittany.

Christian then got another call from the automotive repair shop.

Henry R: Hey Chris, Volvagia is all well again, we replaced the spark plugs, cleaned out the engine, replaced the fuel lines, and she’s as good as new.  Pratt and Whitney inspected the turbo and nothing was wrong, so it’s all good.  We won’t charge you one cent, because it is up to the vandal’s insurance company to pay for the damages.  

Chris: Thanks Henry, and good job for everything.

Volvagia then drove out of the repair shop, and back over to Chris’s penthouse.  As Chris walked out of the lobby to his tower apartment, he had a happy surprise waiting for him.

Volvagia: BEEP BEEP!!

Chris: VOLVAGIA!!!!

Chris then broke down in tears, and gave Volvagia a big hug on her bonnet.   Volvagia then sprayed windshield washer fluid and cried too

Chris: THANK GOODNESS YOU’RE ALRIGHT!!!!  It’s alright, stop crying Old Girl, we’re together again.  Boy, did you give me a scare?  I know it’s nothing compared to what you’ve been through, but I lost you, I’d be heart broken.   Now let’s go, Brittany is waiting for us.

Volvagia: *Shifts into gear and drives away*

Back at the school, Ashley, Alexis, Brittany, and Lexi were waiting anxiously for Christian.

Lexi: Where is he?

Alexis: Wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t show up.

Ashley: He wouldn’t listen to reason, so why would he show up?

Brittany: Hey, Chris is a person of his word, and he’ll be here, you can count on that and…..

Just then Chris and Volvagia came driving up.

Brittany: HERE HE IS!!!!

Volvagia then drove right up the main stairway, through the school doors, and down the hallway over to Brittany and her friends.


Chris: Yes, she’s fine.  Volvagia is a tough old girl, so it’ll take more than an Irish coffee hangover to destroy her.

Brittany: Well that’s good.

Lexi: Volvagia?

Alexis: Who is that?

Ashley: What a weird name that is.

Chris: Volvagia is the car, and she’s kinda like a person, now I know that sounds funny.

Ashley: Crazy is more like it.

Brittany: Well it doesn’t matter if it’s weird or not, I’m just glad she’s okay.

Christian: Me too.

Brittany: Now we need to talk about what happened yesterday.

Ashley: What happened was not Katelynn’s fault.

Alexis: And what happened to your car was not Ryan’s fault either.

Lexi: Ryan came home late last night, and both he and Bradley took a lie detector test and passed it, so they are not to blame for is completely either.r

Brittany:  Here is what happened.  Katelynn was walking to the locker room to get ready for cheerleading, but Bradley walked up to her, and wouldn’t stop harassing her.  She told him to go away, then I heard an unfamiliar voice shouting out “NOW, DO IT NOW,” or something like that, and Brad forced his lips on her, then grabbed her, and placed her on all fours.   He pinned her to the ground, and she was shouting “BRAD STOP IT, PLEASE!”  And I saw this strange guy with the ugliest eyes, and it was like he was controlling Brad like he was a puppet master.   So please, don’t be mad at Katelynn, or Ryan, or Bradley, they were all victims of an awful person’s dirty deeds.

Alexis: I saw what happened to your car too.  I also heard the strange voice shouting “NOW,” and then I saw Ryan with a pot of Irish Coffee and whipped cream jumping out of the windown, and pouring that stuff into your car’s gas tank.   Like what Brittany said, it looked like he was being controlled like a puppet, because this guy’s eyes were just creepy.  

Ashley: And we tried to stop him, but that guys power was just too strong, it’s like we were being held against our will, and we couldn’t move, not even in the slightest.

Eric: Also your car was reving like mad like she was trying to escape from Ryan, but she couldn’t.

Lexi: This guy was powerful, and no doubt someone who is after you.

Chris: I don’t know why I am targeted, but it might have to do with the mark on my left hand.  It’s a mark I have had since I was born.


Chris: Also I am blind in one eye, in fact my left eye is not real, it’s an artificial glass eye.  And my left arm is completely robotic.  It’s due to the help of Nasa, that my left arm looks very close to that of a humans arm with the exception of being mostly clear plastic and some retracting chrome as well as small tubes, but it looks very close to a humans arm, and my left hand is still original.  Nasa found a way to connect my real hand to an artificial arm, and have it used no differently from an average hand.  As for my eye, I am blind on the left side, but you can’t tell, and it’s thanks to Nasa for making me look close to normal.
Brittany: WOW!  I would not have known that.

Lexi: How did you lose your left arm and left eye, if you don’t mind me asking?

Chris: I was told through a tragic accident of some kind, but that doesn’t seem cocier, so obviously the people who took care of me until I turned 20 was hiding something from me, so it has to do with the symbol Katelynn and I have on the back of our hands.

Ashley: WOW!! You know what, you’re alright Chris.  Katelynn is very lucky to have you.  She talks about you all the time, and tells everyone how much she loves you.

Lexi: You are her whole world Chris, so please do what you can for her.

Eric: I like her, a lot, but she only likes one guy, and that’s you Chris, please take good care of her.

Ryan: If I may, I know I am not supposed to be here, but I am awfully sorry for what I have done, and how I have treated you.  You seemed so cool, I was just jealous of you.

Bradley: I’m sorry too, I would never do something like that, in fact I don’t even know what I was thinking.  Your car is one hell of a classic, and I wish I had one just like that.  You don’t see many of these models driving around anymore, and how she outclassed my Hummer, it still blows me away.  

Chris: Thank you, I appreciate your apologies.

Ryan: Thank you, but we have very bad news.

Bradley: We regret to inform you that……

Brittany: Katelynn has been kidnapped.

Ryan: And we know who did it.

Bradley: His name is Ben, Ryan and I were jealous of you, and wanted revenge, and he promised us something, so we did his evil deed dirty work for him, which I still can’t remember the tasks until we were informed about by Brittany, Ashely, and Alexis about ruining your relationship and the damage done to your car.  

Brittany: I have his picture, here it is.

Christian takes a good look at the picture, and suddenly, some of his childhood memories return to him.

Chris: I know who he is, he is someone from my past who is bad road.   I promise to do what I can to save Katelynn.  I love her, more than anything, and will do anything for her, so I must go save her.

A Magic Portal opens in front of Christian and Volvagia and a letter comes through.

Brittany: Wow!  What is it?

Lexi: Here’s a letter, and it says, “Christian, only you can come through here, and save the one most precious to you, and only you with the righteous heart, mind, and soul, can acquire the special power to save your love, and save our world.

Alexis: What does that mean?

Chris: Only I can save her, so I must go alone.

Ashely: Please be careful.

Bradley: And you better return too.

Chris: I’ll return, I promise you that.  Well Volvagia, are you ready?

Volvagia: BEEP BEEP!

Brittany: Hold on, before you go, take this.  It’s Katelynn’s cheer uniform along with her favorite pair of underwear, her cheer shoes, and bra.  You’ll thank me after you give these to her.

Chris: Thank you Brittany, I will make sure she gets this. * Puts the uniform in Volvagia’s trunk*

Christian then gets inside Volvagia, and the 2 drive off through the magic portal

Brittany: CHRIS WAIT!!!.....

But it was too late, Chris and Volvagia drove off through the Magic Portal.

Brittany: I was gonna tell him that my family wants to adopt him.

Lexi: It’s okay, you can tell him when he gets back.

Ashley: Yeah, cheer up, and think positive, your big brother Chris, will return.

Brittany: He is like a brother to me, and I believe in him.

Christian and Volvagia drive off through the portal, and it’s not long after that they spot Disneyland Railroad’s Ward Kimball locomotive number 5 hauling the Holiday VI Green consist, and Lilly Belle Parlour coach.  

Chris: I think Ward’s trying to lead us somewhere, let’s follow her.

Both Christian, and Volvagia drive off next to Ward Kimball through magic portal, traveling to an unknown world.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Wed Jan 23, 2013 4:59 am

Chapter 6  Entering An Unknown World

Christian and Volvagia follow Ward Kimball and her train through the portal until they see green grass and a field of beautiful flowers, then suddenly like magic, the GPS tells Chris and Volvagia to follow the train through the large field and into the mysterious forest.  The field was huge, and vast; there were mountains, lakes, ranches, a castle town, valleys, and much more.


Volvagia: BEEP BEEP!

Volvagia’s Pratt & Whitney turbo kicks in, and Volvagia takes off after Ward Kimball and follows her into the Mysterious Forest.   Shortly after following Ward Kimball, she and her train come to a full stop at the station in the tiny woods just outside the forest.  Christian, then stops, and asks the engine crew for help.

Chris: Excuse me, can you please tell me how far the tracks go?

Engineer Al: Yes, but this the end of the line for us as far as the Forest route goes.  No train has traveled through the deep Mysterious Forest in years.  Ever since, the man in the black armor came, the Mysterious Forest has been a dangerous place, so any point beyond this station has been shut down for the railroad.  The same is for Mining Valley, Hell’s Gate Mountain, Lake Minia, and the Castle.  Most of the lines that go beyond the small towns have been abandoned because they are too dangerous, but if you’re brave enough to continue on, follow the track, it leads deep into the forest that will take you to a Temple which holds an important artifact.   Please be careful.

Chris: I will and thank you.

Al: What is your name?

Chris: It’s Christian, but you can call me Chris.

Al: Nice to meet you, I’m Al, I’m the engineer for the railroad, and this is the last operating train in the Magic Kingdom, the other four trains have been taken up to Hellsgate Mountain, where goodness knows what happens to them.  We do our best to keep this train hidden, because there is evil everywhere.  So keep on the look out. Let your Conscience Be Your Guide Chris.

Chris: Will do sir.

Christian and Volvagia then drive deeper and deeper into the forest, until Volvagia comes upon a passage that is too narrow for her to pass through.  

Chris: A train tunnel has collapsed, so this is as far as you can go Volvagia, so your safest backing up to the train station.  You’ll be safe there.  I’ll go alone.   I’ll be fine old girl, just be safe okay?

Volvagia: Beep Beep.

Volvagia then drives out of the Mysterious forest and back to the train station on the outskirts, while Chris continues walking through the narrow passage and stumbles upon the sacred temple which holds the link to the Royal Family’s Royal Amulet Tri-Star.   Christian slowly and carefully walks up the stairs leading to the temple, but then, skeletons, and plants attacked him, hard and fast, but luckily Chris dodge them, and made his way safely inside the temple.

Inside the sacred temple, were the voices of the spirits of monks chanted ancient hyms, and lying on the alter, were 3 large stones, and a beautiful long emerald flute.   Christian then slowly and carefully picked up the emerald flute, and a letter had fallen to his level.

“Finally, you have arrived.  Only you can hold the sacred flute and perform the Hym Of Time by using the 3 spiritual stones to access the sacred Treasure that will lead you to the Royal Amulet Tri-Star.   Read the notes on the back to perform the hym, you are our last hope.”

The letter then disappears, and slowly and carefully, Christian performs the Hym of time using the sacred sapphire flute.  As each musical note is played, the 3 stones moved, and the symbol of the Royal Amulet Tri-Star glowed brightly.   The large door known as the sacred door, had opened up leading Chris deep inside.   Christian then placed the flute in his pocket, walked inside and saw a large sword embedded in a stone.  Another letter had fallen towards Christian.

“Only you can wield the sacred Gorean Blade.  The blade to this sword has been forged with special power to smite the evil of this world, and only you can remove it from its pedestal and save our world.”

Chris: Well then, hear goes nothing.

Using all his might, Christian grabbed the handle and pulled the Gorean Blade from the Pedestal, and an bright emerald light shined.    

A vision of Lord Barnabus Showed Up.

Lord Barnabus: I knew I’d find you, now it’s only a matter of time.   If you’re bold enough, come to my new Castle in Space, I’ll be waiting.   I owe this new technology and the power of the Tri-Star Thanks to you kid.  HAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAA.

Just then Chris returned to the sacred temple when a voice called.
Aleasha: You have come at last and are finally wielding the Gorean Blade, now your next task lies at had.   Go to Hells Gate Mountain, and save your loved one Katelynn.  I will show you the way.

Chris: I wonder who that voice was.

Christian then follows the bright light leading out of the Temple, through Mysterious forest, past the monstrous plants and skeletons, and back to the train station where Volvagia was waiting for him.

Chris: Alright Old Girl, we have to go to Hells Gate Mountain.  

The GPS then activated, and the directions to Hells Gate Mountain popped up.   Ward Kimball, was then pulling out of the station and heading out of the forest.

GPS: Follow the train, she will lead you to Hell’s Gate Mountain.

Chris: Alright Old Girl, lets move.

Volvagia: BEEP BEEP!!!

Volvagia then drove off after the train, and set on her way to Hells Gate Mountain.

This time all sorts of horrible creatures tried to attack the Train and Volvagia, but given the weight, and large size of Volvagia and Ward Kimball, the monsters were unable to get to Chris.
An hour had past, and Ward Kimball began steaming up into the mountains, and Christian & Volvagia followed.   Sharp turns, sudden drops, and stops occurred along the route, but they managed to make it safely to the little village at the base of Hells Gate Mountain.   A horrible firey red sky had lingered about Hells Gate Mountain, and no one knew what it was.  

Chris: That firey blaze looks unusual Old Girl.

Engineer Al: Legend says an evil dragon known as Cardonia lives up in the mountain.   It lives inside the crater of the volcano.  The villagers tremble in fear every day because of it, and they are all scared about that thing popping out of the crater, and wreaking havoc on the village.   But long ago, someone managed to kill it with a smash of a hammer.   However, that dragon has been revived, and a new hero is needed to kill it.   We are counting on you Chris to take care of it.

Chris: I will, and I won’t let the people down.

Christian and Volvagia then drive up the sides of Hells Gate Mountain.   Giant spiders try to attack, along with large boulders falling from the volcano bombarded them, but it didn’t stop Chris and Volvagia from continuing on.   Some parts got narrow, and some of the stone was barley strong enough to support Volvagia’s weight, but after a lot of struggle, the 2 finally reach the top of Hells Gate Mountain, and parked right outside of what looked like Hell’s Gate.   Christian parked Volvagia in a nice hidden spot, put Katelynn’s clothes in a small bag, and placed the bag on his shoulder, then entered into the side of Hells Gate Mountain.    

Aliana: Your energy will run low in extreme heat, I will grant you the power to withstand extreme heat, and your lover is also given the power to withstand the heat too.

Christian then walks deeper and deeper inside the Temple then hears the voices and sounds of ghosts echoing throughout the walls.  

Aleasha: Your first task is to get the Flair Bowe and destroy Phantom Barnaby.   No matter what hardship faces you, don’t give up.

Chris: I still don’t know who the voice is, but I will do.

The walls were echoy, the floors creaky, and the whole first leg of the temple was creepy beyond all reason.   Doors opened to walls, secret doors were hidden in the walls and floor boards, corridors were twisted, some rooms were bizarre and upside down, some staircases lead to the ceiling and no where beyond it.   Claw footed bath tubs were full of blood, curtains were torn and shredded, and wooden beams were rotted out completely.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Wed Jan 23, 2013 5:00 am

Chris: This is one bizarre temple, I don’t even know where to start.

Aleasha: This is only the first leg of your quest, a map and compass lie deeper inside this leg of the Temple, I will show you the way.

Chris: Okay, what ever you say.

Christian then soldiered on, but as he opened the door to a hallway, a giant hobo spider the size of refrigerator was blocking his way. The Spider looked straight at him with an evil glare, and all 8 eyes turned red. The spider then spun around on it’s silk strand of web, and shot venom from its fangs. Christian dodge the venom strikes, but one huge glob struck Chris on his left arm. Fortunately, the venom could do no damage to an artificial, arm, and judging his moment, Christian, rolled on the ground fast, took out the Gorean Blade, struck the spider with one mighty blow, and knocked the spider to the ground. The spider was then paralyzed and couldn’t go after Chris, so it just looked at Chris evily, and bled to death. Christian then soldiered on to finish his quest.
Christian then came upon a long and winding hallway, which looked dark, damp, full of dangerous plants, and look as if it was about to collapse. Christian charged right down, and entered a very dark room, and low and behold lied a giant treasure chest. Christian, slowly opened the chest, and pulled out the compass.

Chris: This will be a big help, if only I had a map……

A bright light from Aleasha appears, and a path lights up guiding Chris further and further into the Temple. More skeletons came jumping out, and slashing their swords at Chris. Christian then grabbed the Gorean Blade, and with 2 mighty slashes, destroyed them both before making his way onto the other side of the temple.
Christian climbed up a staircase, opened a large door, and wound up outside in a courtyard on a ledge. Christian then walked slowly and carefully across the ledge, and grabbed a hold of some veins, and climbed up the wall. The veins were covered in sharp thorns, and Christian got snagged, and scratched till he began to bleed. His blood began to run down the length both of his arms, but Christian didn’t feel much pain, with the thought of Katelynn on his mind, he didn’t care what had happened to him. With the snag of each thorn, the more blood ran down his arms, and another snagged on his temple causing blood to run down the side of his face.

Chris: This is fun, I just hope the ledge isn’t much farther.

After more cuts and scrapes, Christian finally makes it to the very top of the wall, and walks onto a ledge which had a large wooden door on it. Slowly but surely, Christian walked opened the door and entered a dark room where out of no where, 2 armored skeletons came out and attacked him. Christian received two very deep cuts on his back which hurt like hell, but he instantly unsheathed the Gorean Blade, and with 4 mighty swipes, the Skeletons were destroyed and a treasure chest appeared. Slowly and carefully, Christian opened the chest and pulled out the map. Now he knew for sure where he was.

Chris: Okay, so I am on the third level on this leg of the temple, and I need to keep climbing higher and higher in order to get the large key in order for me to move onto the second leg. How many legs in this temple are there?

Ben watches Chris from his T.V. screen where he has innocent people, and Katelynn held hostage in prison cells. Poor Katelynn was naked, lonely, frightened, heart broken, and very worried for Chris.

Ben: How do you like that Katelynn? Your precious Chrissy is coming to save you, but I doubt he’ll even make it this far. Your prison cell is located in firey leg of the temple, and is the last leg too. He has to do 4 legs of the Temple in order to get to you. There is no way he’ll make it past Phantom Barnaby. Mwhaaaa haaaa haaaaa.


Ben: That’s what you think. Your prison cell can only be opened one way, and that’s with the legendary Mutliton Hammer in order to press that rusted switch to open your cell. And if he does manage to get to you, the evil dragon Cardonia will eat him unless you agree to be Lord Barnabus’s slave.


Ben: Watch me. It took a lot to revive that beast, but it was worth it.

Barnaby: BEN!!!

Ben: WHAT?!!


Ben: I have captured the girl, and have sent Christian on a wild goose chase, he is only on the first leg of the temple here on Hell’s Gate Mountain. Cardonia has been revived, and the space shuttle has been rigged so it’s a death trap for the rescue mission.

Katelynn: YOU DID WHAT??!!!!!

Barnaby: GOOD! I will report this to Lord Barnabus, and if he’s pleased with what he sees, you can return home and Japan is all yours.

Ben: JAPAN!!! No forget Japan, I want all of Asia!!!


Ben: I know, but I got the job almost done, and in a short period of time. Christian won’t last long. He might be able to defeat your phantom and that sea serpent, but Bongo Bongo, and the evil witches Kolate and Kolane will be impossible for him to take down.

Barnaby: BEN!!! USE CAUTION!!! HE HOLDS A PART OF THE ROYAL AMULETT TRISTAR AS DOES THE GIRL!!!! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIM!!! If he completes each leg, he’ll become stronger and stronger, and before you know it, Cardonia will be destroyed and LORD BARNABUS WILL HAVE US FOR LUNCH!!!! As for you my cutie, you better be good, or else you will die right after your precious Chris… SO STAY PUT AND SHUT UP!!!!


Barnaby: SHUT UP!!! ONE MORE PEEP OUT OF YOU AND YOU’RE GONE AFTER CHRIS!!! As for you Ben, this had better work or Lord Barnabus will have our heads.

Katelynn: Like I’m scared of him? He’s just a sorry loser with a big mouth.

Ben: SHUT UP!!! I’m now heading back to my quarters, so you STAY PUT!!!

Katelynn: Like I’ve got anywhere to go.


Ben then leaves the temple, and Katelynn looks up at the T.V. Screen before it goes blank. Katelynn then curls up and starts to cry.

Katelynn: Chrissy, my love, I’m sooooo sorry……….. I’m sooooo sorry you have to do this for me…………

Meanwhile back at Nasa, Juan was alone and was shocked to see how much progress was made on the Shuttle.

Alister: VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! I guess you guys really got the technicians to work.

Chessley: And looking at the repair log, the parts look like they weren’t that expensive either.

Carlos: How you 2 got this shuttle almost completely reassembled in one night is beyond amazing. You should be proud.

Alister: Oh yeah, where’s Chris?

Juan: He called in sick for some reason….

Chessley: Chris, call in sick? That’s not like him. He comes in an works even when he has the flu, this is weird.

Juan: You’re telling me.

Alister: In all the years Chris has worked at Nasa, he has never called in sick, and because of that, he has a bunch of unused sick days.

Chessley: He can use a couple days off anyway, too much work is getting to his head.

Juan: I wonder what’s going on?

While the rigged up orbiter was being reassembled, Christian was fighting his way through the first leg of the temple. Floor boards were collapsing from under his feet, ceiling beams where crashing down and nearly fell on top of him, giant spiders were spitting venom at him, and a large hand was charging at him and throwing him across the hallways until Christian was shoved in a corner room.

Chris: Oh no, not this again!

And out of nowhere, two armoured Skeletons came out and attacked, but Chris just used one mighty swipe of the Gorean blade, and both skeletons were destroyed in one shot.

Chris: All too easy.

A large treasure chest then appeared right below Chris’s feet, and Chris then fell over backwards from surprise.

Chris: I have the map, I have the compass, what else do I need?

Christian then slowly opens the treasure chest, and inside was the FLAIR BOW!

Chris: I was never good at archery, my aim was always way off. Then again, I rarely used a bow and arrow, but I don’t know if I’ll need this or not. The more weapons in this place the merrier.

Christian then placed the bow and arrow quiver on his back, and then continued through the temple until he came to a staircase. On the staircase was a portrate, and out of that portrate came a ghost. Using the Flair Bow and arrows, he carefully aimed, and with an insane amount of luck shot the ghost, and a door way opened up.

Chris: This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Christian then walked through the door and to no surprise, was attacked by two skeletons from out of the blue.

Chris: This is really getting old. -_-

With just one strike of the Gorean Blade, both skeletons were destroyed and another doorway opened up.

Chris: Ya know, this is getting really really boring, can’t they have something better than 2 lame skeletons. Katelynn is counting on me, and I have to figure out what all this means.

Christian then runs through the door way and there right in front of him is another ghost.
Chris: I wonder how much longer this will go on?

Using the Flair Bow and arrow, Chris takes the ghost down with one shot and another door way opens. Moaning and groaning sounds are then heard as Christian walks through the door way and down a long staircase. Then appears the largest ghost he had seen. And this ghost was not like the other two, it was trickier, and was putting up more of a fight.

Chris: Not much longer I take it.

The fight begins as the ghost divides itself into 5 clones, and by using the Flair Bow and arrow, Chris eliminates each clone one by one until he makes a shot on the actual ghost itself. After the first shot the ghost then began to shake, and move faster. The ghost then divided itself into 10 clones, and with quick thinking Chris shot at one of the random clones, but managed to strike the actual entity. The ghost then began multiplied its clones by another 10 making it much harder to take them down. Using the Flair Bow, Chris strikes at each clone but with no luck, they none of them seemed to be the actual entity.


Using the Gorean Blade, Chris just and makes one might strike and manages to strike the entity. The ghost then vanishes and a large treasure chest and elevator then appear.

Chris: Finally, the key to the next leg of the Temple.

Opening the chest slowly, Chris reached in and removed a very large golden key with large jewels on it, and an evil face at the end.

Chris: This must be it. Hang on Katelynn, I’m on the way.

Christian then hops into the elevator and is taken straight down to what looks like a basement. After exiting the elevator, Chris walked down a long twisted corridor the turned completely upside down. It was something very bizarre, and like that out of a cartoon house, but to the side was a small box and a crack in the wall.

Chris: I wonder what is behind this wall and why this box is here.

Chris then opened the box, and inside were sticks of dynamite and a lighter. Chris then lit the dynamite, and blew a large whole in the wall, which led to a beautiful silver corridor with a large fountain at the end.

Chris: Lets see if this can help…..

Chris then ran down the beautiful silver corridor which had beautiful sparkles flowing down the sides of the wall, and beautiful marble floors. At the very end of the corridor was a huge fountain, and shortly Chris showed up at the fountain, a beautiful fairy flew out. She was very beautiful, and very mysterious, but Chris didn’t really focus on her beautiful, he was more concerned for Katelynn.

Fairy of Courage: Welcome Christian, I am the great Magical Fairy of Courage, I will give you some magical powers, and teach you a spell. Please accept.

Chris: Thank you, and will do.

Fairy: Very well then.

The magical fairy of courage poured out her magic powers, and slowly Chris’s wounds closed up and were nothing but small scratches, and Chris began to feel more powerful.

Fairy Of Courage: You have obtained the sword spin attack. With one mighty spin can kill a lot of enemies in one blow. It will also prove to be a very important technique when you face more difficult challenges in future legs of the Temple. Now I grant you this magic spell.

The fairy then passed along a large green magic ball, which contained a spell that would give Chris the ability to magically warp.

Fairy Of Courage: The Spell I have granted you is known as Alward’s Wind. It’s a powerful spell that will allow to warp from one place to another, and it will prove quiet useful in the next four legs of this temple. When you are weary of a battle, please come back to visit me or any of my sisters in future legs.

The fairy then flew back down into the fountain, and Chris then walked back out into the long twisted corridor.

Chris: Awesome, a new trick, don’t worry Katelynn, I’m coming for you.

Christian then ran down the long and twisted corridor until he came upon a very large door that had an extremely large lock on it.

Chris: This must be the door to the next leg. *Gulp* Well no time to lose, Katelynn needs my help.

Christian then unlocked and opened the large door, and walked right into a large room that looked like a battleground. Chris then walked to the middle, and a fence closed behind him sealing off his way out.

Chris: WHAT THE HELL??!!!

Right behind him was what appeared to be a phantom of Barnaby Craighan. Chris’s eyes opened very wide as the Phantom made an evil laugh then removed his mask.

Phantom Barnaby: LETS GO!!!

The Phantom and his horse than took off and disappeared into the picture ahead of him, which was high above the battle arena.

Chris: This is why I got the bow and arrows to take this Son of a bitch down. I may not be a master archerist, but here goes nothing.

Chris then took the Flair Bow, and carefully aimed the arrow and one of the pictures. The Phantom looked like he was coming out of two pictures, until Chris realized that one picture was a form of trickery as the real phantom was galloping on his horse into another picture. After carefully analyzing the situation, Chris aimed his arrow at the phantom in the picture, and shot him. The Phantom continued to gallop on his horse until Chris shot the horse, and the Phantom fell off of it.

Chris: Got one down, one to go.

Phantom Barnaby was now floating in the air with a magical staff, he then flipped the staff, and through a magical poison ball at Chris. Was then hit with the horrible poison on the left arm. Fortunately the poison had no real effect on his artificial arm, but it still hurt like an army of firey hot knives.


The Phantom then flipped his staff again and shot out another poison ball. This time, Chris brought out the Gorean blade and deflected the poison ball back at Phatom Barnaby. However, Phantom Barnaby deflected the poison ball back at Chris, but Chris wasn’t gonna get hit by that ball again, so Chris deflected it again. Phantom Barnaby then deflected the poison ball for a second time, then Chris deflected the ball back. This went on and on and on until Chris made his sword spin attack making the deflection of the ball too powerful and strike Phantom Barnaby.

Chris: Finally, NOW YOUR DEAD!!!!

Phantom Barnaby was stunned and unable to move, so Chris then struck him with the Gorean Blade until Phantom Barnaby was destroyed for good.

Chris: Okay, that was no walk in the park……

The lifeless body of Phantom Barnaby was floating above the battle arena when Barnaby’s real voice came in.
Barnaby: Very good kid, you learn fast. But when you come to face the real me and Lord Barnabus, it won’t be so easy. WHAT A WORTHLESS CREATION THIS GHOST WAS, I AM BANISHING IN INTO THE GAP BETWEEN DIMENSIONS!!!

Phantom Barnaby then vanished from the arena, when a large heart and ray of light shined into the center of the arena. Chris then walked over and picked up the heart, and his wounds from the attack had disappeared and he became more powerful than before.

Chris: WOW!!! This feels awesome! Now on to the next leg!

Chris then stepped into the ray of light warped into the Chamber of Sages.
Chris had then arrived in the Chamber of sages when Niki, The Sage Of The Forest Showed Up.

Niki: Welcome. You have pulled through the first leg of the temple, and have restored peace to the Mysterious forest. People in the village outside the forest can now go home and live in harmony like they used to, and it’s all thanks to you. You must be wondering why you are here. Well as you know, Katelynn has been kidnapped and you’re here to save her. This rescue mission your on will be a lot more than the love you have for her, it’s matter of our survival as well. I can’t tell you everything at once, but you will know further along the way. I will stay in the Chamber of Sages and guard the Mysterious Forest as it is my job as the Forest sage. Now please take this medallion as a symbol of your accomplishment.

Christian had received the forest medallion, and Niki adds her power to Chris.

Niki: You and I were childhood friends when we were younger, you will remember as time goes on, and know that I, Niki will always be your friend.

Christian had then warped out of the chamber of sages and onto the second leg of the Temple.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:46 am

Chapter 7 The Seductive Aliana

The second leg of the temple was completely different, it was almost completely under water, and Christian was not very well equipped for it.

Chris: Good thing I can swim or it would be impossible.

Unfortunately, the water was infested with piranha, goliath tigerfish, long finned eels, box jellyfish, Blue Ringed Octopus, and giant king crabs.


Aliana: You don’t

Chris: Who said that?

A cute girl in a bikini named Aliana, showed up out of nowhere. She was beautiful, and very seductive, but it wasn’t working too well on Chris.

Aliana: Me ya cutie. I’m Aliana, Princess Of Lake Minia.

Chris: Okay.

Aliana: Lake Minia has been our home for generations, but it has become unlivable. It’s full of awful creatures like that you see here in this leg of the temple. It is also being controlled by an evil Monster Sea Serpent that lives in this temple, Morpha.

Chris: So you want me to destroy the monster in this leg of the temple in order to restore peace to your home.

Aliana: Exactly! Just follow me, and I’ll show you where to go.

Chris: Okay.

Aliana: I know who you are, you’re Christian Mandez, and you’re on a quest to rescue your love.

Chris: How do you know that?

Aliana: You can’t hide it from me, I can see right through you. I can also see that you wanna touch my butt, but are fighting the urge because you want to stay true to her.

Chris: What the? HEY!!!!

Aliana: It’s okay, you’re not the only one, a lot of guys are like that, it’s normal.

Aliana leads Chris over to a room where a large crystal switch is located.

Aliana: In order to get around, you change the water level, and this is one of 3 stations where you do it. Strike the Crystal with your sword and the water level will change. You will find the other 2 stations along the way.

Aliana then runs off and disappears into thin air.

Chris: Well looks like I’m on my own now, and the last thing I need is a distraction.

Chris then strikes the crystal with the Golean Blade, and the water level drops completely. Chris then jumps down to a lower level and sees a large wall with a hole in it and a small box in front of it.

Chris: More dynamite I take it.

Chris then opens the box, and sure enough it was dynamite. Chris then lit the dynamite and blew a giant hole in the wall. Inside were 2 large treasure chests and a stone in the ground.

Chris: I wonder why there are 2 instead of one.

Christian, opens both boxes slowly but surely and one box holds Heavy weight lead shoe adapters, and the other holds the compass to the leg of the Temple.

Chris: Awesome, I guess these should keep me from floating, and I need the map to get around this place. But why is there a mysterious stone in the ground?

Aleasha: Perform The Hym Of Time, and a path will open.

Chris: Okay, who ever that was.

Christian then brings out the sacred Sapphire flute, and performs The Hym Of Time, and low and behold the large rock in the ground disappears.

Chris: Wow! That’s strange. I guess I gotta jump down the hole in the ground.

Christian then jumped into the hole and came across a rushing river that was full of wurlpools and vortexes that led to goodness knows where.

Christian: Looks like I have to jump on these pillars in order to get across and over to the other side where that door is.

Christian then hopped across onto each pillar. The pillars were narrow and wobbly, and Chris didn’t feel too sure about going across. Nevertheless, Chris manages to get across, and open the large door, which leads him to a room that looks like a shallow lake with a tree in the middle of it. It was strange because, the moment Christian walked in the door, he saw a shadow of himself, but the moment, he walked under the tree sitting in the center of the lake, and got out from underneath it, his shadow was gone.

Chris: Okay this second leg is weirder than the first leg, first I have a shadow, I then walk under a tree, and now I don’t have a shadow. There is no sun in here to even cast a shadow. How very bizarre.

Just then Christian looked behind him, and he saw what looked to be a dark and evil version of himself, and it charged straight toward him.

Chris: Uh-Oh, this is not good.

Christian then brought out the Gorean blade and struck at his evil version of himself, but Dark Chris knew Christian’s moves with the Gorean blade, and every time Christian would strike with the Gorean blade, Dark Chris would counter and block out his attacks.

Chris: Okay, now I have an evil version of myself, and it knows all my moves with the Gorean Blade. How on earth do I take it down? If I can’t use the sword, then….. Ahhh, I would never have thought to use that in this type of fight.

Christian then brought out the Flair Bow, and brought out 4 arrows, and ran as far away from Dark Chris as fast as he could. Judging his moment, Christian, aimed all four arrows at Dark Chris coming towards him, then shot all four arrows at once, and with an insane amount of luck as well as good skill, all 4 arrows shot Dark Chris, and stunned him. Christian then brought out the Gorean Blade and finished his evil self off by using one strike of the sword Spin attack. Dark Chris was now destroyed for good.

Chris: Phew, I do not want to do that ever again. Fighting another version of your self is too much like fighting your own self, and it’s just too scary to even go there.

Just then the lake and tree all disappeared, and a pathway appeared right in front of Christian, as well as a door not too far ahead. Christian then walked down the pathway, opened the door, and entered another room with two treasure chests.

Chris: Dejavou all over again.

Christian then opened the 2 treasure chests and recovered the map to the second leg of the Temple as well as the Long Hook Shot which was a small gun with a spring loaded cable that had a small but powerful grappling hook at the end. The Long Hook shot cable spanned over 45 feet, and could easily grip through stone, wood, or certain marked platforms and targets. It was also good for killing enemies.
Chris: Double awesome, I now know where I am, and something useful for getting around those deadly creatures in the water.

Right behind him was another Crystal switch to change the water level.

Chris: This must be another one of those crystal switches to change the water level. I wonder where the third and final one is.

Christian then struck the crystal switch and the water level dropped. Christian then retraced his steps and saw a bumpy floor with a small box on top of it.

Chris: Must be dynamite again.

Sure enough, it was dynamite that was in the box. So Chris took the lighter that was provided in the box, lit the dynamite, and blew a large hole in the floor. But right underneath that floor was a long drop into a pit of water that was full of deadly sea creatures.

Chris: That must be the only way to get to the next leg, and it’s for Katelynn, so I must go.

Christian then opens his back, puts the lead weight shoe adapters on his shoes, and then jumps down the hole in the ground. Chris then holds his breath, hits the water, gets stung by box jellyfish, bitten by sea snakes, inked by Blue Ringer octopi, attacked by a giant squid, and bitten by a long finned eel. The stings, and bites were very painful, and hurt like over one thousand firey hot knives being dragged across Chris’s body all over. The pain was so intense that he almost lost his breath and drowned, but Christian held on, pushed through the pain, and managed to safely run on the temple’s floor under the water until I found a marked target high above him.

Chris: That must be the way out of this mess, I must hold on again.

Christian, aimed his long hook shot at the target, then the hook shot out and gripped that target. Once the hook gripped the target, the spring loaded cable activated and pulled Chris out of the dangerous water. Once Christian was out of the water, he pressed the release button on the long hook shot, and landed on dry land. All the venom that struck Christian was weakening him fast, his energy and strength were getting lower and lower, but to his luck, fate was on his side, because just ahead of him was a long hallway, and to his right was a cracked wall with a box in front of it.

Christian: Must be more dynamite, but I can barely move.

Christian slowly opened the box, lit the dynamite and blew a giant hole in the wall. Luckily, it was the another beautiful corridor that was exactly identical to the one Chris had seen earlier in the first leg of the Temple just as he was about to go into battle against Phantom Barnaby. With hardly any strength left, Christian walked down the beautiful corridor with the sparkles flowing down the sides of the wall, and collapsed right in front of the fountain. Just then, the magical fairy of wisdom flew out of the fountain.

Fairy Of Wisdom: Welcome Christian, I am the great magical fairy of wisdom, I am here to grant you a magic spell, and give you the ability to cut any damage inflicted on you in half. Please Accept.

Christian: Thank you, and will do.

Fairy of Wisdom: You poor thing. It looks like you have been through a lot, and have had some nasty encounters with the horrible creatures in this leg of the temple. I will soothe your wounds right away.

Christian was very weak and was face down in front of the fountain, so the fairy quickly poured her magic into him as fast as she could. Slowly but surely, the venom from the sea creatures bled out of Christian’s wounds, then his wounds slowly closed up until they were small scratches, and Christian was slowly regaining his strength, he was then able to stand up. It wasn’t long after until Christian was back to full health, and felt stronger than he did before.

Fairy Of Wisdom: I have increased your health, and whenever you are hurt, or seriously injured, any body damage inflicted on you has been cut in half, even in the real world, so it will take a lot longer for you to be taken down. Now I shall grant you the Magic Spell.

The Fairy of Wisdom then sent Christian a large blue magic ball that would give the Chris the ability to protect himself, any objects or loved ones he chooses from harm’s way.

Fairy Of Wisdom: The spell I have granted you is known as Ayru’s Love. IT is an extremely powerful spell that will protect you, an object of your choosing, or your loved one from harm. Not even one sting from a box jellyfish will hurt you when using this spell. But, be warned, this spell uses a lot of magic, so use it carefully. However, when you do use it, it will be very useful in the next upcoming three legs of the Temple. When battle has made you weary, please come back to visit me,or any of my sisters in future legs of the temple.

The great magical fairy of wisdom then disappeared back into the fountain, and Christian was ready to get back to his quest.

Chris: Yes, alright, I feel great, and will take less damage when injured no matter where I go.

Christian then ran back out into the hallway, and ran down it until he looked up. Sure enough a marked target was above him, so he brought out his long hook shot, and sprung up from the ground. Christian then pressed the release button, and then landed on a platform. Right in front of him was another river full of wurlpools, but on the other side of the river was another marked target, so Chris used the long hook shot again, and made his way to the other side.

Chris: This thing is awesome, I no longer have to go swimming in that dangerous water.

Christian then pressed the release button, and landed on a pillar, and right behind him was a door, and Chris walked through the door, and entered a room where a water geyser was. Along with the water geyser, was a crystal switch.

Chris: I wonder what I am supposed to do……

Aliana: Don’t be afraid, just walk onto the geyser, and all will be just fine.

Chris: If you say so who ever you are.

Chris, still no knowing who the voice was, walked onto the geyser, struck the crystal switch using the long hook shot, and escaladed up to a higher level. One the next level was another room with a very large treasure chest.

Chris: I sure hope this is the key to the next leg.

Slowly but surely Christian opened the large treasure chest and low and behold, it was a large key with jewels and an evil face on the end of it.

Chris: Great, the next leg is almost here, now I need to get out, and find my way to the next leg.

Right behind Chris was a door, and Chris walked right through the door, and he was outside back at the entrance a last.

Chris: Finally. Wait, right there is the entrance, I’m practically right back where I started from.

Christian then turned around and saw another crystal switch.

Chris: Ah, changing the water level might soft my problem.

Christian then struck the crystal switch, and the water level raised all the way back up to the way it was when Christian first arrived.

Chris: Well that’s great, now I’m really back to square one, what do I do now?

Christian then pulled out the map, and saw that his journey to the next leg was not far.

Chris: If I jump across to the center of this leg, I might be able to see the exit that will take me to the next leg of the temple.

Christian then jumped across the pillars, and onto the main base in the center of the leg of the temple. Christian could then see a large marked target that was on huge ledge at the far end of the leg.

Chris: Ah there it is, the exit must be behind that target.

Christian then brought out his long hook shot, and sprung all the way across the leg of the temple and onto the leg. Christian then walked a little further, and low and behold was a door.

Chris: Right behind this door, must be the door to the next leg.

Christian then walked right through the door, and up a steep hallway was the door to the next leg. Christian then slowly walked up the steep slope until he reached the door with the large lock on it.

Chris: Well Katelynn, just three more I have to do, then you’re out of here, and we can go home to a happy life.

Christian then unlocked the large door and walked right through it. Inside was a strange room. It was completely different from the last battle arena he was at. Christian looked down and noticed that the water was not normal, and right behind him was a large sea serpent. Christian slowly turned around, and Morpha, the evil Leviathan Sea Serpent was staring at him right in the eye. Christian then drew out the Gorean blade, but Morpha jumped right over him and splashed into the water below. Morpha swam, and swam about, and by controlling the water, Morpha had Christian grabbed by the neck and had him thrown across the battle arena.

Chris: Okay that’s annoying.

Using the long hook shot, Christian aimed and managed to grab ahold of the large beast. As Morpha was dragged onto the floor, Christian drew out the Gorean Blade, and struck Morpha multiple times, until Morpha broke free from the long hook shot’s grasp and dove straight back into the water below.

Christian: Okay, come here you. This is beginning to get fun.

Morpha then jumped out of the water, and with his mouth wide open, tried to eat Chris, but Chris dodge him. Christian then aimed with the long hook shot and managed to connect; dragging Morpha along the floor, Christian brought out the Gorean blade, and struck Morpha repeatedly until Morpha had had enough, and dove right back into the water for the final time. Splashing about violently, Morpha made one last might jump, and smashed into puddles of water on the floor of the arena. Shortly after all the water cleared up until the very last drop splashed. A large heart piece and ray of light shown right onto the battle arena.

Christian: YES! 2 DOWN, 3 TO GO! Christian then grabbed the heart piece and his strength increased even more. Christian then walked into the ray of light, and was warped in the Chamber Of Sages. There in the Chamber of Sages was Aliana, The Sage Of Water who was waiting for him.

Aliana: I can’t thank you enough for you help. You have made it through the second leg of the temple, and you’re even closer to completing your mission in saving your love, Katelynn. She is one very lucky girl to have you. There is a reason you 2 were chosen by fate to save our world. You’re a very important person to the Magical World Christian Allen Mandez, and don’t you forget that. All the people from Lake Minia can return home thanks to you, and we are always in your debt. The next three legs will be tough, but with your love for Katelynn, you will make it through no problem. I can see how much you love her. Hehe, you can’t it from me, I know everything. No please take this medallion as a reward for your effort and heroism for what you have done for us.

Christian has now received the water medallion, and Aliana as a sage adds her power to Chris.

Aliana: And after your effort, you can touch my butt if you want, but only if you want. *Giggles*

Christian disregards Aliana’s offer and is warped into the 3rd leg of the Temple.

Meanwhile back at Lawrence Highschool, Brittany and everyone else were getting worried. They were wondering why Christian hadn’t yet returned.

Ashely: Have you heard anything from Chris?

Brittany: No, I haven’t. I’m starting to worry.

Alexis: He has been gone for two hours, why hasn’t he come back?

Lexi: It could be that Chris or Chrissy should I say, has gone on a mission that none of us really know about.

Eric: It might have to do with that marking on the back of their hands.

Brittany: That’s gotta be it. It has to be something to do with the marks on the back of their hands. Why else would he be gone for two hours.
Bradley: I wouldn’t worry too much, it was just two hours, and Christian is not a chicken. I would be surprised if he’d be finished with the task within a day because it sounds a lot more than just running and grabbing. He’s probably in some kind of castle and has to fight monsters and such in order to get to her.

Ryan: You make a good point Brad, besides he has his Volvo to protect him in case anything happens, and 2 hours is not a long time. I would begin to worry if we don’t hear from him for two days.

Bradley: Yeah, after 2 days would be the time to worry.

Ashley: Brad, you’ve been playing too many video games, but you and Ryan do make a good point. We should continue waiting and hope he comes out soon, but we should begin to worry if he is not back in two days.

Alexis: Sounds like a good plan Ashley, I’m glad you’re on top of it.

Lexi: Yeah, great plan

Brittany: What’s wrong Lexi, you don’t look so well.

Lexi: I’m okay, just not feeling too well.

Alexis: Lexi, I know you too well to know it’s not nothing, now please tell us what’s going on.

Lexi: Okay, here it goes. I’m pregnant.

Ashley: WHAT?!!!



Lexi: Three nights ago. Brandon and I got carried away and I was going to tell you, but no thanks to Ryan and Brad getting in trouble I was too bitchy tell you guys, and with Chrissy and Katelynn having problems I haven’t been able to tell you. But now is not the time to worry about me. Now we have to worry about Chrissy and Katelynn returning home safely and make sure they do.

Ashley: You’re right, but you should take it easy Lexi.

Alexis: I’m still mad at you for not telling me about this sooner, but I understand your situation. We have to be there for them when they return.

Bradley: for Chris, Katelynn, and Volvagia. We need to be here for them, so they know they always have us to be there for them.

Brittany: I just hope they’re okay. Katelynn’s my best friend, and Chris is like a big brother to me, and his car is someone who is very special, not to mention Chris will be part of my family, and I need him to be there for me when in times of need.

And so, Brittany and everyone else waited for Christian, Katelynn, and yes, even Volvagia’s safe return, but little did they know Christian still had 3 more legs of the temple to complete before he could return home.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Chapter 8 Into the Valley Of The Dead

As soon after Christian completed the second leg, Barnaby was not so happy with Ben.


Ben: I KNOW, I KNOW, BARNABY! The next three legs won’t be so easy. You said yourself, you phantom was a worthless creation, and Morpha was a pushover. However, Bongo Bongo, Kolate and Kolane will not go down so easily. Also Cardonia is just too powerful to destroy, so there is no way Chris will be able to get passed him.



While Ben and Barnaby Craighan fight out their differences, Christian is already making quick work of the third leg of the temple. He had already found the compass and a pair of wing hover shoe adapters, and had already began finding his way through doors, and various puzzles.

Christian: Okay, I just need to find the map before I can progress any futher.

The 3rd leg of the temple looked like it was the realm of the dead, because the sounds of moaning lost souls were heard from all over the place, and it was very dark and gloomy with the signs of death everywhere as well as rotting corpses of those who perished.

Chris: This is one place I would not want to go to when I die, I say that much. It’s pretty straight forward from here.

Christian was managing to run through large guillotines, dodging large poisonous spiders, and fighting off skeletons that were attacking him.
Christian had then entered a room where it was raining spikes, running as fast as he could, Christian dodge as many spikes as he could, and ran into a large cell along the side of the wall. Inside the cell was a mummy, and it came walking straight towards him. Before Christian could grab the Gorean Blade, the mummy climbed on top of Chris and tried to suck out all of his life force. But Chris was not going down because of stupid mummy, he then managed to shake off the mummy, brought out the Gorean Blade, and with 2 mighty strikes, the mummy was destroyed and a treasure chest appeared.

Chris: Alright, hopefully I know where I am.

Slowly but sure, Christian opened the chest, and sure enough it was the map for the 3rd leg of the temple, and Chris could see where the next big hidden treasure was.
Christian then found out that the hidden treasure was not too far away from where he was.

Chris: Okay, so it looks like that the hidden treasure is just a few sections ahead, now if I just find a way to dodge the raining spike coffins……

Then Chris spotted a large block right behind him, it was large enough to block the raining spiked coffins from crushing him, and a door was at the other end of the room.

Chris: Well here goes nothing.

Christian then pushed the large block outside the cell and managed to jam to the large raining coffin from crushing him, then he ran to the front of the block, and pulled the thing as fast as he could to continue jamming the spiked coffin from coming down on him until finally, Christian was a safe distance away from the raining spiked coffins.

Chris: Okay that’s over, now where to?

Christian then walked through the door and there was a room of 4 large doorways, and each one of them had a box placed in front of them.

Chris: Let me guess, more dynamite.

One by one, Chris opened each box, and lit each set of dynamite, then BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG! 3 of the doorways opened up while one stayed closed.

Chris: I wonder what’s up with the last doorway.

Christian then slowly but surely tried to feel the last doorway, but there was nothing there, so Chris walked right through the wall.

Chris: That’s why, it all makes sense, the next treasure must help me find traps, and enemies that I can’t see with my one good eye, or should I say that can’t be seen by the human eye.

Christian then ran up to a door, opened it and ended up in a large room with a lot of long arms sticking out of the ground.

Chris: Okay this looks weird, why would a bunch of arms be sticking out of the ground? I think I should cut them down.

Christian then held out the Gorean Blade, and with one mighty sword spin attack, cut down all the arms sticking out of the ground, and out came a nasty looking torso with a disgustingly ugly face, and his arms looked like bloody stumps at the end.

Chris: Okay, that is just sick and wrong.

The disgusting creature then lowered its face and lunched to bite Chris, but Chris just made multiple swipes with the Gorean blade, attacking the creature’s face, until the horrible creature turned away and disappeared.

Christian: Oh boy, more arms, this is nasty.

All the long arms right out of the ground, Christian charged his sword, did the mighty sword spin attack, and all the large arms sticking out of the ground were destroyed.

Chris: Now I need to kill this ugly meathead.

Sure enough the horrible creature, came walking over to Chris, and with one mighty swipe of the Gorean Blade, stabbed the creature in the face, and the horrible creature then fell to the ground and was destroyed. Shortly after the creature had vanished, a large treasure chest appeared in the middle of the room.

Chris: This must be it, the hidden treasure that allows me to see through these walls.

Slowly but surely, Christian opened up the large treasure chest, and sure enough, it was something that could be a big help to Christ in getting him through the 3rd leg of the temple. It was the Eye Of Truth.

Chris: The Eye Of Truth will help me spot enemies, and see through walls, and see stuff that most people would not be able to see with their eyes.

Christian then equipped the eye of truth to his left eye, and ran out of the room, and back into the corridor.

Chris: Okay, the other door leads to an empty room with a mummy inside, so it’s a trick, one will take me straight ahead , and the other will lead me to the Great Magical Fairy Of Power, and I could probably use another trick in order to move on.

Christian then quickly ran down the beautiful corridor with sparkles cascading down the sides of the walls, and stopped right in front of the fountain. A few seconds later, the Magical Fairy of Power then flew out of the fountain, and greeted Chris warm.

Fairy Of Power: Welcome Christian, I have been expecting you. I am going to strengthen your magical powers, and grant you a magic spell. Please accept.

Chris: Thank you, and will do.

Fairy Of Power: Very well then.

The Great Magical Fairy Of Power then pours out her magic, and little by little Christian begins to feel more and more powerful.

Fairy Of Power: Your magical powers have just been strengthened, now when you use your magical spells, spin attack, and the eye of truth, less than half the amount of magic will be used. This also applies to when you return to the real world, so no matter where you go, your magic can always be used, and very little will be used per spell or sword spin attack. Now I will grant you the magic spell.

The Magical Fairy Of Power then sent Chris a magical red ball that would give him the ability to put up a fire barrier and destroy and enemy that is near him, as well as burn down any walls or traps.

Fairy Of Power: The Spell I have granted you is May’s Fire Power. It is an extremely powerful the spell that will allow you to put up a firey barrier so you can destroy any near by enemies, near by walls, or spider webs within the blink of an eye. But be warned, this spell can cause a lot of damage near wooden objects, and can easily hurt a loved one if he or she is not careful, so use it carefully. However, when you chose to use it, it will be very useful to helping you get through the next few legs of the temple. After this, you only have 2 more legs to go so I wish you good luck. When you are weary of a battle, please come back to visit me, or my sister in the next leg of the temple.

The fairy then dove back down into the fountain, and Christian then soldiered on through the third leg of the Temple

Meanwhile back at the prison cells where Katelynn was being held hostage, Katelynn was getting more hopeful, while Ben’s blood was starting to go cold.

Ben: ARG!!! How is it that he is making quick work of the 3rd leg, he already has 3 of 4 magic spells, and his power can surpass mine if I’m not careful.

Just then Austin entered the cell block.

Austin: Now, now Ben. Give it time, the leg will grow more challenging for him and Bongo Bongo is not a push over like Phantom Barnaby and Morpha were.

Katelynn: AUSTIN???!!!!!!

Austin: Yes? Why if it isn’t my sweet Katelynn. The girl who left me for a nobody.

Katelynn: He is not a nobody, and for the last time, I did not leave you for him, we broke up months before I met him. You were being too smoochy with me, and I wasn’t ready. We were childhood friends, and now I see you are working on the side of evil. HOW COULD YOU?!!!

Austin: Hmmmm good point, but you thought I was being too forward, I thought you liked that I was forward, and also the path of evil rocks, it is way more fun than when you are a goody goody.

Katelynn: I thought it was cute at first, but you didn’t respect that I wasn’t ready to have my first kiss, and I felt you weren’t the one to give away my virginity to. And on top of that, this is not like you Austin, you were such a sweet guy, and now you’re involved with Ben. WHY AUSTIN, WHY???

Austin: A virgin you call yourself, not ready for a first kiss? You lost your first kiss, and your virginity to Brad, and me SWEET??!!!! You must be kidding, I am not sweet, I am far from it, but if I do have something sweet to say, you are very cute naked.

Katelynn: SLAP! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERVERT! As for Brad, that was an accident, and was an act of rape, so I don’t consider that losing my virginity, also I am not counting that as my first kiss.

Austin: Whatever, but know this, you’re precious Chrissy won’t make it passed those large propeller fan blades.

Ben: He’s right, if those things start turning Chris will be blown off course, and down into the valley of the dead.

Katelynn: He will not go down so easily, just wait and see. In fact Chrissy has a few surprises himself, I have a secret that will surprise you, but I’m not telling.

Austin: WHAT?!!! WHAT IS IT?!!!


Katelynn: Wait and see, you’ll find out.

While Ben and Austin were trying to get Katelynn to answer Christian had already made his way to the giant propelled fan blades.

Chris: Uh-oh. These will blow me off course, good thing I have the Iron Boot adapters.

Christian then slapped on the Iron boot adapters onto his shoes, and ran past blowing fan blades through tunnels, and along dangerously high ridges.

Chris: Very funny, if this is your idea of a joke. At Nasa we have multiple 747 Jumbo Jets, and each of them has powerful Pratt & Whitney Jet engines that are a lot more powerful than these guys. I have been behind the 747s so many times, and have been blown off course by them multiple times. I have picked up on using weights to keep me from blowing away. I’m used to running behind those engines at full power, so whoever is watching, don’t think you can full me.

Katelynn: Told Ya. *Giggles*

Ben: WHY YOU??!!!!!

Austin: BEN! BEN!!!! It’s not over yet, there is still the next leg, and this one. He may break Katelynn out of here, but Cardonia will be far to powerful for him to take care of.


Katelynn: I’d hate to be in your shoes. *Giggles*


Christian had run passed the fans, and entered a room where a mummy and 2 angry bats were.

Chris: You guys again, I’ve had enough of you.

Using the Gorean Sword, Christian then performed the Sword Spin attack and killed the mummy in one shot. Then by careful aiming of the Flair Bow, Chris shot the arrow at the 2 bats, and took them down with one shot.

Chris: All too easy.

A note then appeared on the wall saying “Using the Eye Of Truth, a path will form in front of thee, and guide thee further on.

Chris: Okay, that makes sense.
Christian then left the room, stepped right out in front of the large fan, swapped out the iron boot adapters for the wing boot adapters, and equipped himself with the eye of truth. As the fan blade began to turn, a powerful gust of wind pushed Chris right over the valley of the dead, and down a hallway that would take Chris towards the end of the 3rd leg.

Chris: Okay, now lets take a look at the map. Hmmm, the next leg shouldn’t be too far from here. There is a confusing maze ahead, but after that, I should be able to make it onto the 4th leg of the temple.

Christian then ran right through a corridor, climbed up a ladder and on top of what seemed like a large boat.

Chris: Okay, so by taking the ferry, I should be able to get to the other side, and near the end of this leg.

Christian then cut all four ropes holding the large boat, and not long after, the boat started floating down the river of death. Not long after the boat got moving, 2 skeletons came out and attacked Chris.

Chris: Here we go again.

Using the Gorean Blade Chris took out both skeletons in one blow.

Chris: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey.

The boat then stopped at a ledge and began to sink. Christian then jumped off the boat, and ran into a large room that had turned into a gigantic labyrinth.

Chris: Oh mama, this looks confusing. Now where to start? Oh yes, of course, the Eye Of Truth.

Christian then equips himself with the eye of truth, and finds his way through the labyrinth. A bunch of large hands come charging at him, but by using the Gorean Blade, Chris manages to destroy every last giant hand. After making his way partly through the maze, Chris comes upon a large door and enters a room with 2 wooden spiked walls come closing in on him.

Chris: Okay, here goes nothing.

Judging his moment, Christian uses May’s Fire Power, puts up a firey barrier, and burns down the 2 spiked walls. But Chris was not out of the woods yet, 2 mummies were also after Chris, so Christian made quick work using the Sword Spin attack, and destroyed both of the mummies in one shot. Just then a very large colorful treasure chest appeared.

Chris: Finally, this must be the key to the next leg of the Temple.

Slowly and carefully, Christian opened the large treasure chest, and low and behold was a large golden emerald jeweled key with an evil face at the end.

Chris: Okay, now I have the key that will make me move onto the next leg, now I need to find a way out.

By opening the map, the way out was by going to the end of the labyrinth.

Chris: Okay, no time to waste.

Christian then re-equipped himself with the eye of truth, and worked his way through the remainder of the labyrinth. More and more giant hands went charging to him, and by using the Gorean Blade, Chris destroyed them all one by one until coming to a door at the very end. Christian then entered the door, and inside was a bizarre room with a giant skeleton head rotating on a platform along with another door. Chris then walked inside the other door, and a door on the far side of the room with a small lock on it.

Chris: This large key looks too big, so maybe the skeleton head has the small key inside.

Christian then walked back inside the room with the large skeleton head on the rotating platform. Christian then walked up a flight of stairs until he was high above the large skeleton head.

Chris: okay, so now what do I do?

Aleasha: Use the special plant behind you. This plant will be very helpful in future legs.

Chris: Okay, whatever you say. I still have no idea who that is.

Christian then uproots the plant, and low and behold the plant is a giant bomb.


Using quick thinking, Christian throws the giant bomb flower down the stair case, the bomb flower then bounces off the wall, and lands inside the skeleton head. Then all of a sudden was a very loud BANG!!! The giant skull had blown to smitherines; skull fragments flew everywhere. However, a small silver key was laying down on the ground.

Chris: That must be the key I need to move further. I am not to far away Katelynn, I’ll rescue you real soon.

Christian then ran down the stair case, picked up the key, ran through the door and into the room with the locked door. Chris had an errie feeling that he was not alone. Chris had then equipped himself with the eye of truth, and low and behold was a giant hand charging towards him. Christian then struck it down with the Gorean blade, but it divided itself into multiple small hands.

Chris: This I have not seen, and it looks like I must use more fire power.

Christian then used May’s Fire Power, and all the small hands were destroyed with one blow of the firey barrier. Christian then unlocked the small locked door, and walked over to a dark corridor that lead to a giant cliff. Across from Chris was a door, and in front of the door was a large statue that could possibly be made into a bridge. Around the base of the statue were bomb flowers, and a note was right in front of him.

Chris: Hmmmmm, it states, he with the sacred bow and arrows can make a bridge to the other side. Well it’s worth a shot.

Using the Flare Bow, Chris aims the arrows over to the bomb flowers, and with his luck, manages to shoot one of the bomb flowers, and sets off a chain reaction of explosions.


Until finally, the large statue falls over, and becomes a bridge.

Chris: He shoots, he scores.

Christian then runs across the bridge, walks through the door, and into a room with several small ledges.

Chris: Hover boot adapters please don’t fail me now.

Using the hover boot adapters on his shoes, Christian manages to safely walk over to a ledge with a large door with a large lock on it.

Chris: Katelynn, hold on, I now have 2 more legs to go.

Christian then unlocks and opens the large door, and walks straight into a large room with a giant hole in it.

Chris: What in the world is this… What the?............. WAAAAAAAHHH----------AAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Chris had accidently stopped walking right over the large hole, and his hover boot adapters have stopped flying causing Chris to fall down a very long drop, and land on top of what appeared to be a very large drum.


Right in front of Chris were 2 very large hands, and a hideously disgusting giant torso with a very large red eye at the end that soon closed up. Not long after, the giant hands started pounding the drum bouncing Chris up and down. The pounding was very intense, and Chris had no idea where to begin. He had found himself face to face with the Phantom Shadow Entity known as Bongo Bongo.

Chris: Okay, now how do I deal with this guy? He is not at all like Phantom Barnaby or Morpha, what is this guy susceptible to?

Before Christian could find out, Bongo Bongo, grabbed him in his giant hand, squeezed him really tight, and then threw him off the drum and into a large poisonous plant.


Chris then ran back onto the drum, and with giant hand pounding the drum, Chris caught Bongo Bongo off guard, and by using the Gorean Blade, stunned Bongo Bongo by slashing his giant hands. Bongo Bongo then got furious and charged at Chris. By quickly equipping himself with the eye of truth, and with careful aiming of his arrows using the Flair Bow, Chris managed to land a hit right into Bongo Bongo’s eye, and stun him.

Chris: Now that is how I do it. Your strength is also your demise.

Bringing out the Gorean Blade, Christian then slashes Bongo Bongo’s giant eye multiple times until Bongo Bongo is able to move again, and the fight resumes.
Bongo Bongo continues to pound the drum violently, but not long after, Christian finds an opening and slashes one giant hand, and then the other making Bongo Bongo furious. With his rage, Bongo Bongo charges at Chris again, and with his quick thinking, Chris doesn’t use the eye of truth, but gets out the Flair Bow, aims the arrows, and successfully manages to stun Bongo Bongo right in his giant eye.

Chris: The bigger they are, the harder they fall, AND THAT GOES FOR YOU!!

Using the Gorean Blade, Christian slashes at Bongo Bongo’s eye repeatedly until Bongo Bongo can no longer take the attack, and begins pounding the drum more violently than ever before, until finally subsiding into nothing but a cloud of dust. As Bongo Bongo vanishes, a heart piece appears, and a ray of light shines through.
Chris: Alright!!! 3 DOWN! JUST 2 MORE TO GO!!!

Christian then grabbed the heart piece, and his strength increased even more. Then Christian walked into the ray of light, and warped to the Chamber Of Sages. There in the Chamber Of Sages, Was Shara, The Great Sage Of The Shadows.

Shara: A noble friend you are and a fine hero. As I would expect no less than from the boy who was chosen to save our world. I know you have been through a lot of hardships to get this far, and that you are in a state of uncertainty with your loved one Katelynn. Don’t worry, all will be fine, for her love for you, blooms more beautifully than any flower, and the strength of your heart protects from any evil that comes near her. As the Great Sage Of The Shadows, it is my job to inform you, that we 6 wise ones need you to save our world because you were chosen by fate to be the savior of our world. With your courage, and your love for Katelynn, we know we can count on you to follow through for us. As for Katelynn, don’t worry about her, she is safe, and unharmed, just heart broken because she is without the one she loves. Even though I can’t tell you everything, I can tell you that all will be fine, and things will turn out for just they way they should. Now I must stay in the chamber of sages until the time is right, now I lend you my power into this medallion.

Christian has now received the Shadow Medallion, and Shara, as a sage as her power to Christian’s

Shara: Please, watch out for Katelynn, and no matter what happens, don’t ever give up. She loves you more than you realize.

Christian is then warped onto the 4th leg of the temple

Meanwhile, Ben and Austin weren’t so happy.






Ben & Austin: Yes.

Barnaby: YES WHAT??!!!


Ben: We’ll do sir. Kolate and Kolane are 2 very powerful witches who won’t go down without a fight.

Austin: And also, seeing through their weakness will be a lot harder in this case than it was for Bongo Bongo.


Ben & Austin: We get you loud and clear, and we promise, we will not fail you this time.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:49 am

Chapter 9 Stronger Everyday

After having completed the 3rd leg, Christian was now in the 4th leg of the temple, and it appeared to be like that of an ancient Egyptian and Indian Ruin from thousands of years ago, nothing at all like the first 3 legs Chris had been through. This looked like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.

Chris: Okay, this section looks awesome, and very mysterious. Now doubt it has more twists and turns than the other 3 legs, but I’m sure that’s what will make it all the more fun.

Christian then walks up a beautiful grand staircase, and sees a large treasure chest right in front of him.

Christian: Is this the compass already? It must be a new twist given that this is the second to the last leg of the temple.

Christian then opened up the treasure chest, and sure enough it was the compass.

Chris: Awesome, now I just need the map then I’m good to go.

But it didn’t stop there; right next to the large treasure chest was a small box.

Chris: Dynamite?

Christian then opened up the small box and found a set of crawling bombs. These bombs were designed to climb walls, and explode in more precise points than normal sticks of dynamite. Christian then looked above, and saw a large opening but a giant boulder was closing it up.

Chris: That is what the crawling bomb must be for; I’ll give it a shot.

Christian then places a crawling bomb on the ground, and shortly after being placed on the ground, the crawling bomb takes off, walks up the wall, onto the ceiling, and destroys the boulder with a big explosion to reveal a marked target.

Chris: Awesome, I better take some of these bombs with me before I head up. This place is much like a Temple from The Mummy, Indiana Jones, and the Scorpion King. I wonder if it has similar kind of traps as those found in those movies? You know what they say, it’s best to be on the lookout, because you never know just what may show up.

Christian then places the rest of the bombs in his bag, then he gets out the long hook shot, points it at the target, and shoots straight up into the ceiling.

Chris: Okay, so we’re up now, what must I do next to get through this leg?

Christian then ran down a corridor and stopped at a brick wall. At first it seemed like a dead end, but Christian then looked up, and saw there was more to go, and some bricks were sticking out of the wall making it possible to climb.

Chris: Okay, wall climbing, this shouldn’t be too bad, I’ve climbed up the orbiter for inspections several times unharnessed, so this shouldn’t be too bad.

Christian then climbed up the brick wall quickly, and made it to the top in no sweat.

Chris: Done and done. I could have done that in my sleep. Now lets see, a crystal switch a sun on the ground, and a door with bars on it. Seems simple enough.

Aleasha: The sun on the ground needs light. Any sun you find in this leg of the temple will ask you to show it direct sun light.

Chris: Will do and Thanks again. Now how do I give the sun direct sunlight?

Christian then spots a large boulder blocking a large opening in the wall.

Chris: Okay, looks like this is where the walking bombs come to play.

Christian then took out one of the crawling bombs, and shortly after placing it on the floor, the crawling bomb then ran up the side of the wall, and with a big explosion, the boulder was destroyed, and direct sunlight shined right onto the sun on the ground, and the bars on the door lifted.

Chris: Suns on the ground. That is a first.

Christian then walks over to the crystal switch, strikes it with the Gorean Blade, and a small treasure chest appears. Christian then opens the box, and a small silver key is inside of it.

Chris: Never know when you’ll need a key.

Christian then walked right through the door, and arrived into a large room with narrow ledges, tiny platforms, and several long drops. Up ahead on the tiny platforms, were numerous robots striking laser beams at Chris.

Chris: Uh-Oh, I never dealt with these kind of laser beams before, and I have no idea how I’ll get out of this one.

Aleasha: They are weak to explosions; a bomb will easily destroy them.

Chris: Thanks again for your help.
Christian then placed down a few crawling bombs, and not long after, all 4 crawling bombs crawl their way under the robots, and one by one, each robot is destroyed in as each of the crawling bombs explodes.

Chris: Robots with laser beams in an ancient temple?..... WEIRD, WEIRD, WEIRD!!!!

Christian then walked across the narrow ledges, through a very large door, and up a winding staircase.
At the top of the staircase was a locked door, which fortunately for Chris, he had the key for.

Chris: Ahhh, now it makes sense. That’s why I have the key.

Christian then unlocked the door and entered a very large room, and just in front of him was a very large treasure chest.

Chris: This could possibly be the map, and there are probably 2 treasures in this leg of the temple that are imperative in order to complete this leg of the temple.

Christian then slowly opened the large treasure chest, and sure enough, it was the map.

Chris: Perfect, now it’ll tell me where the important treasures are. So, one is just up ahead to the left of this room. If I go right, I will be taken down a grand staircase from the west side into what looks like a massive palace great room. In there is a massive statue, which at the top leads to the final leg of the temple, but in order to go there, I need to go up the other staircase that will take me to the east side and acquire the other treasure. I must then go to higher ground in order to move on. Seems simple enough.
Now that I see it, there are a bunch of blocks with suns on them that need to be placed into the sunlight.

Christian then sets to work on moving 2 large blocks with suns on them into direct sunlight, but it was not that simple. Fire barriers were keeping Chris from completing the task.

Chris: Okay, this sucks. If I move the sun block this way, the left fire barrier will stop me, if I push it ahead, another barrier will stop me, and if I push that sun block to the right I am stopped again by another fire barrier. And I can’t pull them back because I will be back at square one unless…… I use the eye of truth.

Christian then equips himself with the eye of truth, and manages to get the large sun blocks around the fire barriers, and into direct sunlight in no time flight.

Chris: Nothing to it.

Christian then looks behind him and sees a huge block, obstructing the doorway, and next to it is a crystal switch.

Chris: Ahhh, behind this block must be the pathway to the palace great room, but from what it states, “only those with the power of silver shall move farther beyond this point.” So it makes sense that I must get the treasure that’s right here on the west side of this leg of the temple. Hey, it’s all coming together.

Christian then strikes the crystal switch, and a small box appears right in front of him. Christian then opens the box, and inside is a small silver key.

Chris: Must be in order to get through the next door.

Christian then walks back to the far end of the room, through the door way, and up a staircase, but right in his way, is a large spider like the ones from the first leg of the temple.

Chris: Oh, I don’t have time for your crap, I have a job to do, now if you’ll EXCUSE ME!

Christian then strikes down the spider with one blow of the Gorean Blade, runs up the stair case, unlocks the door at the top, and walks right through the door.
Christian then entered what looked like a long corridor with a lot of small columns, and at the very end of the corridor was a large suit of armor sitting in what appeared to be, a stone throne.

Chris: I know exactly what this guy is, an Iron Knuckles, one swing of his axe will cause a lot of damage, so I best attack it from afar before coming in for close combat when its guard is down.

Christian then gets out the flair bow, carefully aims, shoots the arrow, and not long after, Iron knuckles wakes up and begins stomping towards Chris. Iron Knuckles then swings his axe like mad, destroying various columns around him, but Christian doesn’t back down, but carefully aim the arrows, Chris manages to land multiple direct hits until the top part of Iron Knuckle’s armor comes off.

Christian: Okay, now I must go in for close combat.

Christian then rushes in to give the final blow, but before Chris could land a hit with the Gorean Blade, Iron Knuckles swings his axe, and lands a strike on Chris, throwing all the way into a column at the rear of the corridor.

Chris: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! Okay, that was not cool. OKAY THAT’S IT, NO MORE MR. NICE GUY!!!

Christian then charges at Iron Knuckles, and Iron Knuckles then charges at Chris. Judging his moment, Christian brings out the Gorean blade, and with one mighty strike, takes out Iron Knuckles in one blast. Not long after, Iron Knuckles vanishes and is no more, and a door opens, leading to a pathway outside the temple.

Chris: That wasn’t too bad. It was pretty easy except for that nasty blow with the axe. Ouch.

Christian was wounded on his left side, the axe from iron knuckles didn’t give him a seriously deep cut, but dealt a fair number of damage to leave Christian in very sharp pain.

Chris: Okay, this is not a pretty site. I hope Katelynn doesn’t notice.

Christian then opened up his bag, quickly bandaged himself up, then walked outside of the Temple.

Chris: WOW! Outside at last! Way down there is Volvagia, and she is still parked in that same spot. And it’s already been how many days?

Aleasha: Time in the Magical World moves a lot faster than that of the normal world. In the normal world on your planet Corneria, you have only been gone for six and a half hours, but in the world you are now, it has already been 4 and ½ days.

Chris: That’s incredible! And I still have no idea who that voice is. WOW! Up ahead is Hells Gate Mountain Crater. That must be where the 5th and final leg of the temple is.

Christian then finds the treasure chest, then slowly opens it, and to his surprise a large silver gauntlets that are the perfect size for him.

Aleasha: Equip yourself with the silver gauntlets, for with them, you can move heavy objects, and progress further into the temple.

Christian: Will do Mam.

Christian then equips himself with the Silver Gauntlets, and then sets back on his quest.

Meanwhile Volvagia is fast asleep outside the temple until a voice calls to her.

Aleasha: Volvagia, Christian, and Katelynn will need you to assist them in a fast escape. This temple will come crashing down when the last monster inside this temple is destroyed. Your presence is the key to Chris and Katelynn’s survival after Cardonia’s defeat. Come follow my voice, I will show you the way.

Volvagia then leaves her parking spot, and drives higher and higher along a road right outside the temple that will eventually lead her into Hell’s Gate Mountain Crater.

Christian however was making quick work with the Silver Gauntlets; he had pushed 2 large stone blocks out of the large doorway, and made his way to the grand palace great room.

Christian then saw the grand staircase that would take him to the east side of the leg of the temple, but unfortunately the door was locked with large steel bars on it.

Chris: Okay, now what do I do? The Grand Staircase that will take me to the east side of the temple is dead ahead but the door has bars on it?

Aleasha: Aim your arrow into the light, for you shall received a new weapon by doing so.

Chris: Okay, if you say so.

Christian then aimed the arrow straight up into the direct sunlight above him, then shortly after he shot the arrow, a whole new type of arrow appeared in front of him.

Aleasha: This is the fire arrow, its fire will burn down any enemy that attacks, and it will light your pathways in the darkness. Also it will light the 3 beacons in this room, which will then lead you to the next treasure and the key to the final leg of the temple.

Chris: Got it.

Christian then aimed his newly acquired fire arrows at the 3 beacons, and with his luck, managed to light all 3 beacons one by one in no time flat. Then not long after, the bars on the door on top of the staircase, unlocked.

Chris: Alright, moving right along.

Christian then got out the long hook shot, aimed right at the stair case on the other side of the great room, then sprung right across, ran up the stairs, and through the door.

Chris: Okay, the treasure should be dead ahead, but in order to get it I must…. Uh-oh.

Two giant lizards came out and attacked Chris, but with quick thinking, Christian used May’s Fire Power, and destroyed the lizards in one blast.

Chris: I have no idea what those were and I don’t care, but when they get in my way, they must be destroyed.
Just then a large colorful treasure chest appears.

Chris: This must be the key to the last leg.

Slowly, but surely, Christian opened the large treasure chest, and without a doubt, it was a large golden key with an evil face on the end.

Chris: I was right, this is the correct key, but it’s still not the treasure that I’m looking for.

Christian then finds a crystal switch, and slashes it with the Gorean Blade. Not long after, the sound of bars unlocking occurred.

Chris: Must be a hidden door that only the eye of truth can see.

Christian then equipped himself with the eye of truth, and sure enough spotted the door, and walked right through it.

The door led through another corridor with various columns, and dead ahead was an Iron Knuckles sitting in his thrown.

Christian didn’t hesitate to attack this time, he just charged at Iron Knuckles, and made one mighty slash at the oversized suit of armor. Iron Knuckles was raged, and gave his ax one mighty swing, but as Iron Knuckles swung his ax, Christian dodged it, and landed another attack with the Gorean Blade.

Chris: You got me once with your axe, you’re not getting me again, but I must admit, fighting you is fun. NOW LETS GO!!

Christian continued to land more slashes on Iron Knuckles, then dodge the attacks, until Iron Knuckles had lost his armor and was not more.

A door had then opened up, leading Christian to the outside of the temple.
Christian then walked out onto the balcony, and opened the large treasure chest that was on it. Slowly but surely, Christian opened the large chest, and inside was a very large deflective mirror shield. The shield could reflect light back at objects, and could also reflect attacks back at enemies.

Chris: WOW! I have never seen anything like this before. The beautiful ruby red lining, and this blue mirror like reflection on the main face of the shield. No doubt will this be important for the next leg.

Then something caught Christian from the corner of his eye. It was Volvagia; she was driving her way up along the side of Hell’s Gate Mountain right beside the temple.


But it was too late, Volvagia, couldn’t hear him, and she had already driven inside of Hell’s Gate Mountain Crater.

Chris: Oh boy, I sure hope she holds together. She can sure be stubborn when she wants to be. That’s what I get for inheriting a car with a mind of it’s own.

Meanwhile back at the prison cell, Austin and Ben were not looking too thrilled.

Ben: WHAT????!!! NO!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!! THIS CAN NOT BE HAPPENING!!!!!!

Austin: I wouldn’t get too worried though?


Austin: Calm down. That Volvo won’t last 5 minutes in that crater, and also, Kolate and Kolame have a trick up their sleeve. Those 2 witches have managed to capture one of the sages, and they brainwashed him into doing their bidding. Oh yes. Poor sweet Corey, he will be a real big challenge for Katelynn’s precious Chrissy.

Katelynn: Chrissy, please. Don’t give up. I need you here with me. You can get through this I know you can. Your confidence, your energy, and your feelings, it really shows. I know you can do this. I will be rooting for you all the way my love.

Christian then sets to work on putting his deflective shield to good use. He reflects sunlight from open holes in the ceiling onto the suns on the walls that require the need of sunlight. By doing this, Chris manages to progress further and further on the forth leg of the temple, until he reaches the very top.

Christian: Okay, so I am now at the top, the door to the next leg is right below us. Now here is this large mirror, and if my senses are right, I must have it connected to direct sunlight.

Aleasha: You are correct. Rotate the Cobra snake mirrors into the right position, sunlight will shine on the mirror, and that will lead you to the next leg of the temple.

Chris: Okay, looks like I am set to go.

But right before Chris prepares to rotate the large Cobra mirrors, he spots a large crack in the wall with a small box in front of it.
Chris: I cannot forget to visit the last fairy.

Christian then opened the small box, lit the dynamite, and with a loud BANG, blew a large hole in the wall. Christian then walked down the beautiful corridor with the sparkles cascading down the sides of the walls and stopped right in front of the fountain. Shortly after, the Great Magical Fairy Of Love arose from the fountain.

Fairy Of Love: Welcome Christian, I am the Great Fairy Of Love, I am gonna grant you the last magic spell. Please take it.

Chris: Thank you, and will do.

Fairy Of Love: Thank you very much.

The Magical Fairy Of Love then sent Chris a magical purple ball that would give Chris the ability to send out blasts of magic of any kind out of his palms. Just a simple gesture of his hand out in front or on the side would send a powerful blast of magic stunning enemies. Also if triggered, a single blast of magic from the front would put up a protective barrier for a couple of seconds to protect Chris from sudden attacks. Also gentle healing magic would come out of his palms when placed on the heart of a loved one.

Fairy Of Love: The Magic Spell I have granted you is known as Katrina’s Magic. This was a spell often used by your mom, hence the reason why it’s named after your mother. Your mother was the most loving person who ever lived, she had the ability to heal troubled hearts, and protect those she loved and cared for, including you. This power will allow you to stun enemies, protect yourself and loved ones from sudden attacks, and heal the hearts of loved ones. It all comes down to your thoughts. But be warned, even though your magic powers a greater than before, this spell uses a lot of magic power depending on what ability you chose, so please, chose carefully. Now I will soothe the large awful gash on your left side.

Christian slowly removed the bandage off the large cut that the Iron Knuckles had done earlier with his axe, and slowly but surely, the Fairy Of Love poured her magic powers onto the wound, and soon it was nothing more than a scar.

Fairy Of Love: This is the last time any of us fairy’s will see you, so in order to continue on, please take these 3 fairies in these glass bottles. When you are severely injured, or weary of a battle, they will come to your aid and heal you. One more thing; this leg of the temple is inhabited by 2 evil witches. In order to take them down, you must turn their own magic against them. You are now on your own, and I wish you luck in defeating the Twinova witches, and getting through the final leg of the temple.

The Magical Fairy Of Love then dove back down into the fountain, and Christian set back to work on rotating the Cobra snake mirrors.

By carefully positioning the 2 Cobra snake mirrors, Christian managed to get direct sunlight on to the large mirror and was literally good to go.

Chris: Just one more thing. How do I lower this platform chained to this large mirror? This thing won’t lower itself.

But then Chris spotted a small sun on the wall, and by carefully using the deflective shield, Chris managed to direct the sunlight onto the small sun on the wall, and low and behold, the platform lowered until it was parallel to the face of the statue.

Chris: Okay, so I take it, I must direct the sunlight at the face of the statue? It’s worth a shot.

Christian then carefully uses the deflective shield to direct the sunlight onto the face of the statue, and sure enough, the face of the statue starts to melt away and reveal a door.

Chris: Bingo!

Christian then brings out the long hook shot, and springs over to the large door with a giant lock on it.

Chris: Katelynn, here I come.

Christian then unlocks the large door, and walks right into a long corridor. However, Chris was not given a pleasant surprise. The 2 evil witches Kolate and Kolame were hovering on their brooms in disgust.

Kolate: HeeeeeHeeeeHeeeeeeHEeeeHeeeeHeeeeee! Looks like somebody’s here Kolame.

Kolame: HoooooHoooooHOooooHooooooHooooHoooo! Looks like it Kolate.

Kolate & Kolame: What a despicable kid he is. Intruding so boldly into our leg of the temple like that. He he he! We should teach this kid a thing or 2. HooooHooooHooo!

The witches then fly over the strange looking Iron Knuckles in the throne.

Kolate: Oh Loyal Subject!

Kolame: Get rid of this kid on our command!

The 2 witches then vanish, and the iron knuckles gets out of his seat, but he is missing his axe. The Iron Knuckles then snaps his fingers, the axe appears, and then he comes charging down the corridor after Chris.

Chris: Another Iron Knuckles? Really????!!!!!! However, this Iron Knuckles is different from the last 2. Even so, I must still take it down.

Christian then charges at the Iron Knuckles, and just as Iron Knuckles swings his large axe, Chris dodges his attack, and manages to strike him with the Gorean Blade. The Iron Knuckles then continues to swing his large axe and charge at Chris, but Chris continues to dodge Iron Knuckle’s attacks until he manages to land one final blow, which results in every last piece of armor dropping to the ground. Just then Corey fell right out of the suit of armor, and he appeared in all of a daze as if he didn’t know what was going on. Corey looked like an average 24 year old just like Chris, and had an innocent face.

Corey: What? What is this? Where am I? What have I been doing? I don’t belong here! THIS IS NOT ME!

Kolame: Well, it looks as if he’s snapped out of it Kolate.

Kolate: He’s just a boy, but he commands a lot of respect for those in Mining Valley Kolame.

Kolame: Yes, maybe we should have him work for Lord Barnabus a little while longer Kolate. Heee Heeee Heeee!

Kolate: Then Brainwash him again!!! Hooooo Hoooo Hoooo!

The 2 witches then use black magic on Corey, and send him packing.

Chris: That poor guy. I’ll teach those 2 to mess with innocent people.

Christian then runs down the corridor, through a door, climbs up a large wall, and onto a large battle arena.

Kolate & Kolame: Look at this outrageous boy! He came here to offer himself as a sacrifice to the Great Lord Barnabus.

Kolate: With my firey hot flames, I shall burn him to the bone! HooooHooooHOooO!

Kolame: With my icey cold frost, I shall freeze him to his soul! HeeeeHeeeeeHeeeeE!

The 2 witches then start flying over Christian, and the battle begins with Chris, and Twinova, the Evil Twin Sorceress Sisters.

Chris: Okay! Now LETS DO THIS THING!

Kolate then aims her flame down at Chris, and using his deflective shield, Christian deflects the firey hot flame off of his shield, and the flame bounces onto to Kolame.

Kolame: OUCH!!!!!

Kolame then aims her icey cold frost down at Chris, and again using his deflective shield, Christian deflects the icey cold frost off of his shield, and the frost bounces onto Kolate!

Kolate: OW!!!!!

Kolate then aims her flame at Chris again, and as before, Chris used his deflective shield and bounced the firey hot flame off his shield and onto Kolame.

Kolame: OUCH!!!!

Kolame the aims her frost at Christian once again, but Chris used his deflective shield and the ice bounced right off the shield and onto Kolate.

Kolate: OW!!!!

Kolate: Time to get serious Kolame.

Kolame: You got it Kolate.

Kolate & Kolame: Kolame & Kolate’s Double Nuclear Twin Surprise ATTACK!!!!

Both Kolate and Kolame merged into one entity, and Chris now found himself face to face with an even bigger challenge than before.

The 2 witches, now in one being, sent down their icey cold frost, but before Christian could use his deflective shield, he was frozen in the ice for a full minute.

Chris: FUCK!!!!! COLD COLD COLD!!!!

The 2 witches then sent out the exact same attack with the icey cold frost, and this time Chris was ready, and the frost gathered on the shield.

Chris: okay: How many times do I have to have their attack gathered on the…

Before Christian could finish, the 2 witches sent out their icey cold frost again, and more of it gathered on the deflective shield.

Chris: Oh, I take it one more hit shall do the trick.

The witches then sent out their icey cold frost again for a 4th time, but this time it was a big mistake because all of the frost gathered on the shield and deflected back at them, stunning the large being those 2 witches have become.


Christian then brought out the Gorean blade, and struck the horrible being multiple times, until the entity got up and aimed it’s firey hot flame down at Chris, but Chris was not prepared and got burned.


Christian then got out his deflective shield just in time, because the witches had just aimed their firey hot flame at him, and the shield managed to absorb the heat.

Chris: 2 more times then your history!

The witches then aimed their flame down at Chris again, and Chris’s shield gathered more of the firey hot flame. Then the witches aimed their icey cold frost at him, but with quick thinking, Christian dodged the attack, and managed to keep the firey hot flame on his shield. The horrible being then sent down more frost, and Chris dodge the attack again. Christian kept dodging one attack after the other until the entity aimed its firey hot flame back at Chris again.

Chris: Uh-Oh!!! BIG MISTAKE

Christian’s deflective shield then gathered the last of the firey hot flame and deflected it back at the large being.


Using the Gorean Blade, Christian made 2 more mighty swipes and the witches had enough and finally split back up into two.


But it was too late, for a halo now hung over both witches.

Kolate: Hey Kolame, what is that over your head?

Kolame: I don’t know but you have one too Kolate!









The witches keep arguing until they finally depart for the heavens above.


Just then all is quiet, and a heart piece along with a ray of light shine through the arena. Christian then picks up the heart piece and is now more powerful than ever before.


Christian then walks into the ray of light and is warped into the chambers of sages. There waiting for him in the Chamber Of Sages, is Corey, The Great Sage Of The Desert.

Corey: At last you have you come. Your love for Katelynn has made you powerful, and now that I see you, you really do look like our savior for our world. All of us sages believe in you Chris, and we know you can destroy the power of evil in this world. Long before Lord Barnabus took over The Magic Kingdom, our world was full of love, peace, and happiness. But then Lord Barnabus took that away from us and turn our world into a world of monsters. He even brainwashed me to work for him. Well I am not going to let that happen again. I will stay here in the chamber of sages and help you fight. The Evil Lord Barnabus won’t even know what hit him. I wish I could thank you more for what you have done for me, but all I can do for you is give you my power in this medallion, please take it.

Christian has just received the Spirit Medallion, and Corey as a sage adds his power to Christian’s.

Corey: Good Luck on the fifth and final leg of the temple, and remember, we all believe in you.

Christian is then warped out of the chamber of sages and into Hell’s Gate Mountain Crater, where what lies ahead of him is the fifth and final leg of the temple, and where the life of not only Katelynn, but the lives of many others, lie in his hands. Christian then walks onto the final leg as if the world depended on him, and little does he know, that the fate of all worlds lies with him.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:01 am

Chapter 10 The Final Leg Part I



Austin: Now now you 2, don’t get excited yet.  Cardonia still lies ahead, and will be a real test for Chris.   He will not be as easily beaten as that of the other four.   Phantom Barnaby was a worthless lab-rat, Morpha was just too predictable, Bongo Bongo was too strong for his own good, and it was his down fall.  Kolate & Kolame were opposites and they had their attacks being turned against them coming.   Cardonia is a whole different can of worms, and is a lot more powerful than those other pushovers.   Be warned Katelynn, your precious Chrissy may be able to get you out of here, but he doesn’t stand a chance against that dragon.   I’d either prepare to surrender and become Lord Barnabus’s slave, or offer up as a sacrifice if I were you.


Austin: Believe what you want, because it won’t last forever.

Barnaby: IS THAT RIGHT?!!!!




Not to far away, Christian had just jumped down a latter and entered the final leg of the temp.

Chris: Okay, if my sense are correct, the compass must be in the treasure chest right in front of me.

Christian then slowly opens the large treasure chest, and sure enough he pulls out the compass.  Not long after the compass directs him to a door on the far right.

Chris: Hmmm, that’s weird, I don’t even yet have the map, but if the compass is telling me to go right, then that’s where I must go.

Christian then walks through the door on the far right, and enters a large room full of platforms over a lava pit.  Right across from him was a large door with a huge lock on it, and in front of the door, was Quin the sage of fire.

Quin: Chris, at last you have arrived.   I have waited a long time for you to show up, and it seems you have gotten a lot stronger than when you first started when you entered the temple.   You are on the very last leg of the temple, and it is your job to go rescue the innocent people that the evil Lord Barnabus has trapped in this crater.  You also need to save the princess of destiny while I try to hold off the evil Dragon, Cardonia.  The Evil Lord Barnabus is gonna feed all those innocent people he has trapped in this leg of the temple to Cardonia as a warning to those who oppose him.  He then plans to unleash the beast and wreak havoc in the Magic Kingdom, and not long after it will find its way to Corneria and wreak havoc on your world too.  I must do what I can to hold off Cardonia, but I am a bit concerned because I do NOT have the Legendary Megaton Hammer with me.  You must find that hammer, save the princess, and find a way to release all the innocent people locked in this leg of the temple.   Before I go fight the dragon, I will give you some pointers.   Unlike the other 4 legs of the temple, this leg has no map as part of a challenging twist, however, the compass you have will point you in the right directions, so you must follow it, no matter where it’s pointing.  If you’re thinking about using the eye of truth, don’t do it, because it will do you no good in this leg of the temple.   There is also an ally who is undercover for us.  His name is Austin.  He is pretending to be on the side of evil, when in fact it’s all part of his act.  He is waiting for you to show up and save your princess, once you show up in the prison cell block, he will know it’s you and wink at you.    The princess doesn’t know he’s on our side, and she won’t know until he speaks to you.    You must take down the evil henchman of Lord Barnabus Ben, and once your main task is complete, help me destroy Cardonia.   If you are going to be my sworn brother I will need you help.  We 6 wise ones are counting on you.

Quin then unlocks the large door, and disappears.  The door is then locked again, and Christian now has to find is way to get the megaton hammer.

Chris: You got it.  Now I must figure out how I’m gonna get through this leg without a map.

Aleasha: Follow your heart.  It will guide you in the right direction.  You will find her as long as you follow your heart.

Chris: Right.  

Christian’s compass then started pointed straight towards the door that would take him back out in to the foyer, and through another door that would take him deeper into the final leg of the temple.

Chris: Okay, time to get moving.  Katelynn, here I come.

Christian then charges out the door, through the foyer, through the other door and into a large hallway that had an old rope bridge dangling over firey hot molten lava.

Chris: Okay, the eye of truth is no good in this leg of the temple, there is no map, so the only thing I can do is follow this compass and trust my gut.    That works fine with me.

Christian then charged across the roped bridge, climbed up a very tall ladder, and walked through a door, which lead him to a room full of giant rolling boulders.

Chris: Okay, my gut tells me the Multi-ton Hammer is not too far away, it’s probably just passed these boulders.

Little did Chris know that the room was a labyrinth of large boulders rolling, so Chris just followed the compass through the labyrinth of rolling boulders, and made it to the door on the other side of the maze.

Christian: Okay, that wasn’t too bad, hopefully the next section isn’t so bad either.

But it was.  After Christian walked through the door, he found himself walking on a very narrow bridge above an extremely deep drop into the firey hot molten lava below, and it was a very long path on the narrow bridge.   Slowly but surely Chris managed to walk on the narrow bridge with no problem, until firey hot lava came erupting from the sides of the bridge, causing Chris to almost lost his balance.  

Chris: Woah Shit.   I can’t fall off this thing or I’m Kentucky Fried Chris, for that matter, and Cardonia might find it tasty.  The last then I need, is to be edible.

Christian then made it to the other side of the bridge and walked through the door leading him to a room with large stair steps.

Chris: Okay, this looks easy.

Just then a curtain of fire began to trail behind Chris, using his magic, Christian shot magic out of his left hand, and extinguished the fire in one blow.

Chris: No sweat.

Christian then climbed up the stairs, opened the door at top and found himself in the same room with the giant rolling boulders, but this time, Chris was walking on top of the labyrinth and knew where to go.

Chris: Okay, this is easy, just need to make sure I don’t fall back down onto the path of the giant boulders.

Christian then walked slowly on top of the labyrinth until he made it to a dead end.

Chris: That’s weird, it’s a dead end, but the compass still points this way.  If it’s not straight ahead then it must be..

Christian then looked up and saw a marked target and a platform right below it.

Chris: Ah, there it is, they way to continuing on to finding the hammer.

Christian then aimed the long hook shot, and shot up onto the platform high above the labyrinth.    Christian then walked through the door right in front of him and entered a large room full of large fire breathing lizards known as dodongos.

Aleasha: Feed them bomb flowers, then a path shall open for thee.

Chris: Thanks kind lady.

Christian then picked up the large bomb flowers that were planted in the ground, and placed them on the ground.  Sure enough the dodongos ate them and blew up from the inside out and 5 beacons then popped out of the ground.

Chris: Now I get it.  The voice will say “Light The Beacons, And Your Path Shall Apear.” LOL

Aleasha: I HEARD THAT!!!

Chris: Okay, okay, jeeze calm down voice.

Christian then took out the Flair Bow, and by using the fire arrows, managed to light up all 5 beacons one by one in no time flat.

Chris: No problem.

A door way had then appeared, and Christian walked right through it, and into a confusing room, which looked a labyrinth of fire curtains.  Carefully using the compass, Christian manage to make his way through the labyrinth without a problem until he came to a door way with a large stone wall in the way.

Chris: Nothing silver gauntlets can’t accomplish, and it’s a good thing I haven’t removed them.

Using the silver gauntlets, Christian pushed the large stonewall back and cleared an easy pathway for himself.  Little did he know, just how important that clear pathway would be for his return journey to exit the temple.  

Chris: Okay, let’s see where the compass wants me to go now.

The compass then pointed to the left, and it was a dead end.

Chris: I can’t go left, there is no where to go.

Christian then unsheathed the Gorean Blade and struck the wall, and it made a strange sound as if it was hallow.

Chris:  The pathway must continue on through this wall.

Christian then brought out one of the crawling bombs out of his bag, placed it on the ground, and the crawling bomb ran into the wall and blew a giant hole in it.

Chris: Perfect, Quin was right, I need to trust the compass.

Christian then ran through the hole in the wall, down a corridor and came to a dead end with a barbed wired wall with a fire barrier around it.

Chris: There must be a deactivation switch around here.

Just then, a giant slug like creature fell from above and swallowed Chris for a few seconds before spitting him out.   Unfortunately the slug had swallowed Chris’s shirt and shield, but forgot to swallow his bag and the Gorean Blade.


Christian then drew out the Gorean blade, and with one might swipe, destroyed the giant slug in one shot.    Shortly after the slug vanished, Chris’s shirt, and deflective shield then reappeared.


Christian then puts his shirt back on, and places the deflective shield back on his back, and then finds a crystal switch.

Chris: Ahhh, this switch must have appeared once after I destroyed that giant shield eating slug.

Christian then struck the Crystal switch with the Gorean Blade, and the fire went out for a short time.   Moving as quickly as he can, Christian then climbs up the barbed wired wall and makes half way up just in time as the fire relights on the bottom of the barbed wired wall.    

Chris: That was a close one, being on fire once was just enough for me, but I know I’m gonna be on fire again when I have to face the dragon.  That will be fun.

Christian then climbed to the top of the wall, and right in front of him was a long roped bridge which led the other side of deep ravine.

Chris: Another rope bridge?  That all they got?

Christian then ran across the bridge, but as Chris ran across it, planks of wood fell out from underneath him and into the firey lava below.  Christian managed to run fast enough across the bridge and made it safely to the other side.  

Chris: Apparently not, didn’t know that bridge still had a few…..

Just then the rest of the bridge fell to pieces, and there was no way to cross the ravine in the other direction.

Chris: Tricks up it sleeve.  There goes a route back down.

Aleasha: Don’t worry, another escape route is in play, in fact you already have set up part of it.

Chris: Okay, I just hope it works.

Christian then walks through a door and comes face to face with a fire dancer.

Chris: Okay, one of these annoying mini-bosses, I’ll make quick work of him.

Aleasha: Explosions, these dancers are susceptible to explosions.

Chris: Good to know.

Just then a fire dancer came flying out of a fire pot located on a large platform.  The fire dancer then began spinning, but just as the fire dancer was about to dance his way around the room, Christian placed a crawling bomb on the ground and had it explode on him causing the fire dancer to shrink down to a small run away coward.  

Chris: Not so tough now are you?  

Christian then got out the Flair Bow and shot the fire dancer a few times before the fire dancer jumped back into the fire pot.

Chris: Come on, Iron Knuckles was more fun.

The fire dancer then came flying back out of the fire pot, and resumed spinning around before dancing its way around the room.   Christian then placed the crawling bomb on the floor and it ran after the fire dancer until it caught up to him and exploded.   The fire dancer then shrank back down to a small run away chicken.

Chris: Lets finish this quick.

Christian then brought out the Gorean Blade and with 2 mighty slashes, the fire dancer self destructed and exploded across the room.

Chris: Okay, that was a waist of time.

Christian then jumped onto the platform where the fire pot was, and was lifted up through the ceiling and onto a higher floor.

Chris: Awesome, that must be the hammer inside that large chest.

Unfortunately the chest was surrounded by a fire barrier, and the only way to get it, was to retrieve it in under a minute with the switch deactivated.

Chris: Okay this sucks, there must be a deactivation switch somewhere around here.

Sure enough there was a crystal switch not too far in front of him.   Christian then struck the crystal switch with the Gorean Blade, and ran up a narrow staircase that bordered a ravine that was a long drop into the hot lava below.   Christian ran as fast as he could up the staircase, but was careful enough not to fall off on the wrong side until at last Chris made it to the large treasure chest, and successfully retrieved the Legendary Megaton Hammer.   The Megaton hammer was powerful enough to smash and break through large boulders, hard rocks, press large switches, and knock over obstacles, but it was so heavy it had to be held with 2 hands when it was in use.

Chris: Okay, now to find Katelynn.  

Katelynn: Chrissy!  CHRISSY!!!!!!

Chris: That’s her, I know where she is.

Wasting no time, Christian ran over to a large block in the ground, and smashed it with the large megaton hammer, and made a large hole in the ground.

Chris: Katelynn, hang on, I am almost there.

Christian then jumped right into the hole in the ground and entered a room with a large statue in it.  


Without second thoughts, Christian chopped the large statue into pieces using the megaton hammer, and with a very loud BANG!!!! Busted his way into the prison cell block where Katelynn was being held prisoner.

Katelynn: Chrissy?!!!

Chris: I’m here Katelynn.

Christian came walking down the cell block looking more brawny than ever before, his muscles really buldged through his shirt, the seriousness in his looked straight at Ben, and the scratches on Christian’s face made Katelynn’s heart throb.


Chris: Out of my way.



Ben: OR WHAT?!!!

Using the Gorean Blade, Christian knocked out Ben with one mighty sword spin attack before putting the Gorean Blade away.


Chris: I couldn’t let you stay in this horrible place, I would never forgive myself if I did.  I will get you out in just a second, I just need to find the switch to open this cell.

Christian then looks up and finds a marked target.

Chris: One second.

Katelynn: Take your time Chrissy, as long as you’re here with me, I’m okay.

Christian then got out his long hook shot, aimed at the target and shot up on top of the prison cell.  

Chris: Great, here it is.

Using the megaton hammer, Christian bangs down on the switch, and opens Katelynn’s prison cell, letting her go.

Katelynn: CHRISSY!!!!! CHRISSY!!!!

Christian then jumped down from the top of the cell, and Katelynn wrapped her arms around Chris, and completely broke down and cried.

Katelynn: Chrissy, I was so scared……..   I am soooo sorry.

Chris: I was scared too.  I was afraid I was going to lose you.  And don’t be sorry, it wasn’t your fault.   Brittany told me everything.  Ben the guy I stunned with my sword is responsible.   He is one of Evil Lord Barnabus’s henchmen.   I don’t know how I know about it, but it’s a gut feeling.   Also here, Brittany told me to give you this.

Katelynn: What is it?

Chris: As beautiful as you are naked, and I do mean it you really are beautiful just the way you are.....

Katelynn: Awwwww Really???!!!

Chris: Yes, and you are.

Katelynn: Awwwwww Chrissy….

Chris: Well anyways here.  It’s your cheerleading uniform you left behind at the school and your favorite pair of underwear.

Katelynn: Awwwwww Chrissy, you’re so sweet.   How did you know my favorite pair of underwear was the satin pink with sparkly flowers, strawberries, and butterflies.

Chris: I didn’t Brittany found them on the school floor after your threw them off because of Brad, and had them cleaned for you.

Katelynn:  That is so like her.

Chris: I also have your favorite pair of platform shoes too, and you’re gonna need them, because it is a long walk to the exit out of this temple.

Just then, Austin walks into the cell block.

Katelynn: GO AWAY AUSTIN!!

Chris: Katie Belle, you have it all wrong, he’s an ally.  He was just under cover to infiltrate Lord Barnabus’s plans.

Austin: Right you are my friend.   I can truly say, it’s nice to finally meet you.  Also Katelynn, I’m soooo sorry I had to deceive you and play the bad guy, but I had to keep Ben and Barnaby convinced to earn their trust.   I was waiting for Chris to show up the whole time, so I could help release all the innocent people imprisoned in this leg of the temple.   Ya see, by acting as a bad guy, I got to find out about the secret door ways, as well as finding out about Lord Barnabus’s plans.   Once again Katelynn, I am so sorry for acting like a jerk.

Katelynn: Katie Belle, hmmmmm, I like it Chrissy Booo.  And as for you Austin, thank you for telling me, and I understand.   It must have been very hard for you to be on their side while your plan was to help us along along.   I knew the path of evil wasn’t you at all.

Austin: You were right Katelynn, and you have a good heart.  And yes, it was very tough.  I wanted to knock Ben’s guts out so bad but I couldn’t.  If I did, Barnaby would find out about it, and we’d be in a big mess.   But because Chris is here, I know we are now alright.

Chris: There are a few things.  1, there is no map for this leg of the temple, so I had to rely on the direction of where the compass was pointing, as well as using my gut.  2, if you don’t release those prisoners soon, they won’t have any time to escape.  This whole place is gonna blow once after I destroy Cardonia.   We’re inside the crater of an active volcano, and it’s just a matter of time before the place blows up, and if I don’t hurry, Cardonia’s gonna escape and wreak havoc on our worlds.

Austin: You have a good point there Chris.   So, what do you suggest we do?

Chris: Austin, you need this more than I do.  I know where the room that holds Cardonia is located, so I don’t need the compass to take me back there.

Austin: Are you sure?

Chris: I’m positive.   The paths in this leg of the temple are more fresh in my mind, and the pathway looks pretty direct from here anyway.  Besides the chances of you finding the prisoners in time are greater if you have the compass.

Austin: Thanks Chris, you’re a good man, I owe you one.

Chris: Katie Belle, you should go with him, and get out of here as quickly as you can.

Katelynn: NO!  I am not letting you go.

Chris: Katie Belle, this could be dangerous, and my chances of survival are not good, given how close this volcano is to erupting, and how powerful of a dragon Cardonia is.

Katelynn: I know, but I won’t leave you.   I love you Chrissy.  Please, let me fight with you.

Chris: Looks like I Can’t win this one, just stick close to me okay?  And be careful.    This is very dangerous.

Katelynn: I know Baby

To Be continued in chapter 11.

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Corey here

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Chapter 11 The Final Leg Part II

Chris: Well first things first.   You should put on your cheerleading uniform otherwise you won’t last 5 minutes out there in the intense heat as you are in commando.  

Katelynn: Right.

Chris: Austin, do you know where any of the prisoners are located?

Austin: No, but with the compass you gave me, I’m sure I can find them no problem.

Chris: Good.  Also, I will cast a warp spell to get you past the broken rope bridge so you can get out of this temple.   There must be a faster way out of here than by going back down through the other 4 legs.

Austin: There is, and there is no need to cast the warp spell, I can get around the broken rope bridge.   With some of Ben’s magic, I can get around no problem.  Well I’m heading out.

Chris: Good luck Austin, and thank you.

Austin: No problem, you too.  

Austin then leaves the prison cell-block and back out to find and release the innocent people who were imprisoned in the Temple.    Then, Barnaby shows up on the large tv screen.

Barnaby: BEN! I HOPE........... WHAT??!!!!! YOU!!!!!!

Chris: Is that you Barnaby?

Barnaby: HOW DID YOU KNOW!  

Chris: It was a hunch.  


Chris: Is that so?   When are you gonna stop being Lord Barnabus’s puppet?  The guy is using you for his own gain, and you’re doing the same thing with Ben.


Chris: What a sick puppy.  He’s just a loser trying to look powerful, and hair ribbons, sparkles, and eye glitter?   Where did you get that and is it really necessary?

Katelynn: From your bag, and yes, a cheerleader has to look her best.  *Giggles*

Chris: That glitter will more likely melt right off from the extreme heat when we head out of here.

Katelynn: Hah, I didn’t really think of that, but aw-well.  It’s okay, I don’t mind.  Now let me put on my bikini spankies then we can go.

Chris: Alright.  Now judging from the fact that Austin left out the end I came in, the way we should go out is dead ahead.   And given that there was a giant pillar in the ceiling of the room where the door to Cardonia was, there must be some location up ahead where I have to pound that pillar into the ground.   Not to mention there is probably one more obstacle mini-boss I will need to fight before I can acquire the key that can get us out of here.

Katelynn: Okay, I’m ready, and I am never taking this uniform off.   *Kisses Chris’s cheek*

Chris: You’re cute as always Katie Belle

Katelynn: Awwww, Thank you Babe.

Chris: Now we must get going, otherwise it’s a matter of time before Cardonia is released and turns our worlds into burning wastelands.

Katelynn: Right, lets go.

Christian and Katelynn then leave the cell-block and walk down a long corridor until the reach a dead end with a large stone wall.

Chris: Nothing these silver gauntlets can’t handle.

With hardly any struggle, Christian pushes the large stone wall back and clears a path.

Chris: No problem.

Katelynn: WOW!!! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!

Chris: Silver Gauntlets, acquired them from the last leg after destroying an Iron Knuckles.

Katelynn: Iron Knuckles?  What is that?

Chris: A large suit of armor that is crazy with an axe.   And I can still feel that large cut he dealt on me on my left side.  

Katelynn: OMG ARE YOU OKAY??

Chris: Yes, the wound has healed since then, but I’m not getting struck by one of those things again.  

Christian and Katelynn then make their way out to a large firey labyrinth.

Chris: Oh no, not one of these again.   Stay close Katie Belle, being on fire is no laughing matter.

Katelynn: Okay babe.

Slowly and carefully, Christian and Katelynn make their way through the firey labyrinth unharmed, and straight ahead of them is a large door with bars on it, and a rusted switch next to it.

Chris: This was the kind of switch that needed to be pressed in order to help you out of the prison cell, and it my weight alone is not enough to move this switch, so I need to used the large megaton hammer in order to have these rusted switches, pressed.

Katelynn: So that’s what Austin was talking about.

Christian then gets out the megaton hammer, and with a very loud bang, hammers down on the switch and unlocks the barred door.

Katelynn: That makes sense.

Chris: Yep, and compared to previous legs, there were some doors that required me to fight off a few enemies, which got annoying.

Katelynn: Oh?

Chris: Yep.

Christian and Katelynn then walk through the door and find them selves on a cliff with a long rope bridge spanning a long drop down to a sea of molten lava.

Katelynn: Chrissy, please hold my hand, that looks scary.

Chris: Of course sweetie, and don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to you.

Christian gently holds Katelynn’s hand, and slowly and carefully the 2 work their way across the bridge.  Half way across however, the whole bridge started collapsing.


Christian and Katelynn then ran across the bridge as fast as they could but it was no use, the wooden planks fell right out from under their feet, and both Christian and Katelynn were falling down towards the lava.
Christian then wrapped his arms around Katelynn, and Katelynn held onto Chris with everything she had.  

Chris: Well, here goes nothing.

Judging his moment, Christian used Alward’s Wind and manage to warp himself and Katelynn to safety on the other side of the rope bridge.


Chris: Alward’s Wind.  It’s a spell that allows me to warp from one place to another.  I didn’t think I would be using that spell to save the person I love.

Katelynn: Awwww, Chrissy…..

Chris: You’ll find out more later on.

Just then a flock of firey bats come frlying towards them.


Chris: I’m on it.

Using the Flair Bow, Christian carefully aims the arrows, and manages to take the whole flock of bats down in no time flat.

Katelynn: WOW!!! CHRISSY!!! When did you get so good at archery?

Chris: Long story, and it wasn’t easy.  

Katelynn: I’ll bet.  

Just then, Christian and Katelynn stumbled upon a large pillar and a steep drop down to the next level.   Using the Megaton Hammer, Christian gives the pillar a good BANG, and a staircase forms.

Katelynn: I have a question.   Just how heavy is that thing?

Chris: You have no idea, possibly 600 pounds.

Katelynn: No way!  If that is possible, how are you able to carry it?

Chris: No idea, but we’ll find out later on along the way.

Christian and Katelynn then walk down the staircase, and right at the bottom of the staircase was a ladder.

Chris: I’ll go down first incase you slip, so I’ll be there to catch you.

Katelynn: Okay Chrissy.

Christian then jumped down to the bottom of the pit rather than taking the ladder and Katelynn followed by climbing down the ladder.  Christian accidentally looked up, and peaked under Katelynn’s skirt.

Katelynn: Chrissy, did you look under my skirt?

Chris: Uhhhh…

Katelynn: It’s okay Chrissy, I don’t mind.  *Giggles*

Suddenly, Katelynn accidentally loses her grip, slides down the ladder, but Christian manages to catch her on her butt, and break her fall.

Katelynn: Chrissy you bad boy, feeling my butt and spankies and underwear like that.  And you don't have those gloves on, so you're getting a good feel  *giggles*

Chris: Katie Belle, you did that on purpose didn't you?

Katelynn: Guilty as charged.*giggles*.

Chris: Very cute Katie Belle but you could have been hurt.

Katelynn: I know, but I'm your girlfriend, and I have to check your reflexes. *giggles*

Chris: Right, but please don't ever do that again.

Christian then pushes on Katelynn's butt, and helps her back up before they continue descending the ladder.  When they both make it to the bottom of the ladder, giant dodongo lizards give an unwelcome greeting.

Katelynn: EWWWW!!!

Chris: I know just what to do.

Using the crawling bombs, Christian, quickly gets to work placing the crawling bombs on the ground, and one by one, each crawling bomb goes after the dodongos, and gets eaten by them.    With a very loud BANG, every last dodongo blows up from the inside out, and 4 beacons appear.

Chris: No surprise here.

Using the Flair Bow, Christian, gets out his fire arrows, and manages to light each beacon one by one.  Just then a doorway appears, and both Christian and Katelynn walk through the doorway, and onto a very narrow bridge spanning a very long drop into the lava below.  The sounds of the fire gods chanting echo throughout the whole fire leg of the temple.

Katelynn: Chrissy, please, hold my hand again.

Chris: Of course.

Katelynn: Thank you.    I wonder what all those voices are.

Chris: Must be the voices of the fire gods or Satan worshippers who dwell in this leg of the temple.

Katelynn: Oh, I see.

Christian and Katelynn slowly cross the narrow bridge, but as they cross, hot lava starts erupting on both sides of the bridge, scaring Katelynn, and distracting Chris.  The 2 then run across the bridge and over to a ledge with a door, and the 2 walk through the door as fast as they could.

Inside the room is a very large pillar, and on top of the pillar was an Iron Knuckles.


Katelynn: So that’s an Iron Knuckles.

Chris: Yes, but stay away from his axe.  And now it’s time for me to take this Iron Knuckles down.

Christian then charges, and makes one might strike at the Iron Knuckles, landing a hit, and waking up the Iron Knuckles.  The Iron Knuckles then gets up shaking his axe, and then strikes the axe at Chris.   With quick think Christian dodges the axe and lands a hit on the Iron Knuckles.  

Chris: Katie Belle, don’t get too close.

Katelynn: Okay Babe.

The Iron Knuckles continued swinging his axe, and Christian managed to dodge each attack and land a strike until the top half of Iron Knuckles’ armor fell off.

Chris: I HAVE YOU NOW!!!

Using the sword spin attack Christian made one mighty blow with the Gorean Blade, and took out Iron Knuckles with one blow.

Katelynn: WOW!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

Chris: That was the forth Iron Knuckles I have faced so far.  

Katelynn: Wow!  You really are amazing, you know that?

Chris: I’m glad you think so Sweetie.

Just then a large colorful treasure chest appeared.

Chris: This must be the key to the way out.   Would you like to open the chest with me?

Katelynn: I’d love to Booo.

Slowly and carefully, Christian and Katelynn opened the large treasure chest and pulled out a large firey red colored key with an evil face at the end.

Chris: It’s the key to the way out alright Sweetie, and we’re almost there.

Christian then walks on top of the pillar, and looks below.   To his surprise, Chris was able to see the room where he had met Quin right below him.

Chris: This is it Katie Belle, one bang, and we’re going down, so hold on tight Sweetie.

Katelynn: Okay baby.

With one mighty BANG of the Megaton Hammer, the pillar shakes and falls out from under their feet, and both Christian and Katelynn fall after the pillar.

Chris: Okay, here it goes.

Using Alward’s Wind, Christian warps himself and Katelynn down to the pillar in the room below, and the both make in their safely.

Katelynn: Thank you for doing that baby.

Chris: Of course.  I know you’re not too keen on heights, and were terrified of the last free fall, so I didn’t want you to go through the same trama again.

Katelynn: You are sooo sweet, you know that?

Chris: I am so glad you think so sweetie.

Katelynn: I know so.

Chris: Would you like to open the large door with me?

Katelynn: I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Christian and Katelynn then jump off the pillar and over to the platform where the very large door with the large lock is, unlock and open the very large door, and carefully walk inside.

Katelynn: Chrissy, I just want to let you know that no matter what happens, I love you, I always have, and always will.   And also I believe in you Chrissy, so I know you can do this.

Chris: Thank you Katelynn.  Now before we go into battle, here.

Using Ayru’s Love, Christian casts a protective spell on Katelynn to protect from any danger that would occur in the upcoming fight.

Katelynn: What is this?

Chris: It’s a protective barrier, for if anything dangerous were to come near you, it would bounce off the barrier and you won’t get hurt.

Katelynn: Awwwww Chrissy…..

Christian and Katelynn then walk onto the final battle arene which is full of multiple lava pools, and with a sudden shaking of the ground, the giant subteranian lava dragon Cardonia comes flying out of one of the lava pools breathing fire.  Katelynn takes one look, screams in terror, and grabs ahold of Chris as tight as she can as Cardonia comes flying down breathing out fire before diving back down into one of the lava pools.

Chris: No Idea how we’re getting out of this one.

Christian then grabs ahold of the Megaton Hammer, and runs over to one of the pools, but Cardonia pops right out behind Chris, and breathes fire right onto him.

Chris: AHHHHH FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!!! THAT BURNS!!!!!


Chris: Yeah, I’m okay Sweetie, just got Barbequed that’s all.

Katelynn: JUST BE CAREFUL OKAY!!!!! I Don’t want to lose you.

Tears began to form in Katelynn’s eyes.

Chris: Don’t worry, I’m taking this guy down, I will protect you Katie Belle, no matter what.
Katelynn: Just be sure to make it out alive, I can’t lose you again.  If you die, I’ll die with you because I cannot live without you.

Chris: Don’t worry Katelynn, this dragon is going down.

Katelynn: Right.


Cardonia then comes flying out of one the pools, and flys to the very top of the arena and unleashes boulders from above.   The boulders bounce off of Katelynn’s protective barrier, and Christian manages to dodge all of the falling boulders until Cardonia dives right back into into a lava pool.



Cardonia then pops out of one of the laval pools, and Christian runs over, and bangs Cardonia on the head with Megaton Hammer stunning the dragon making it unable to move.  

Chris: Looks like I need to hammer him one more time.

Christian gave Cardonia another large BANG with the Megaton hammer, and Cardonia then dove back down into the lava pool.


Cardonia then came flying out of another lava pool, and flew right above Christian and Katelynn breathing it’s mighty powerful dragon fire.  Christian then got out the Flair Bow, and with careful aiming of his fire arrows, managed to land several hits on Cardonia’s powerful outer layer of scales until Cardonia dove right back down into a lava pool.

Chris: Looks like we are in a large game of wack-a-mole or in this case, wack-a-dragon. LOL

Katelynn: Yeah.  *Giggles*

Cardonia then popped out of another lava pool and began breathing more fire, but Christian dodged his attack, and managed to land another hit on Cardonia using the Megaton Hammer, stunning the beast and making it unable to move.

Chris: Time for another Bang.

Christian then gave Cardonia one large BANG, and Cardonia then dove right back down into the lava pool.

Chris: Brace yourself, this last one is gonna get ugly.

Katelynn: Okay Babe.

Cardonia then flew out another lava pool, and hovered over Christian and Katelynn, breathing his powerful firey breath.   Carefully using the Flair Bow, Christian then aimed his fire arrows, and managed to land several hits on Cardonia’s protective outer layer scales until Cardonia flew higher and higher, and began unleashing boulders onto the battle arena.   Boulder’s bounced off of Katelynn’s protective barrier.  Unfortunately Christian got struck on the left arm by a small boulder but managed to continue dodging the boulders until Cardonia dove down into a lava pool.


Cardonia then popped out of a lava pool, and with  quick use of the Megaton Hammer, Christian managed to land another hit on Cardonia, and stun the beast.


Christian then landed one final and mighty BANG on Cardonia’s head, and Cardonia had had enough.   Cardonia flew out of the lava pit and hovered about Christian and Katelynn, overheating until he burned himself to a crisp.  As a spectacular finale, all of Cardonia’s bones came crashing down onto the arena until final the dragon’s skull hit the ground, disintegrated and turned into a heart piece.  Katelynn’s protective barrier spell then wore off, and she ran up to Chris, and wrapped her arms around him with tears in her eyes.


Just then a ray of light shined onto the battle area.  

Chris: Katie Belle, I think you should take this.

Christian then handed Katelynn the heart piece to increase her strength, and she happily accepted it.

Katelynn: Thank you Chrissy!  

Both Christian and Katelynn then stepped into the ray of light and warped into the Chamber Of Sages.

There in the Chamber of Sages was Quin, The Sage Of Fire, waiting for them.
Quin: Thank you, I really appreciate what you have done.   I thank you on behalf of the entire people that live near the base of Hell’s Gate Mountain.   Your bravery and your love for your girlfriend have assisted you in completing your quest, and you have proved yourself a real man just like I knew it would.   Nothing has made me happier than helping you seal the evil here.    The name Hell’s Gate comes from the time the Evil Lord Barnabus took over the magic Kingdom, and by using his evil black magic to place a volcano on what was once known as the Mountain Reaching Heaven, and then building his evil temple full of monsters have turned it into a gateway to evil.   However, all of that has changed thanks to you.  The volcano will soon be no more, and I am pleased to tell you that Austin has safely evacuated all the innocent people that were imprisoned, and they are all at the mountain’s base.    Isn’t it funny that I, Quin have become the Great Sage Of Fire.  I guess this is what they call destiny.   Now please take this.  It is a Medallion containing the powers of the fire spirits as well as my friendship.

Christian has just received the Fire Medallion, and Quin as The Sage Of Fire now adds his power to Chris.

Quin: Don’t forget, now you and I are true Brothers.

Then Aleasha, Niki, Aliana, Shara, and Corey also show up in the chamber of sages.

Aleasha: Well Done Chris, you have fulfilled your quest, and have done perfectly.   The same goes for you Katelynn.  Your love for eachother has now brought you closer than ever before, and has helped restore peace to part of the Magical World.

Niki: All the people from the Mysterious Forest have now returned home.

Aliana: The same goes for my people from Lake Mania.

Corey: As well as for those from Mining Valley too.

Shara: The love you 2 have for eachother runs much deeper than you 2 realize and it’s impossible to break.

Quin: So far you have played your cards very well Chris, but there is still more that lies ahead.

Aleasha: We have much to tell you 2, so listen carefully.   Christian, your father was King Christian Allen Mandez The I, and your mother was Queen Katrina Cassidy Mandez, which makes you the Royal Prince Of The Magic Kingdom.  As for you Katelynn, your father was King Vincenzo Wataru Calver, and your mother was Queen Candice Maleana Calver, which makes you the Royal Princess Of The Magic Kingdom.   Christian, your parents were rulers from the north end of the Magic Kingdom, and Katelynn, your parents were rulers from the south end of the Magic Kingdom.   For centuries, the north and south end of the Magic Kingdom have lived together in harmony, and both sides were strong allies.  For years, a prince from the north would marry a princess from the south and vice versa to keep the bond of both ends strong to keep the peace and harmony of the Magic Kingdom all in balance.   But an evil man from Mining Valley was seen as an outsider, and was full of greed.  For decades he grew more and more twisted and evil.  He stole from women and children, and killed people too.

Corey: His intentions were dark, and no matter what always happened, he always got his way.

Niki: And he began with upsetting the forces of nature and evicted people out of their homes.

Aliana: As well as by polluting our environment.

Shara: And performing dangerous magic spells.

Quin: He was literally playing with fire, and all of his twisted and evil intentions became so powerful, it literally consumed him.

Aleasha: And that man was and still is know as the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus.   For decades that man has been trying to take over the Magic Kingdom, and eventually get to the normal human world where you 2 grew up, but was unable to do so until recently.   The last person to have fought The Evil Lord Barnabus was Christian Allen Mandez I.  The King of the north end had successfully locked the evil lord away in the evil realm when your father was only 17.   Unfortunately, the bond that sealed Lord Barnabus in the evil realm was not strong enough, and he managed to escape.   And on that fateful night many years ago, when you 2 met up for the very first time, the Evil Lord Barnabus murdered both of your parents, and took over the Magic Kingdom.    Christian, you inherited a special power that would give you the ability to control other people’s minds with direct eye contact.   However, the evil Lord Barnabus knew that, and goudged out your left eye and ate it in order to obtain that abiliy.   He also got his hands on part of the Royal Amulette Tristar which is the symbol you 2 have on the back of your hands.   He got the Amulette Tristar Of Power from the king of the north, which is how the Evil Dark Lord has become the powerful evil ruler of the Magic Kingdom.   He also tried to obtain the Royal Amulette Tristar of courage, but cutting off your left arm Chris, and then he cut up your left arm in pieces so your left hand could not be re-attached.  However his plan was thwarted because your guardians managed to fight off the evil dark lord in order evacuate you along with your left hand to the safety of the human world.   They took you to a Nasa Medical Center in order to give you back your left hand so you could still keep the Royal Amulette Tristar of courage.  Using the advanced technology, Nasa has provided you with another left arm, and miraculously reattached your left hand.  They also made you a very good artificial glass eye, so you would look no different from an average teenager.  As for you Katelynn, you and Christian had formed a bond, and instantly fell in love at first site that night.  However, because of how strong your bond was, Prince Christian could not bare to see  you get hurt, so he used his Geass mind control ability on you, and you were  handed over to your guardians who took you to safety, and you were only 5 years old at the time, so they got you as far away from evil Lord Barnabus as fast as they could, so there would be no way he could get his hands on the Royal Amulette Tristar of love and wisdom.  If anyone protected you from getting hurt, it wasn't only your guardians, it was mainly thanks to Chris.  He protected you while both of your parents were getting slaughtered by the Evil Dark Lord, and even though Chris was breaking down inside, he could see the tears in your eyes, and did what he could to be strong for you, and protect you with his life Katelynn.  For a mature 12 year old boy to do that to a little 5 year old girl is not what you call, ordinary.  That would be highly frowned upon in this day and age in the human world, but because it was out of love, is all the more reason that you 2 were meant to be.

Niki:  Chris also made a vow to come back and find you Katelynn, and we can safely say he has kept that promise.  We couldn’t tell you this until now.

Corey: Because we knew you 2 wouldn’t believe us.

Shara: Now that you 2 have been through that horrible temple and have witnessed the power of magic, we knew you would catch on with no problem.

Aliana: We are sorry that we had to hide this from you.

Quin: But we knew that you 2 would catch on to what was happening as you 2 were in the last leg.

Aleasha: That’s right.  Katelynn, you were then given to a loving couple that could not conceive a child, and they had already adopted 2 sons and have always wanted a little girl.   Your guardians thought your adopted parents were the perfect people to care for you.  As for you Chris, you were 12 years old and stayed with Nasa, while your guardian’s gave you the royal fund to make sure you always had enough money to live on your own without a sweat.   You 2 were betrothed by your parents ever since you were a baby Katelynn, and you 2 meeting again on that fateful day many years later was bound to happen.   Now we are so glad to see you strong your love for eachother has become for it is the key to saving our worlds.    The love from a couple in the Magic Kingdom is the strongest and most powerful bond of anything, and in the end, love triumphs over anything and everything which is why you 2 have made it this far.   Your friends back on Corneria are wondering where you are by now.

Niki: That is what you would think.

Corey: It has been almost 7 days in the Magic Kingdom since you 2 got here.

Shara: When in face it has only been 11 hours on your world since you got here Chris.

Aliana: Which means not even one day has passed in your world.

Quin: Which means in the human world, no one will ever know where you have been.

Aleasha: But I must warn you, now that the Magic Kingdom is now being restored, the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus will do by any means necessary to take control of all worlds.   He has taken the castle town from this section of the Magic Kingdom, and has built it 10 times over in outer Space making it the largest castle of any kind known to existence.  So Chris, you must plan your mission in space to take down the evil dark lord once and for all so that peace can be restored to both worlds for good.   You will need your closest friends to help you on this next quest, for it will be your toughest and most dangerous quest you will have to face.    I know this is a lot to take in but we thank you for your time, and know you 2 will pull through.  Your love for each other will triumph.   Now I must warp you back to the crater, for your car is waiting for you, to take you to safety.  That active volcano will erupt and blow up in just a matter of minutes, so you 2 must make your escape you.    Before you go, I Shall pour my power into this medallion.

Christian has just received the Light Medallion, and Aleasha as The Great Sage Of Light Adds her power To Chris’s.

Aleasha: Also I grant you this weapon.  It will help the Legendary Gorean Blade, smite the evil.   Only you, the legendary hero of our worlds, can wield the Gorean Blade.   It was broken in its last fight many years ago when your father last fought Lord Barnabus, but your guardians had the sword lengthened, reforged, and completely remade so it is more powerful than it was before and so it will not break.   The Gorean Blade along with the arrow of light, will bring down the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus once and for all.

Christian had just received the arrow of light, which is a powerful arrow that only a pure heart could use to smite the evil of those who desire nothing but greed.

Aleasha: You 2 are our only hope, and we are counting on you.   Good luck to both of you. By the way, the reason you 2 love Owl City's, When Can I See You Can, is because it was the last song played at the betrothing banquet 12 years ago, so it remains as a special memory for you 2.

Christian and Katelynn are then warped back to the inside of Hell’s Gate Mountain Crater where Volvagia was waiting for them.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Chapter 12 Escape From Hell’s Gate Mountain

Volvagia was waiting inside the crater for Christian and Katelynn to return, and not long after, the 2 are reunited with Volvagia.

Chris: Volvagia, thanks for being ready Old Girl.   Now I know why you were driving along side the temple.

Katelynn: Volvagia, that’s the car’s name?

Chris: Yes, and she’s kinda like a person with a mind and heart of her own, and I know that sounds funny.

Katelynn: Hey, after what I’ve seen, I’m pretty open minded, so a car that’s alive is something I can believe.    

Just then the crater began to shake violently, and boulders began to fall.

Chris: Uh-Oh, Katelynn, hop in because this crater’s gonna erupt any minute and we must get out of here.

Katelynn: Right.

Both Christian, and Katelynn hop in Volvagia, lock the doors, Christian then depresses the clutch, puts Volvagia in gear, and Volvagia jams down on her throttle and takes off.

Chris: Hold on tight Katie Belle, this will be a rough ride out of here.

Volvagia drives through the crater as fast as her 5 cylinder engine could take her, and it wasn’t long until her speedometer read 80 miles an hour and continued to climb.

Katelynn: Chrissy, aren’t we going a little too fast.

Chris: Sweetie, this place is about to blow, and we can’t slow down.

Katelynn: I hear ya Babe.

More and More Boulders begin to fall down, and the level of the molten lava rises higher and higher as the ground shakes more and more violently.  Volvagia manages to dodge the boulders, and negotiates her way around tight corners and through small crevices very hard and fast.  It wasn’t long after when Volvagia drove out of the crater, and was outside at last, but she was not out of danger yet, the lava had gotten so high that it was oozing out of the of the volcano, and heading straight down for Volvagia.
Chris: Come on Old Girl, you can do it, I know you can, you have never failed me before Old Girl and I know you can do it.

Katelynn: Volvagia, listen to me, I know this is hard, but I know that you are not a quitter, so give it all you’ve got sweetie.  I know you can do it.  Both Chrissy and I believe in you.

Volvagia began to pick up more speed as her speedometer climbed higher and higher.  It wasn’t long until her Pratt & Whitney Turbo Charger kicked boosting her speed over 115 mph and the speedometer climbed higher and higher.   More lava, and boulders came pouring down the mountain as Volvagia descended down, but the faster Volvagia drove, the faster the lava and boulders nearly caught up to her.  

Chris: Come On Old Girl, don’t give up now, we are half way down, you can do it.

Volvagia then wooshed hard and fast around the tight curves, through the small tunnels, and down the steep mountain grades.   Slowly but surely her speedometer crept higher and higher, reading a staggering speed of 130 miles an hour and still climbing.

Chris: Old Girl, remember your awesome time on the Trans France Race many years ago, way before I was born.   You were up against the fiercest of competitors including some of the fastest cars in the world, and you reached an amazing speed of 210 miles an hour and won second place after a 1963 VW Beetle.  Show us that the racer in you is still alive, and I know you can get us out of here.

Katelynn: WHAT????!!!!!! She really went that fast, and was a top competitor?

Chris: Yes, but there is no time to explain that.

More Boulders keep bombarding Volvagia, but she manages to dodge them no problem and an incredible speed of 152 miles per hour.    Her engine and pratt & Whitney Turbo charger screamed, her tires burned, and exhaust was pouring out of her tail pipe as she raced her way down the mountain.
Suddenly, the ground from underneath Volvagia had become weak, and had broken.  Judging her moment, Volvagia landed on a small piece of land, drove up a small incline as if it was a ramp, and made a mighty big jump.   Right behind her the whole volcano erupted into oblivion, the temple came crashing down along with the entire top half of Hell’s gate mountain.



Christian took one look behind him and saw the volcano blowing up and all of Hell’s Gate Mountain along with the temple come crashing down violently.    Volvagia then landed on the ground with a very hard thud, then stalled her engine and slammed on her breaks until finally coming to a complete stop just outside the village at the base of the mountain.  Both Christian and Katelynn looked at each other for a split second, then they wrapped their arms around each other, and held each other tight.

Chris: I now remember everything.  That night at the Betrothing Banquet when you and I had met.  You were my date, and we danced........

Katelynn: We held eachother, and had fun with each other.................

Chris: And then we got ram-sacked.............

Katelynn: It's all coming back to me.

Chris: You were the little girl I held in my arms and wiped the tears of when both of our parents were killed.

Katelynn: And I wouldn't let you go, you had to make me leave............

Chris: Exactly..............

Katelynn: That's when I first called you Chrissy..........

Chris: And when I first I called you Katie Belle..........

Katelynn: OH MY GOD!!!!!!  It's so embarrassing to know that I was crying in your arms the first night we met, and on our actual first date too.........

Chris: But we both lost our parents, and you had every reason to cry since you were just a little girl.  I too was breaking down inside, and was trying really hard not to cry, but I knew I had to stay strong for you, so you'd feel safe...... Because had I cried...... You would have gotten more insecure and shaken up even worse.

Katelynn: It must have been so hard for you, and I'm sooooo sorry you had to hold back for me..........

Chris: It's okay, what matters is that you and I made it................  Also, I knew I loved you the moment you walked up to me during my organ recital while I was playing Fanfare by Nicolas Lemmens.

Katelynn: And even though I was a little girl, I knew I loved you the moment you asked me to be your friend, and your date to the Banquet that night.  And your organ playing was so amazing, I just couldn't get enough of it..........

Chris: You sitting besides me, that made my night......... You were just the cutest thing, and I couldn't help but love you at first sight.

Katelynn: And you were so cool, and you looked like the boy of my dreams, like the Princes I see in Disney movies and fairy tails.  And that you held me and protected me while I was crying after losing my parents, and I was just a little girl where as you were almost a teenager, I will never forget that.

Katelynn then broke down in tears from remembering everything and cried in Chris's arms, just like she did that night 12 years ago.  Volvagia began to cry as well as she sprayed washer fluid on her windshield.

Chris: I almost forgot, Volvagia was there that night too, and she saw the whole thing happen.  She was the only thing that wasn't ransacked that night, and it's because of her, I made it out alive.

Katelynn: And I remember you making me leave too, and I'm still mad at you for using the mind control on me to make me leave.  When a girl wants to stay by her man's side she means it whether she's 17 or if she's only 5, it's still the same.  When she says she's not leaving her man, she means it, she's NOT leaving her man.  But because it was to save my life I forgive you.

Chris: You have no idea how hard it was for me to let you go.  More than anything, I wanted to take you with me.............

Katelynn: And more than anything I wanted to go with you..............

Chris: But I had no choice but to use my mind control on you.  It pained me to do it, but I did it to protect you.  I wanted to continue holding you, and cuddling you, but I did what I had to.  

Katelynn: But I'm glad you kept your promise, and you found me 12 years later.

Katelynn then kissed Chris's cheek, and wrapped her arms around him.......

Chris: You were the cutest little girl I've ever seen Katie Belle, and I mean it.

Katelynn: And you were the coolest Boy I've ever seen Chrissy, and I mean that with all my heart.

Chris: And the last song that was playing was Owl City's, When Can I See You Again.  It was my favorite song of all time because my dad loved it so much, and I grew up listening to it, and couldn't get enough of it.

Katelynn: And I thought it was the coolest song ever, and since then, it's been my most favorite song of all time.  

Chris: I guess what makes it so good is that the moment you are in, is a moment you want to last forever, and you wonder if it will ever happen again.

Katelynn: Yeah, you're right.  Very well said Chrissy.

Chris and Katelynn then look back and see the horrible cloud rise off of Hell's Gate Mountain.

Chris: Wow!!!! Would you look at that!!!!

Katelynn: The Cloud!!!!! It's............

Chris: It's vanishing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katelynn: I'm so very proud of you Chrissy!!!!!!!!

All of the local villagers came out and saw the horrible cloud and all of Hell’s Gate Mountain disappear.   When they saw Volvagia come to a complete stop, everyone cheered, and Austin came up and greeted them warmly.

Austin: WAY TO GO CHRIS!!!!  

Villagers: We can’t thank you enough for saving our home, our dignity, our hope, and our lives.  

Austin: This brave man risked his life for us, and we all owe him a huge thank you.   The same thing goes for this brave girl Katelynn, who accompanied him on the last leg of his quest and helped him defeat the evil dragon Cardonia, so be sure to give her a big thank you too.

Katelynn: Ohhh Austin.  You really didn’t have to do that.  It was Chrissy who did most of it, I was mainly just his cheerleader.

Austin: But still, you accompanied him, and helped encourage him to win the battle.   Now everyone, lets hear it for the Royal Prince and Princess of the Magic Kingdom.

Everyone cheered, and thanked Christian and Katelynn for their bravery and heroism.

Chris: Attention everyone!  A battle has just ended, but a war has just begun.  The Evil Lord Barnabus will be after our world on Corneria as well as trying to take back your world now that I have destroyed the temple and Hell’s Gate Mountain.   He is building a large castle in outer space, and will stop at nothing to rule all worlds now he knows that I will fight.   I can’t fight this war alone.   I will need your help in doing so.  Katelynn and I will return to our world to put a plan of action in motion.  When the day comes, both worlds will join together, and take the Evil Lord, Lord Barnabus down.  NOW WHO IS WITH ME???!!!!!!

All the villagers cheered and shouted in response as a way of joining the war.

Villagers: You have saved our lives, so we will be more than happy to help you take this guy down.   He has kept us in the fear of darkness for too long, and we are sick and tired of hiding like rats, and we all want to fight back.   We have been pushed around for too long by that evil dark lord, and now it’s time to do something about it.  We will join you, and fight with you.  We promise we will not let you down.

Austin: And as a token of their graditude, the villagers would like you to have their precious treasure.

Villagers: This treasure is a very powerful weapon that has helped many of our greatest men fight in battles.   The last man to use it was King Christian Allen Mandez I.   Now that you, his son, Prince Christian Allen Mandez II, have saved our lives, it is right that we now grant you this weapon.  Please take it as our gratitude for what you have done for us.

The villagers then gave Christian the Ice Arrow.   The Ice Arrow was so powerful, that one shot would freeze and instantly kill an enemy dead in its tracks.

Villagers: The Ice Arrow is our most powerful weapon, and we believe the bravest and strongest man should have it.   In this case, that man is you, Prince Christian Allen Mandez II your royal highness.

Chris: Thank you very much, I here by accept your gift and will gladly use to take down the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus and his army.

Everyone then cheered.   Austin then tapped Katelynn on the shoulder.

Austin: Katelynn, can I talk to you in private for a few minutes.

Katelynn: Of course Austin.  

While Christian talks with the villagers, Katelynn and Austin have a private conversation.

Austin: Katelynn, I want to tell you that, I am sorry for how I have been to you, and I still like you.  Even though we broke up, I have felt bad of disrespecting your decisions, and since I had a fall out with my girlfriend recently, I was kinda wondering if you’d be my girlfriend.

Katelynn: Awwwww, Austin.  You’re very sweet, and I appreciate your apology.  What I am about to say will not be easy but as much as I kinda want to be with you, I can’t.  Ya see my heart belongs to Chris.   I know he and I were uncertain for a short time, but despite what had happened with Bradley, Christian showed how devoted he was to me, and risked his life to save me.  He traveled here to an unknown world, faced monsters off all sorts, and even slayed a dragon, just for me.  No one has ever shown me that much devotion or showed how much they cared about me as Chris has and I love him with everything I have.  You also won't believe me, but 12 years ago, Chris and I met at a royal betrothing banquet where his parents and my parents got together to announce our betrothing.  I was just a little girl, but the moment I saw Chris, I instantly fell in love with him.  And when the Evil Dark Lord, stormed through the castle, I was crying my eyes out, but Chris took me to a safe place, he held me in his arms, he dried my tears, and he protected me.  I am still mad at him for using mind control on me, but he did it to save my life, and if it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be alive today.  He then made a promise to come back from me, and when I him met again, it was love at first sight all over again, and I truly feel he has kept his promise he made to me 12 years ago.   Since the day I met Chris again, I fell in love, and just wanted to hold him in my arms, and now that he has rescued me and did what he could to protect me like he did when I was a little girl, I love him even more and want to give him all the love I can give.    I don’t know how to explain it, but when you find someone to love, your heart only wants that one person, and just that one person, and my heart is telling me that my Chrissy is the only one for me.   He’s the only one want to spend the rest of my life with, and offer my first kiss and my virginity to.   I love him with all my heart, and would not have it any other way.  And also, I'm sorry Austin, I know you thought you were my first boyfriend, but no, Chris was.  Even though it was only for a few hours, I was his date at the banquet since he politely asked me.  Then again, I was 5 and didn't know any better, but I am counting that as my first date, and Chris as my first boyfriend for what happened that very night because he did what any good boyfriend would do for his girl when she's in distress.  Us saying good bye that night was the hardest thing for I had just lost my mom and dad, and Chris was the closest thing I had to a family, and I was in love with him, so no one wants to let go of the person they're in love with.  But he promised we'd see each other again, and he kept that promise.  Also, I discovered my favorite song with Chrissy that night, Owl City's When Can I See You Again.  It has been my most favorite song because of him, and it was his favorite at the time, giving us even more of a special bond.

Austin: Oh, I see.

Katelynn: Austin, don’t look so down.  You’re a really sweet guy, a wonderful friend, and there is definitely someone very special for you out there.  She’s just not here yet, but I know she is out there.  I can feel it, and when you find her, please tell me everything.  *kisses Austin’s forehead*

Austin: Thank you very much Katelynn, you’re a great friend, and I am always here for you, if ever you need me.

Katelynn: I know.

Chris: Well the villagers want to wish us a safe trip home, and Volvagia feels well rested and is ready to take us home.

Katelynn: I was just gonna say, it’s time we head home.  

Chris: Austin, come with us.  I need a friend to help me on my mission into outer space to help me take down Lord Barnabus, and given your knowledge and wisdom, I could definitely use you on my team, you’d be a very big help.

Austin: Thank you very much Chris, and I am honored that you would want me on your team, but I can’t.   I must stay here in the Magic Kingdom, and help the villagers prepare for our next battle against Lord Barnabus’s army.

Katelynn: Okay.   We’ll be thinking about you, and remember what I said, she will come to you, and tell me everything after she finds you.

Austin: Thank you, and I will.

Chris: Take it easy Austin I know you will pull through.   As Prince of the Magic Kingdom and by royal decree, I dub thee Sir Austin Edward Plank, Master and Commander of the Magical Resistance against the Evil Lord Barnabus.  You will be a great commander.

Austin: Thank you very much Chris, and I promise, I will not let you down, but in return, do me a huge favor.

Chris: Sure.

Austin: Take good care of Katelynn for me please, promise you will continue to love and care for her as you have been.

Chris: Of course Austin, I promise I will take good care of her.

Austin: Be sure you do.

Chris: Thank you for all your help Austin, you’re a good friend.

Just then, Ward Kimball came steaming into the village station, and engineer Al climbed out of the locomotive cab and thanked Chris warmly.

Engineer Al: Thank you so much for what you have done.  Because of you, the railroad line is now running on full routes again, and the remaining 4 trains are back, and 3 of those 4 are running great.   The fourth engine, which is the number 1 is down for a complete overhaul since she was in need of major repairs anyway.  But thanks to you, we can run the trains on a full route again.

Katelynn: Who’s our new friend Chrissy?

Chris: This is engineer Al, he’s the first person I met when I entered this world.  And engineer Al, this is my wonderful girlfriend, Katelynn.

Engineer Al: How do you do?  It is very nice to meet you.

Katelynn: I’m great, and thank you, it’s very nice to meet you too.   And I’m sure you know that my Chrissy loves trains.

Engineer Al: I can tell, I can see it by the way he is giving his attention to the Ward Kimball.  

Katelynn: That’s my Chrissy alright.  *Giggles* He did say this was his favorite one.

Engineer Al: I can tell.   Also Chris, you’re girlfriend is very pretty, be sure you hang on to her.  You don’t meet a girl like this everyday, so don’t let her go.

Chris: I have no intention of letting her go, she is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.

Engineer Al: Good man.  Well, I am heading back to Disneyland in the human world, we gotta get ready for a busy day tomorrow.  Fred Gurley will be switching places and will be pulling trains over here in the Magic Kingdom tomorrow.

Chris: Awesome.  We are just about to head back to the human world too.

Engineer Al: I’ll race ya to the magic portal.

Chris: I’ll give you a head start.

Engineer Al: Haaahaaahaaaa, You’re gonna wish you didn’t.

Engineer Al then gave 2 blasts on the whistle, released the brakes, eased the throttle open, and Ward Kimball and her train were then steaming their way home.

Chris: Time for us to get home.

Katelynn: Yeah, our friends are probably worried about us.

Chris: You got that right.  Ready Volvagia?

Volvagia: Beep beep!

Christian: Great!

Christian and Katelynn then get in Volvagia, Christian turns over her engine.  Just then, Volvagia turns on her radio at full blast, and Owl City's When Can I See You Again pops up on the radio.

Chris: AWESOME!!!

Katelynn: IT'S OUR SONG!!!

Chris then depresses the clutch, puts her in gear, and Christian, Katelynn, and Volvagia head on their way home.  Villagers cheer and give a rousing good buy as Christian, and Katelynn drive off in Volvagia.

Katelynn: Bye bye, BYE!!!!


Katelynn: BELIEVE IT!!!!

Chris: Ready to kick it into high gear old girl?

Volvagia: Beep Beep!

Volvagia then puts herself in 6th gear, her Pratt & Whitney Turbo charger kicks in and she storms off.  

Chris: Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you
Go see the world 'cause it's all so brand new
Don't close your eyes 'cause your future's ready to shine
It's just a matter of time, before we learn how to fly
Welcome to the rhythm of the night
There's something in the air you can't deny

It's been fun but now I've got to go
Life is way too short to take it slow
But before I go and hit the road
I gotta know, 'til then,
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can I see you again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
I gotta know, when can I see you again?
(When can I see you again?)

Katelynn: Joined at the hip, yeah your sidekick needs you
Life is a trip and the road map leads you
Look all around at the mountains you haven't climbed
It's just a matter of time, before we learn how to fly
Welcome to the rhythm of the night
There's something in the air you can't deny

Chris & Katelynn: It's been fun but now I've got to go
Life is way too short to take it slow
But before I go and hit the road
I gotta know, 'til then,
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can I see you again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
I gotta know,
When can I see you again?

The song continues to play as Christian and Katelynn drive off for home.

Chris: Hey look there’s engineer Al in the Ward Kimball, let’s catch up to them Old Girl.

Volvagia then drives after Ward Kimball and her train, and the 2 race eachother back into the magical portal.  Ward Kimball blows her whistle, Volvagia honks her horns, and the 2 warp back home to the human world.

Meanwhile back at the school, it’s 8:30 at night, and everyone is still waiting for the return of Chris and Katelynn.

Ashley: Brittany, you’ve been here ever since school ended for the day, won’t you give it a rest?

Lexi: Yeah, I mean it’s only been one day, give them more time, they’ll show up.

Alexis: Yeah, I mean 12 hours is not a long time, just give them more time and they will show up.

Brittany: NO!!! Katelynn is my best friend, and Christian is my brother, I don’t want to go home until I know they’re okay.

Bradley: Chris hasn’t said yes to your parents adopting him yet, besides he doesn’t even know that you’re parents want to adopt Chris.

Ryan: Yeah, maybe he wants to still live alone.   Don’t pressure him into something he doesn’t want to do.

Alexis: Ryan, you’re right, but I do have some bad news for you Brittany.  My parents want to adopt him too.

Lexi: Ryan while you weren’t at home Mom and Dad have thought about adopting Chris also.

Tori: So have my parents.

Kevin: Everyone finds him to be such a nice guy, and after finding out that he lost both of his parents when he was 12 and has no family, they want to reach out and give Chris the family he has never had for the past 12 years.

Henry: I hear you, but we need to be prepared if Chris says no, and it should also be his choice on who’s family he wants to become a part of.

Just then, the magical portal opened up.

Akira: Could it be?

Lexi: It can’t be?

Brittany: IT IS!!! IT’S THEM!!!!!! CHRIS DID IT!!!!!

Volvagia then exited the portal and came to a full stop right in the middle of the school’s hallway with Owl City's When Can I See You Again, coming to an end.

Brittany: CHRIS!!!! KATELYNN!!!

Katelynn: BRITTANY!!!!!

Katelynn then ran up to Brittany and the 2 girls hugged each other.

Brittany: Katelynn, we were sooo worried about you.

Katelynn: I was worried about you, but know that I’m okay, thanks to Chrissy.   He risked his life to save me.   You won’t believe what he had to go through to save me.

Chris: You better believe it, and I have everything in Volvagia’s trunk to prove it.  I also have a nasty scar on my left side from the nasty slashing of an Iron Knuckles’ axe.

Lexi: An Iron Knuckles?

Christian & Katelynn: DON’T ASK!  LONG STORY!  -_-

Alexis: Ohhh kay…….

Bradley then goes to Volvagia and opens up her trunk.


Ryan: Okay what is it? WHAT THE??? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: You guys are looking at the Flair Bow, The Light, Fire, and Ice Arrows, the Long Hook Shot, The Silver Gauntlets, The Iron Boot adapters, the Hover Boot Adapters, the Eye Of Truth, the Deflective Shield, the Megaton Hammer, the sacret Saphire flute, and of course the Legendary Sword known as The Gorean Blade.  As well as the maps and compasses from 4 of the five legs of the temple I had to go through to get to Katelynn.

Katelynn: *giggles* That’s right.

Bradly: Hey what’s with these balls?

Chris: Be careful with those, those are powerful magic spells.

Ryan: Yeah right, there are no such thing.

Just then Bradley gets zapped and shocked by the purple magic ball.

Bradley: OW!!!! AH GEEZE GOD DAMN IT!!!!

Ryan: Haaaahaaaahaaaa.

Bradley: Not funny man, I’m serious, Chris is not lying.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Ryan then picks up the red magic ball, and gets burned by it.


Chris: I warned you guys.

Katelynn: So as it turns out, you are not going to believe this, but these marks on the back of our hands are symbols of a royal family.    It’s know as the…..ummmmmm

Chris: The Royal Amulette Tristar.  It was split into 4 pieces.  I have the Royal Amulette Tristar of courage, and Katelynn has the Royal Amulette Tristar of wisdom and love.

Katelynn: That’s right.  Anyway, what this means is, both of our parents were kings and queens, which makes Chrissy a prince, and me a princess.  Also Chrissy and I had met 12 years ago........

Chris: It was at the Royal Betrothing Banquet our parents had planned to announce that Katelynn and I were to marry when we came of the right age.

Katelynn:  I was only 5 years old, and Chris was only 12, but I still remember everything..........  I first laid eyes on him when he was playing a beautiful large grand pipe organ, and I couldn't take my eyes off of him, for I felt that he was the boy of my dreams like that of a Prince you would find in Disney movies and fairy tails.  He just looked so cool, and his playing was just so amazingly beautiful that I couldn't help but get carried away.

Chris: And Katelynn was just the cutest thing.  She was in the cutest white top and purple mini skirt with her beautiful long blonde hair in very long pig tails, and those bright loving emerald green eyes were enough to melt anyone's heart.  

Katelynn: Chrissy stole my heart at first site.

Chris: And Katelynn stole my heart at first site.

Katelynn: Chrissy then asked me to be his date, and I couldn't help but say yes.

Chris: We then danced.........

Katelynn: We also held each other tight and had a lot of fun together.

Chris: But then my family's castle got ransacked.

Katelynn: And both of our parents got killed by..........

Chris: The Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus and his army.  Both of our parents were murdered in cold blood.

Katelynn: I remember hearing the voices of my parents, and I cried my eyes out once I knew I lost them, but Chris held me, and he dried my tears.

Chris: Even though that I too was breaking down inside, and tried so hard not to cry, but I knew that Katelynn was only a little girl, and that I needed to be strong for her.  So I did what I could for her at the time.

Katelynn: He protected me with his life just like he did on his rescue mission.  But then he used his mind control magic on me because I wouldn't let him go.  He literally forced me to leave against my will, and I'm still mad at him for that.

Chris: But letting her go was the hardest thing for me to do because I didn't want to let her go.  I had already fallen in love with her, and was very worried for her well being, but I knew that she probably would have been killed if she stayed with me.  So I did what I had to, and I made her leave with her guardians.

Katelynn: But Chris made a promise to me.  He promised that we'd meet again in the future, and low and behold, we bump into each other at random, and we instantly became friends.   But I feel that it was no accident.

Chris: Katelynn and I were told that it was bound to happen by the great sages.  Even though we both had our memories erased, the 2 of us being reunited here on Cornerea was inevitable.

Katelynn: But to me, I feel that Chris kept his promise in saying that we'd meet again, and we did.   Shortly after he and I met for the second time, I instantly developed a crush on him, after seeing how you guys were all getting along, I fell in love with him.

Lexi: That explains A LOT!!!!!!

Katelynn: It still breaks my heart to know that Chris almost died right after I was taken to safety on that fateful night.

Chris: I lost my left eye, and you don't know this but I have a robotic left arm.  My actual left eye was purple where as my current left eye is an artificial glass eye in gloss brown to match my right eye.  I miraculously regained the ability to use my left hand given Nasa's incredible technology in stem cell research.  But it's because I have a robotic left arm, I have always worn long sleeves, so no one could see what had happened.

Katelynn: But I am so glad that Chris kept his promise to me, and we bumped into each other 12 years later.  It's really hard to explain why but.......

Alexis: But when anyone makes a promise to a little girl, that promise is everything to her, and to see that promise full filled really means that the person is sincere and actually cares about her.

Katelynn: Yes, and I was so heart broken when Chrissy and I had to part ways........  I couldn't stop thinking about him until my memory was erased, and just the thought that I was forced to forget him really makes me want to cry......

Chris: And it hurts me to know that I was forced to forget Katie Belle because parting ways with her was the hardest and most painful thing I have ever done in my life.  It was even more painful than when The Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus took out my eye, and cut off my arm, because physical pain can always recover, but emotional pain never really goes away.

Katelynn: But what matters to me is that Chrissy and I are together again, and how much he means to me.

Chris: So that is pretty much it.  Katelynn and I have met in the past, are of nobility, and an evil dark lord tried to kill us, and is now trying to take over our worlds.

Brittany: WHAT????!!!!!!!

Ashley: ARE YOU SERIOUS?????!!!!!

Katelynn: Yes.

Lexi: WOW!!!!






Ashely: But it still creeps me out to know that you 2 were dating at such a young age.  I mean COME ON!!!!!! 5 & 12, that is GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly: I know, but they were both young and innocent, and it was only pure love.  

Natalie: Yeah, nothing at all like the fake love we all see today which is about sex, groping, cheating, and betrayal.

Ashley: I know but it still creeps me out.

Chris: I understand and respect your opinion Ashley, and thank you for your honesty. Smile

Lexi: Once again, it's my family who's adopting Chris.

Alexis: No he'll be my brother!!!!

Brittany: No he's my brother!!!!

Chris: WOAH, WOAH WOAH!!!! What are you girls talking about, me being your big brother?  As you know, both of my parents were killed by the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus, and I was born an only child.

Brittany: Well the thing is ummm?  I told my parents about you, and after hearing about what you have been through, my parents want to adopt you as their son and I would love to have you as my big brother so we can give you the family that you never had since you were 12.

Alexis: Same thing with my parents, they want to adopt you as their son too, and I always wanted a big brother.

Tori: The same goes for my parents, they too want to adopt you as their son.

Lexi: Same thing with mine.

Chris: WOW!!!! I don’t know what to say, but I’m really gonna have to think this through.  You’re all very sweet girls, and I like everyone of you, but to be told this all of a sudden, and I’d hate to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Tori: You wouldn’t be hurting our feelings.

Lexi: We’d be disappointed a little saddened, but that’s because you’re a great person and we all love and care for you very much.

Alexis: And we will respect any decision you make.

Brittany: Of course, and we all love you, which is why we all want you as a big brother, but we will respect the choice you make.

Chris: Thank you very much, all of you but I will need more time to think about it.  But I have something more important to tell you.  The Evil Dark Lord Barnabus will try to take over our planet Corneria, since I have destroyed his temple and destroyed his evil creation of a volcano, he will stop at nothing to take over our 2 worlds, and eventually all worlds.   He has built a large palace up in space to he can take control of the universe and rule everything with nothing but twisted and evil intensions.    I will need your help in this next mission, which will be extremely dangerous.

Ryan: Soooo.

Chris: So Ryan, and Bradley, I would like to ask for your help on this next mission.   This next mission will require us to embark on Space Shuttle Endeavour to not only rescue the 2 space shuttles we have lost, but to get to Lord Barnabus’s space castle.   In order to go into battle and face off against the dark lord, I will need your help.   Also, you will be going through intense training if you guys agree to come with me in space.    Shuttle lift off will be one of the most, if not the most violent experience you will ever encounter.  If you think football pain is intense, shuttle lift off makes it look like a walk in the park.  The power from the solid rocket booster engines as well as the power from the shuttles main engines makes take off very intense, and it make look like a gentle take off from afar, but inside, everyone and everything is shaking like mad, and your stomach will be rising into your throats.   I have been through the training program multiple times, and have had thousands of hours in the shuttle simulator, so I know what you guys will be going through, will not be a simple long haul flight.  It will be an extremely violent and intense combat long haul flight.  If you chose to say no, I completely understand, however, if you say yes, there will be no turning back.

Bradley: Us in space?

Ryan: Dude, sign me up!  

Bradley: That will be so cool.  

Ryan: If you think I’m saying no, you are crazy.

Bradley: This is a once in a life time opportunity I may never have a chance at again.

Akira: Indeed, and for that I would be honored to come along.

Henry: Count me in as well.

Kevin 1: We will help you any way we can.

Kevin 2: You have our word, and our devotion.

Jayden: Sweet! I am sooo going to space!

Dylan: I’m sold, there is no way I would miss out on going into space.

Eric: I am so in with this man.

Chris: Okay, that’s settled.  I will inform my bosses Chesley, Alister, and Carlos about this when the time is right, and I will ask him to enroll you guys in the training program, where all of you will undergo a series of obstacles and tests, along with violent and intense training, but if you stay committed, and show your devotion, you will make it through no problem.

Everyone: Okay sounds good.

Alexis: Typical boys.

Katelynn: Yeah.

Lexi: Why don’t we all have a slumber party at Chrissy’s?

Chris: WHAT?!!!

Alexis: Yeah, it’ll be fun.

Ashley: Yeah, and we’ve always wanted to see your penthouse we have heard so much about.

Brittany: PLEASE???!!!!!

Chris: Sure, why not?  

Katelynn: Really?

Chris: Yeah, it would be a nice welcome home for Katie Belle, and it will give us the chance to wind down and relax before we have to go into battle.

Katelynn: YAY!!!

Chris: Of course, besides, I want in on some of the fun too, but we'll have it at the OPF since I don't think those in Gateway Towers Complex would be too happy about a Slumber Party in a Penthouse.

Alexis: Great. ☺️

Lexi: Well now, what are we all waiting for, let’s all go to the OPF and have fun.

Chris: Okay.

Katelynn: Chrissy?

Chris: Yes?

Katelynn: Please hold my hand.

Chris: Of course.

Katelynn: I want people to know about our love for eachother, so they all see how deep our love and affection is for eachother really like how it was on the fateful night you and I met 12 years ago.

Chris: I would not have it any other way.  And Katie Belle, you do have the most beautiful eyes

Katelynn: Awwwww. :’)

While everyone was heading over to Christian’s Penthouse for a sleep over, the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus was fuming.

Lord Barnabus: ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barnaby: Sir I can explain this.

Lord Barnabus: ARGGGG!!!!

Barnaby: Uhhhh, sir?

Lord Barnabus: HOW COULD YOU DO THAT??!!!!

Barnaby: How could I do what?


Barnaby: There is a good explanation for that.


Ben: Well uhhhh.



Ben is then take away by Lord Barnabus’s guards, and thrown into the dungeon.


Barnaby: Yes sir, right away sir.


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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Chapter 13 Trouble At Work

The next day after Christian and Katelynn returned home, Christian reported back to work at the CAOPF, and when he arrived, he was in for a big surprise.

Chris: Juan? What did you do? The shuttle is almost complete?

Juan: You tell me, I did absolutely nothing, something must have gotten into the mechanics to get this shuttle reassembled. Now please, explain to me why you called in sick.

Chris: It’s a very long story, and you’re not going to believe it.

Juan: I have the time, so please tell me, and don’t lie to me.

Christian then tells Juan everything that happened, from Ben using Ryan and Brad as puppets, all the way to returning home having rescued Katelynn.

Juan: I do not believe a single word you said, now please tell me the truth?

Chris: But I did tell you the truth Juan.


Just then Katelynn and Brittany arrive to help Chris out with his plans.

Katelynn: Juan, Chrissy is telling you the truth, none of it is a lie.

Brittany: Katelynn really was kidnapped, and there really is an unknown world we don’t know about, and apparently both Chris and Katelynn come from that world.

Katelynn: If you need any proof look at the back of our hands.

Both Christian and Katelynn show Juan the back of their hands.

Juan: That still proves nothing.

Chris: An Iron Knuckles slashed me on my left side, I still have the scar from his axe to prove it.

Christian then lifts his shirt, and reveals his scar, and it’s the first time anyone has seen the number of injuries inflicted on Chris while he was in that temple.


Chris: Because I did not want to make you feel bad, or worry you anymore than you were.


Juan: WOW!!!! THAT IS A NASTY SCAR!!!! But still, how does that prove you were in another world, and didn’t do something crazy to yourself because you were depressed about your situation with Katelynn?

Katelynn: Wait you told him about Brad?

Chris: I was upset and need a friend to confide in.

Katelynn: Well please, next time please tell me. I am not mad at you because you told him about it, I’m mad at you because you didn’t tell me you to him about it, and that I had to find out about it, and I am more upset at you about the scars and injuries you have been hiding me. You also never told me that you were blind in one eye or that you also had an artificial arm. I am only upset about it because I love you, and I am very afraid of losing you. It even freaks me out to know that you have to go into space to fight off this powerful evil man we have never even met.

Chris: Katie Belle, I’m sorry, it’s just that I didn’t want to make you feel bad about me coming to rescue you, and I was also doing whatever I could to protect you.

Katelynn: I know babe, and I appreciate it, but please tell me ahead of time. Even though it hurts, I would rather know the truth than be left in the dark. I worry about you, only because I love you, and also, why didn’t you tell me that you were blind in one eye and had an artificial arm?

Chris: I didn’t want you to see me as different, and also I didn’t want to freak you out. Also, I thought if you knew the truth about the fact I was half blind and had a robotic arm, that you would leave me for someone like Brad or Austin, and that you wouldn’t love me.

Katelynn: Baby, you are different, and you’re not the only one who is different, I am too, and being different is what makes our relationship more special. Also given how you are blind in one eye doesn’t scare me, it in face amazes me on how you are able to work here at Nasa, and to know that you went through all means necessary to rescue me. Also the fact that you have an artificial arm makes you more special to me. Those things don’t freak me out at all, because they don’t matter, in fact they make you even more special in my eyes. Now Chrissy, lets prove something else to your friend that you and I are not lying.

Chris: You got it Katie Belle.

Christian then casts Alward’s wind and warps from one end of the repair facility to the other. Christian then casts the spell again, and warps back.

Juan: AMAZING!!!!! YOU REALLY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH!!!! That is proof enough for me.

Just then Carlos, Chesley, and Alister show up.

Chesley: Well it’s good to have you back on the job Chris.

Carlos: I take it you’re feeling better.

Chris: Thanks, it’s good to be back, and yes I’m feeling much better. It’s actually a long story.

Alister: Please tell us later on, but we just wanted to say that you and Juan have done good work in getting the job done safely, and quickly because the ship looks like it’s only days away from being completely reassembled.

Chesley: We also wanted to talk to you about the rescue mission.

Alister: Also it’s good to see you again Katelynn and Brittany.

Katelynn: Thank you Alister, It’s good to see you again too.

Brittany: This place still amazes me.

Carlos: We’re really glad to have you here. I’m Carlos by the way, I just joined the board of directors here 2 days ago, and it’s very nice to meet you.

Katelynn: Thank you, we love being here, and it’s very nice too meet you too.

Brittany: Same here.

Chesley: To get back to what we were saying, for this rescue mission we need a crew, and we know just who to select for the job as our commander and first officer.

Alister: Chris and Juan, we have thought long and hard about this, but you 2 have dedicated many years of your devotion and dedication here to Nasa, and our space program. Also given that you 2 have been through the training program multiple times, and the fact you 2 have had more flying hours in the shuttle simulator than anyone else in the program here in California, you two have been selected to command this rescue mission.

Carlos: It was decided that Christian shall command this flight, and that you Juan will be the first officer. The reason that Chris is commanding the flight is given that he has been with Nasa longer, and has more hours experience in the simulator.

Juan: That’s fair enough, and I am truly honored to be second in command of this mission.

Christian: Thank you very much. I am honored to command this flight, and I promise to pull through.

Chesley: Good man, and I know you will pull through.

Alister: The crew for this flight will be of your chosing, and there are a lot of good people who have been through the training program that are ready to go.

Carlos: But if you have friends you would like to hire for this mission, we will gladly enroll them in the training program here, and get them ready for the mission.

Chris: I do have a list of friends that I would like to hire, and a good handful too. They may be young, but are ready, willing, responsible, dependable, and are ready to buckle down and start training right away. Here is the list I have in mind.

Chesley: Very well, we will honor your request, and will gladly enroll your friends in the space training program, they will start first thing tomorrow.

Alister: There is one problem though, a few of them are under 18, and all but two are in highschool.

Carlos: However, we are on the board of directors, and because of the situation, we can bend the rules a little. This mission would be good discipline for them, and will be a great experience and opportunity for them.

Chesley: And given that they are young they will be easier to train when it comes to anything physically demanding, and when launch commences, they will be fresh out of training and good to go.

Katelynn: Chrissy, I am so proud of you.

Brittany: As am I. Also I will inform Kevin and the others that they begin their training tomorrow.

Alister: They will come here first thing after school. All homework assignments will be pardoned in exchange for their hard work and dedication in the training program.

Chris: Also I hope they know how to fight?

Brittany: I wouldn’t worry about that.

Katelynn: They’re very strong, and with you in command I am sure they will be fine.

Chris: Thanks Katie Belle. I will tell you why I don’t want you in space with us.

Katelynn: I kinda understand.

Chris: Oh?

Katelynn: You don’t want me in harm’s way when you go fight the evil dark lord, and you also want me as far away from him as possible. You also don’t want me to get hurt, and want to do everything you can to protect me.

Chris: How did you know?

Katelynn: I can read emotions, thoughts and feelings, so I knew why you didn’t want me or any of the girls in space. You didn’t want us to get hurt or be in danger, and as much as I want to go with you to space, I understand that I must respect your objection to it. I really appreciate you caring for me though, but I am very scared and very worried about you going. I mean what if there’s a….. ummmmmm……

Chris: Another Challenger or Columbia disaster?


Katelynn then runs off with tears in her eyes.

Brittany: Way to go Chris, now you’ve really upset her just by bringing up reminders of 2 space shuttle calamities she did not need to hear about. You are her whole world Chris, and should know better of all people not to remind us of those past events, after all, you worked on Columbia before it was destroyed, and you were distraught about the 7 deaths on your watch. At least none of them were someone you knew and loved, because Katelynn feels the same burden as you did all those many years ago, except this time many of her best friends two of her brothers as well as the love of her life are going up. Now that you mentioned a chance of either of those 2 repeating, you’ve really upset her now because you gave her the ideas of losing you in an accident. I too am just as scared as she is because if you say yes to my parents adopting you, I would have the chance of losing the only big brother I ever had along with my boyfriend too. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go…. COMFORT KATELYNN!

Brittany then runs off with tears with her eyes as well.

Chesley: WOW!!!!

Alister: She didn’t mean that Chris.

Juan: Take it easy, Katelynn just doesn’t want to lose you.

Carlos: I will tell you this, women are a huge handful sometimes, and are creatures us men will never understand.

Chesley: You got that right.

Alister: Well anyway, be sure to let your friends know that training begins tomorrow.

Chris: Will do Alister.

Alister, Chesley, and Carlos then walk back to the office, while Chris takes back everything he said.

Chris: Aww man!!! Now I feel terrible for what I have said.

Juan: Bro, don’t worry; you just said things you thought were logical and that makes sense. Everyone fears a Challenger or Columbia repeat, so it’s understandable for you to say what you said.

Chris: But still, I feel so bad for what I have said. I can’t believe I scared both Katelynn and Brittany to the core for bringing up the Challenger and Columbia accidents.

Juan: Bro, it’s okay, we all say things without knowing the consequences sometimes, we’re only human. Whether you’re a royal prince, commander & pilot of this next flight or in this case all of the above, you’re still a regular human that makes mistakes in actions or words, and life is just a big learning curve. The best thing to do is just give it time Bro. She’ll then accept the fact you have to do this mission and are the only who can do it.

Just then Brandon, Henry, Akira, Ryan, Bradley, Lexi, Tori, Kelly, and Alexis show up.


Juan: Sis, I did nothing, and Chris feels terrible for what he said and, it was an accident.


Kelly: Tori cool down, I know you’re upset for Katelynn and Brittany, but you can’t go blaming and yelling at people and demanding answers from people. Now please, explain everything that happened.

Chris: I was simply telling Katelynn why I didn’t want her, or any of you girls to come into space with us, and I don’t want her or any of you in space only because I really care for all of you very much. Katelynn was explaining how worried she was, and feared that ughh, well her mind went blank, so I then asked if she meant a Challenger or Columbia repeat, and she yelled at me and ran out crying. Brittany then told me how much I messed up by bringing up those 2 events, and that she is just as upset and also worried about losing me because I might become her brother.


Chris: I didn’t mean to scare them honestly.

Juan: Chris only said what came to his mind, and since her answer was blank, Chris’s response about a repeated accident seemed logical and if you think about, it is a logical thing to mention.

Lexi: We know you didn’t Chris, and it’s okay. We’re human and we all make mistakes.

Alexis: But sometimes the best thing to do is to keep the answer in your head, and just promise her all will be fine.

Kelly: And I’m sorry for the way Tori blew up in your face like that. She’s just very protective of her best friends. I keep telling her that she can’t keep blowing up in peoples faces but she doesn’t listen. I will have a serious talk with her about it right now.

Lexi: All will be fine, don’t worry.

Chris: But I just feel so terrible for saying what I just said.

Alexis: We all say stupid things hun, it’s part of being human.

Lexi: Everything will be alright, you’ll see.

Alexis: We’ll take good care of Katelynn while you’re away.

Lexi: And we’ll keep her reassured that everything will be fine so she won’t be worrying every minute on the minute.

Chris: Thanks girls, I really appreciate it.

Alexis: You’re welcome, and what are friends for?

Bradley: Oh by the way Chris, have you mentioned the mission?

Chris: Yes and know. Juan and I have been selected to command the mission with me being the pilot and commander and Juan being the first officer. And as the commander of this mission, I gave Chesley, Alister, and Carlos your names, and they have you enrolled in the training program. You start first thing tomorrow after school.

Ryan: ALRIGHT!!!!!!

Henry: You’re the man Chris.

Akira: I look forward to being training at once, and I am sure this will be a great experience for us.

Brandon: Yes, I’m sure it will. Oh by the way, I was out sick yesterday so I know nothing about this whole mission to space thing.

Chris: Oh, not to worry, I put your name down to assist me on the mission as well, so Chesley has you on the list and will have you enrolled with the rest of the guys.

Brandon: Sweet, thanks man.

Chris: No problem.

Just then Katelynn walks back up to Chris.

Kelly: I told her everything, and helped her calm down, so it’s okay now.

Chris: Katie Belle, I am sooo sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean to…..

Katelynn then places her index finger from her right hand on Christian’s lips.

Katelynn: I know, please don’t mention any more of it, I don’t want to think about the mission right now.

Chris: I understand Sweetie.

Katelynn: Can you please hold me and cuddle me? I want us to treasure the time we have right now.

Chris: Of course my love.

Katelynn: Thanks Boo.

Katelynn then sits on Chris’s lap, and Christian wraps his arms around her.

Kelly: Don’t worry about Brittany; Kevin is taking care of her.

Chris: Thank you.

Kelly: You’re welcome.

Katelynn: We’ll always be together, will we Boo?

Chris: Of course my love, we’ll be together forever.

Katelynn: Thank you, it sounds wonderful.

Christian the places his left hand over Katelynn’s heart, and using Katrina’s magic, gently uses red healing powers to soothe Katelynn’s troubled heart.

Katelynn: Awwww Chrissy….. How did you know the pain and uncertainty I was in.

Chris: I didn’t, I just felt bad for traumatizing you, and wanted to help calm you down.

Katelynn: Awwwww Babe….. You are so wonderful. Just promise me one thing.

Chris: Of course.

Katelynn: Promise me you will come back alive.

Chris: Will do Sweetie.

Katelynn: Please continue to hold me.

Christian then holds Katelynn in his arms for a while, while technicians continue reassembling the orbiter for her next flight. All of Chris’s friends were going to be in for some very rough space training ahead of them, for it was gonna give them a whole new meaning of hard work and dedication.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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C: pale I forgot about those o-o
A: Same here o.o Shocked

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Chapter 14 Attack On Corneria

Training at Nasa begins for Ryan, Bradley, and the rest of the guys, and so far, everyone is hating it, but knows they have to go through it in order to save the world.

Brandon: Awwwww man. That isolation unit was torture.

Ryan: Not as bad as the G force rotator! I’m still barfing from that.

Jayden: Why couldn’t they make cards to counter the out of control space ship simulator? Ugh!

Dylan: Jayden, you have been playing too much of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Eric: The breath holding test was torture, I barely passed the one minute mark, two minutes is the minimum, and it’s impossible.

Bradley: Well the academic part is no walk in the park either, wait till you see the number of books we have to read.

Kevin 1: I am no computer genius, and computer reprogramming looks like a complete nightmare.

Kevin 2: Hey it’s not as bad as having to sit in a room full of fog and have the oxygen level decrease in the blink of an eye. I couldn’t breathe in that thing!

Henry: Hey, the anti-gravity simulation is not too bad. It was actually pretty fun.




Akira: I had to run on a treadmill for over an hour. AND I HATE RUNNING!!



Coach: HEY! STOP WHINING! And we must prepare you for the worst conditions that could happen when you’re out there in space, and we don’t even have a month, so we have no choice but to throw you in the deep end.
While the boys were going through their intense training, the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus was planning his attack on the human world.

Lord Barnabus: Alright Barnaby, you know what to do.

Barnaby: Yes sir!

Lord Barnabus: First we have to take the evil queen Aracnia, to the city of Los Angeles and have her wreak havoc there.

Barnaby: Can do.

Lord Barnabus: Also, give the kids at that Lawrence High School a surprise. Send them our giant spiders and highly venomous snakes & lizards. They wouldn’t be expecting a surprise attack like that.

Barnaby: With pleasure your honor.

Lord Barnabus: Also send King Dodongo to Jakarta Indonesia. An active volcano is there, and he’ll thrive there with no problem. It would just be a matter of time before that country would be turning into a burning waistland.

Barnaby: I love the sound of that.

Lord Barnabus: Also lets cause an upset in the London Underground Rail Network! We are gonna bomb the system, and have it over run with those armored skeletons.

Barnaby: Sounds like a good plan.

Lord Barnaby: Also send a bunch of those awful so called Meatheads, Chris calls them, to the city of Paris.

Lord Barnabus: Also ground all planes in New York City at both of their airports. We’ll send them a small army of Iron Knuckles.

Barnaby: AWESOME!!!!

Lord Barnabus: And Australia is the home of the most poisonous animals on Corneria I hear. Oh we’ll give em something poisonous alright. Barenide is a large Jellyfish like creature, which thrives in water of whether it be fresh or salt water. We’ll send him to the Great Barrier Reef!!!

Barnaby: Very well Sir.

Lord Barnabu: Send out an army of anything we have in all major cities on Corneria!!! We’ll Show em we mean business. I also want you to go there and fight Prince Christian, and if you can, capture Princess Katelynn.
Barnaby: Can do.

Lord Barnabus: As for the Magic Kingdom, leave them for now, they know we will be back.

Barnaby: Very well sir. The human world will not know what hit it.

With a snap of his finger, Barnaby and the Evil Dark Lord Barnabus released all their nasty creatures on Corneria, and havoc arose everywhere.
At the highschool, the cheerleaders were getting ready to cheer for the next basketball game when a bunch of snakes of all kinds slithered in the locker rooms. The basketball players were also preparing for their game when giant spiders went crawling all over the gym. The Evil Queen Aracnia, who was the largest of all spiders, crawled all over the City of Los Angeles, and caused Havoc in Hollywood. News reports were going off left and right, as Lord Barnabus’s army of evil was causing havoc all over the globe.
A frightened Katelynn, calls Christian at work when he was in the middle of inspecting the landing gear on the shuttle.

Katelynn: CHRISSY!!!! PLEASE COME HERE!!!!!! I HATE SNAKES!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! COME HERE!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!

Chris: I’M ON IT SWEETIE!!!! I promise nothing bad will happen to you.

Christian then hangs up the phone and reports to his supervisors.

Chris: Chesley, Alister, Carlos, I’m sorry, but I must leave now, we have an emergency. There has been attack on Lawrence Highschool.

Chesley: That’s not the only place there has been attack, take a look at this.

Chesley then turns on the t.v. and news reports of attacks across the span the whole t.v. network.

Chris: OH MY GOD!!!!! It’s just as I feared.

Alister: Obviously, you know what this is about.

Chris: Yes. When I called in sick the other day, it wasn’t because I was sick, it was because I was on a rescue mission to save Katelynn.

Volvagia then drives into the Orbiter Processing Facility, opens her trunk and shows all of Christian’s weapons to his bosses.

Carlos: WOW!!!! I haven’t seen anything like this at all.

Chesley: Exactly what is this about?

Chris: From what I found out, I am the royal prince of a magical world, and Katelynn’s a princess. She and I were betrothed when we were kids and were the next hares to the thrown. However, an evil man named Lord Barnabus, took over, and both Katelynn and I were sent here to be out of his reach. It was in fact you guys who gave me this left arm, and a glass left eye. Now many years later, he has made his move by kidnapping Katelynn, and threatening our relationship by trying to break us up.

Alister: Is that it?

Chris: No, there is more to it than that. Since I destroyed his evil 5 leg temple in the magical dimension, he now sees me as a threat, and is unleashing his army on our world as a warning that he means business. He has built a large castle in outer space so he can hatch his evil plan to rule all worlds.

Carlos: So I take it, this rescue mission to space is more than finding 2 lost space shuttles.

Chris: Yes, it’s way more than that. We need to modify the shuttle so it can by armed with weapons to defend itself, and this mission to space has turned into taking that evil Dark Lord Down. First, I must catch those snakes and destroy all of those spiders at Lawrence High school. I know the behavior of venomous snakes and can handle them without a problem.

Chesley: WOAH, WOAH, WOAH!!! I’m lost.

Alister: You got me too.

Chris: How else would you explain an army of Iron Knuckes at JFK, LaGuardia, SFO, LAX, Chicago O’Hare, Dallas Fortworth, London Heathrow, Paris Charles De Gaulle, and many other major airports across the globe?

Carlos: Is that what those giant suits of armor are?

Chris: Yes, no time to explain, I must go now, I have to help Katelynn. Come on Old Girl, we must get going.

Volvagia: Beep Beep!

Christian then hops in Volvagia and drives away.

Chesley: If everything Chris is saying is true, then we must prepare for the biggest space mission of all time.

Alister: We are talking more than rescuing 2 shuttles, we are talking about the most dangerous mission in the history of space travel.

Carlos: And Chris is the one who knows more about it than anything, it’s a good thing he is commanding the flight otherwise, we would not have a fighting chance.

Meanwhile, Christian and Volvagia were already on the road to Lawrence High School, along the way, Volvagia began honking her horn, and managed to pick up a Volvo V50 along the way.

Chris: Volvagia Old Girl, what are you up to?

Volvagia: Beep Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep.

The more Volvagia honked, the more Volvos of all years and models joined her, until a huge army of Volvos were trailing behind her. Volvagia then told all the Volvos to branch off and inform more Volvos to form an army and fight. The Volvos understood, and all of them branched off and passed the message on.

Chris: I have no idea what you’re up to Old Girl, but this is no time for a party, we need to help Katelynn.

Using all the power she had, Volvagia charged down the highway, off the of the off ramp, onto the main road, and drove right into the school’s gym. The next thing Chris saw completely put him in shock. Any army of giant spiders were crawling everywhere. Using the Gorean Blade, Christian used his sword spin attack, and slashed down any large spider that came near him. Christian then made his way over to the girl’s locker room.

Chris: Just how many of these mother fuckers are there?

Just then Christian made his way into the girls locker room, and what he saw stunned him. It was not the naked girls that had Chris speechless, but the fact that a large Asian Cobra was staring Katelynn right in the face.

Katelynn: Chrissy, please…….

Katelynn was almost ready to break down and cry, and judging his moment, Chris ran over, grabbed the snake by the head, and shoved it into a large bag.


Christian then ran as fast as he could bagging each venomous snake one by one.


Chris: I can’t do that Katie Belle, some of these girls have been bitten, and no doubt there are more of these things slithering about in our town. If I destroy these things, everyone bitten would lose all chances of survival. All medical facilities are gonna need all the anti-venom they can get.

Katelynn: Oh, I didn’t think about that, but that’s an amazing Idea Chrissy. Is there anyway I could help?

Chris: Call 911, and treat anyone who has been bitten. The best thing to do is use a large wooden plank, ruler, or anything long and rigid, then wrap it in a bandage, and place the bandage near the bite site. That will slow down the venom from spreading all over the body.

Katelynn: Got it!

Brittany: I’ll help too.

Alexis: As will I.

Lexi: Tori has been bitten, and so has Kelly, so please do what ever you can.

Christian then walks over to Kelly and Tori, and takes a look at their bite marks.

Chris: Katie Belle, start off by treating Kelly and Tori, they have been bitten by African Black Mambas. One bite from one of those means death in under 30 minutes if left untreated.

Katelynn: I’m on it.

Christian then continued bagging each snake until every last one was captured.

Chris: Okay, that’s the last of them.

Katelynn: I called the medics and they are on the way.

Alexis: Give me anything you can in the first aid kit, I want to make sure none of the bites become infected.

Lexi: I’m on it Sissy.

Katelynn: Alexis is planning on becoming a nurse after she graduates, so this is a really good chance for her to prove herself.

Just then the rest of the giant spiders came crawling into the girls locker room.

Chris: I got this girls.

Using May’s fire power, Christian kills the remaining spiders in one shot.

Katelynn: WOW!!!!! HOW DID YOU DO THAT???

Chris: May’s fire power. It’s a spell that allows me to put up a fire barrier and kill of any enemies in an instant.

Katelynn: That’s amazing Babe.

A few minutes later, the paramedics arrive, and take all the bitten victims to the near by hospitals. Snake specialists then show off, and take all the venomous snakes to have their venom extracted to get the anti-venom ready as soon as possible.

Lexi: Thank goodness that’s over.

Alexis: I just hope Kelly and Tori will be okay.

Chris: You did a great job treating them, and now that they are on their way to the hospital and receiving better treatment they should be just fine. The anti-venom is being worked on, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Brittany: Have you heard what’s been going on?

Chris: Yes I have. All major airports across the globe have flights grounded on all carriers because Iron Knuckles are guarding all terminals and plane hangers.

Katelynn: That’s crazy, not to mention there is a giant spider that is attacking LA, and could come near our town.

Alexis: Not to mention Jakarta has a problem with a large dinosaur breathing fire everywhere.

Lexi: And Australia has a freakishly large Jellyfish of some kind killing innocent people in an instant on the Great Barrier Reaf.

Brittany: Not to mention attacks of large skeletons in London.

Chris: And those stupid Meatheads attacking and eating people in Paris.

Katelynn: It must be the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus, who is the cause of this.

Chris: Oh, I know it is. He is doing this as a warning that he means business and plans to take over our world.

Just then Volvagia drives into the girls locker room and opens her doors.

Chris: Looks like the old girl is telling me to get on it, and destroy that spider before it gets too close.

Katelynn: Yeah. *Giggles*

Chris: Well, I must get going, so I’ll c-ya in a few.

Katelynn: Oh no, you’re not attacking that thing on your own. I’m going with you.

Chris: But Katie Belle….

Katelynn: NO BUTS CHRISSY!!! I told you that until you go out in Space, I am not letting you go, so I’m going with you Chrissy, and that’s final. End of discussion!

Brittany: You can’t win Chrissy.

Alexis: You need to let Katelynn have her way for now.

Lexi: And she said she wanted to treasure every last moment she has with you until you go. Maybe this could help you bond even more.

Chris: Well, since you survived the Fire Temple with me, I know you’ll be just fine sweetie, just stay close.

Katelynn: I wouldn’t have it any other way Boo.

Chris: Alright Volvagia, take us to the heart of LA.

Volvagia: Beep Beep.

Both Christian and Katelynn hop in Volvagia, and Volvagia takes off for Los Angeles.

Katelynn: Do you have any idea what we’re up against?

Chris: Yes, basically the thing looks like a giant female Australian Funnel Web Spider. Those things are fairly large given they are the size of a 25 Watt light bulb on average and can kill in under 15 minutes no thanks to powerful venom known as A-Trax-O-Toxin which is very dangerous to humans. This one however looks like the size of a DC-10 Jumbo Jet. Goodness knows how much damage a funnel web can do at that size. They are highly aggressive, so you must be very careful sweetie.

Katelynn: It’s not me I’m worried about, it’s you since you’re facing that big thing. Ugh……. It just makes me want to pee in my spankies to even imagine a spider of that size and one that has a very bad reputation too.

Chris: There have only been 13 recorded deaths from the male Funnel Web, but they were post 19727 to 1981. Goodness knows how many more fatalities occurred before 1927.

Katelynn: I don’t even want to think about it.

Chris: Neither do I for both our sakes, but because I am gonna be fighting that thing, I have no choice. I need to come up with a plan.

Katelynn: You’re right. What would catch that thing off guard?

Aleasha: Coupe De-Grace is what it is known, you need to stun Queen Aracnia before striking her down by using your arrows.

Chris: I got it.

Katelynn: Was that Aleasha?

Chris: Yes, I believe so, and she always know the steps to getting through an obstacle.

Katelynn: Glad we have her to help us out.

Chris: If it weren’t for her help, it would have taken me a lot longer to rescuing her.

Katelynn: I know, and I owe her a special thank you for looking after you, and helping you.

Just then the army of Volvos started forming around Volvagia and informed her that they are forming an army to fight. Volvagia then tells them to build an army around the globe to increase the numbers of Volvos to help take down anything the evil dark lord has to throw at them.

Chris: Volvagia Old Girl, this is not the time to be gathering friends, we need to take down Queen Aracnia.

Katelynn: I believe she has a plan.

Aleasha: Right you are Katelynn. She is building an army to help increase the defense force around your world.

Katelynn: That’s amazing.

Chris: Wow! You really are helping us out Old Girl.

Just then Volvagia slams on her brakes outside of Hollywood Studios, and Queen Aracnia, the Giant Spider is on the loose attacking everyone in her path. Cars were being flipped over, and thrown across the road, busses had giant fang holes in their roofs, buildings had shattered glass all over them, fire trucks, cob cars, and many more service vehicles were turned over and couldn’t help. Christian then gets his weapons and climbs out the sunroof with Katelynn following after him.


Chris: You won’t have to see it for long, I’m taking that thing down.

Katelynn: Good luck Baby, and be careful.

Chris: I will.

Christian then carefully aims his arrows at Queen Aracnia, and instantly stuns her in the eyes. Judging his moment, Christian jumps off of Volvagia’s roof, and strikes Aracnia with the Gorean Blade. Aracnia then gets really mad, rears up, and using her large twin dagger fangs, strikes down very hard at Christian, and strikes repeatedly. Luckily, Christian managed to dodge her attacks until she got madder, climbed up the side of the building, and released her off spring.


Katelynn then jumped off of Volvagia, and using a small capsule of eye glitter, stunned one of Aracnia’s off spring right in the eyes. Christian then charged at it, and took it down in one shot with the Gorean Blade.

Katelynn: CHRISSY, BEHIND YOU!!!!!

Christian then carefully aimed his arrows at the off springs eyes and stunned it, then by quickly using the Gorean Blade, Christian took it down with one might swipe.
Just then Queen Aracnia jumped off the building and right in front Christian and Katelynn. Katelynn then screamed in terror, and wrapped her arms around Chris as tight as she could.





Chris: Oh great. Well, here goes nothing.

Using the Flair Bow, Christian carefully aims his arrows at Queen Aracnia’s eyes, and manages to stun her again. Then by using the Gorean Blade, Christian slashes at Aracnia until she gets even more angry and rears up at Christian and Katelynn. With quick thinking, Christian grabbed, Katelynn, and wrapped his arms around her. Judging his moment, Christian then scrambled out from underneath Aracnia, and dodged her attacks.

Katelynn: Thanks Baby, I thought we were goners.

Chris: Not if I am taking that thing down.

Just then, Queen Aracnia climbed up the side of another building, and released 2 more of her off springs.

Chris: You know what to do Katie Belle.

Katelynn: Right!

Using quick thinking, Katelynn throws the capsule of eye glitter, and manages to stun both off springs right in the eyes. Using the Gorean Blade, Christian performs the Sword Spin attack and takes out both spiders in one shot just before Queen Aracnia jumps back down in front of him and Katelynn.

Chris: Okay Sweetie, lets take this thing out together.

Katelynn: Right!!!

Using the Flair Bow, Christian carefully aimed and shot his arrows in Queen Aracnia’s eyes, and by quickly throwing her capsule of glitter, Katelynn managed to help Christian stun Queen Aracnia in the eyes.


Using the Gorean Blade, Christian charges at the giant spider, and stabbs her right in the eyes. Queen Aracnia then rears up for one last time before falling on her back and then slowly fading away into nothingness.


Chris: We sure did Sweetie.

Katelynn then wraps her arms around Chris, and kisses him on the cheek.
Just then a large heart piece appears where Queen Aracnia vanished.

Chris: Here you go Sweetie.

Christian then handed Katelynn the heart piece so her strength would increase.

Katelynn: Thank you Baby. I think we should tell them what’s going on.

Chris: Good point!

Just then everyone in the crowds cheer, and thank both Christian and Katelynn for their bravery.
Christian and Katelynn then climb on top of Volvagia, and using quick thinking, Volvagia activates her microphone, and Christian is able to make his announcement.

Chris: CITIZENS OF LOS ANGELES & LAKE BUENA VISTA!!! We are under attack from the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus. The giant spider, Queen Aracnia was one of his ways of warning us that he is trying to take over our world.

Katelynn: He has built a very large castle in outer space so he can try to take over all our worlds. But we must not let that happen. We need to all stand up together and fight him.

Chris: Also, the reason why all major airports have their flights grounded is because an army of Iron Knuckles are guarding all terminals and all hangers everywhere, but if bring forth the US army to assist us, we can fix the problem, and have the flights airborne again.

Just then Chesley calls on Volvagia’s Blue Tooth Phone and interupts.

Chesley: THEY ARE NOT LYING!!!! This is Chesley from Nasa. Prince Christian Allen Mandez II is one of Nasa’s best employee’s and has worded here at Nasa for 12 and ½ years. He has put his hard work, dedication, and devotion here at Nasa, and has proved to be a valuable asset here. Also what he is saying about our attack is true, Christian has all the prove you can ask for the trunk in his car. You can’t find those type of weapons here in our world. You must listen to him.

Chris: Thanks Chesley. You heard him. We must do the best we can to form a rebellion together when the time comes and fight his army to defend what we have.

Everyone listens to Christian, Katelynn, and Chesley, and they surprisingly believe them.

Chris: Can any of you help us get to the LAX and commandeer a plane that can fly us to Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris.

The police the drive up along side Volvagia and offer assistance.

Officer: You can with a police escort. You 2 follow us, we’ll take you directly onto the tarmac so you can get a hold of a plane that can take you there.

Chesley: We have found a plane that is untouched at LAX. It’s a brand new American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER. We are sending you 4 of our pilots here from Nasa, and have gotten in contact with 6 AA flight attendants. They will meet you on the tarmac, and ensure you have a safe flight to Paris.

Officer: Do you have ID proving you are from Nasa?

Chris: Yes I do. And Katelynn has a CAOPF clearance card to prove that she’s with Nasa too.

Officer: Perfect, now lets get you 2 on that plane.

Chris: Right.

Christian and Katelynn then jump back in Volvagia through the sunroof, and Volvagia then drives off and follows the police to the airport.

Katelynn: What’s going on in Paris?

Chris: Meatheads attacking from the Catacombs underground.

Katelynn: OH MY GOD!!!!

Chris: Yeah, and there are armored skeletons attacking all over London from the Underground Tube lines.

Katelynn: Not to mention that giant lizard in Indonesia.

Chris: And also that huge Jellyfish in the Great Barrier Reef.

Katelynn: Yeah.

Chris: Looks like we have a big mission ahead of us. You’re gonna miss at least 10 days of school Sweetie.

Katelynn: I know, but it’s okay, because I have you.

Chris: And I know I’ll be fine because I have you..

Katelynn: Awwww Babe.

Just then, the police, and Volvagia show up at LAX and drive right onto the tarmac. A bunch of Iron Knuckles come charging, but soon enough, an army of Volvos come driving after Volvagia and start tackling down the Iron Knuckles. The US Air force then sends in their fighter jets to clear a path for the plane.

Chris: Where is the plane, it should be around here somewhere.

Just then Katelynn spots a beautiful, brand new American Airlines Jet.

Katelynn: Hey Chrissy, is that it?

Chris: Yes, it must be, it’s the only plane that doesn’t have any Iron Knuckles guarding it. Let’s move Volvagia.

Volvagia: Beep Beep!

Volvagia then follows the police car, and drives over to the brand new beautiful jet. She stops just as she reaches the plane.

Police: This is as far as I can take you. Airport security is here to check your IDs, and the baggage handlers will load your car and baggage on to the plane.

Chris: Thank you very much officer, you’ve been a big help.

Officer: Any time. Have a safe flight, and good luck on your mission.

Katelynn: Thank you for everything.

Officer: Any time Mam. Chris, you better hang onto this girl, she is definitely a keeper.

Chris: I will.

Officer: Good man, now have a safe flight, I’ll inform the police force that we need to build an army to take this evil man’s army down.

Security then checks Christian and Katelynn’s IDs as the baggage Handlers load Volvagia into the cargo bay of the plane.

The 4 pilots, and 6 flight attendants then arrive.

Captain Bill: Hi, I’m Captain William Hanes, but you can call me Bill. This is first officer Connor, and that’s Captain James, and First Officer Greg. We’ll be handling the flight for the first have, they will take over for the second half. These are our flight attendants, Richard, Leslie, Samantha, Michael, David, and Christy. They will take good care of you on this flight, and because you 2 are our only passengers sit anywhere you want. You’ll love first class.

Chris: Thank you very much, we look forward to flying with you.

Katelynn: Chrissy, this looks amazing; I’ve never even been on a plane before.

Chris: I have, and you’ll love it. First class is amazing.

Katelynn: It’ll be even more amazing because I’m with you baby.

Chris: I can’t agree with you anymore sweetie.

Katelynn: Awwww Babe. *Giggles*

Christian and Katelynn then board the plane, and shortly after they enter, Christian and Katelynn cannot believe their eyes.

Chris: WOW!!! I have flown on Nasas various 747s and none of them come close to being as beautiful as this. First class looks more amazing in person than it does in pictures.

Katelynn: THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! COOL!!! CHRISSY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Katelynn then wraps her arms around Chris, and gives him a big kiss on the cheek.

Micheal: Your seats go all the way back into a flat bed, along with the fact the inflight entertainment system has over 50 movies, 100 t.v. shows, 35 games, as well as internet access.

Christy: They also come with complimentary Bose Head phones, which you 2 can take home with you after the flight.

David: Not to mention Your dinner is a 4 course meal with a delicious pear salad, tomato bisque soup, Colorado rack of lamb, and upside down cake with icecream.

Samantha: And you 2 will also be treated to a message before you go to bed.

Richard: You are also given toiletries such as tooth paste, shaving cream for the young man along with a raiser, a tooth brush, a hair brush, lip balm, hand sanitizer and moisturizing lotion.

Leslie: And tomorrow your breakfast will be fresh fruit with pancakes and Orange Juice.

Katelynn: Chrissy!!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!!!!

Chris: I’m glad you think so Sweetie, and I am just as shocked as you are.

Christian and Katelynn then find 2 awesome window seats near the front of first class. The plane is then fueled up for its long journey. Volvagia gets strapped down and secured in the cargo bay. The flight attendants then play the safety video and then prepare for departure.

Outside the arm of Volvos along with the Air Force fighter planes continue to fight off the Iron Knuckles clearing a space for the plane to take off until finally the beautiful American Airlines Boeing Triple-7 300ER sores down the runway, takes off into the sky and becomes air borne.

Captain Bill: Christian & Katelynn, this is your captain speaking, we are now 10 minutes into the flight, so it’s safe to use any portable electronic devices or use the entertainment system. You are free to roam about the entire plane if you’d like, and the flight attends will soon be out to offer you some snacks and refreshments. We expect a very smooth flight all the way to Paris. So just relax, and enjoy the flight.

Katelynn: Chrissy, this is amazing.

Chris: I know, and I am sharing it with you, which makes it even more amazing.

Katelynn: Yeah. I am so glad, my first flight is with the love of my life.

Chris: This is no doubt the best flight ever.

Katelynn: Awww Baby.

Chris: We better enjoy it while we can because when we land, we have a long road ahead of us.

Katelynn: Yeah, you’re right, so lets enjoy and treasure the time we have now.

Christian and Katelynn then sit back and enjoy the flight while they can because even though one battle was won, a war has just begun.


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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

Post  Christian_Ryan_Boltar on Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:15 am

Chapter 15 European Chaos

The next day, Alexis, Brittany, Ashley, and Lexi arrived at the hospital and were glad to find that their friends Tori and Kelly were going to be just fine.

Alexis: How are you girls feeling?

Tori: Much better now?

Kelly: Yes, we’re doing great.

Ashley: The doctor says you should be out by tomorrow.

Brittany: You 2 were really lucky that an anti-venom was made in time.

Lexi: It was all thanks to Chris.  He knew what snakes had bitten you, and rather than killing off al the snakes which he could have easily done, he bagged them and kept them alive so anti-venom could be made.   If it wasn’t for him, you 2 probably wouldn’t have made it.

Brittany: Also Chrissy gave Alexis pointers how to treat the bites by wrapping up the bite sites using bandages and a stake to prevent the venom from spreading out your bodies.

Ashely:  It was also thanks to Alexis for cleaning out your bite sites to prevent infections before you arrived here.   Because of her, neither one of you lost an arm to tissue damage, so you owe her a big thank you too.

Tori: I was wrong about Chris, he really is someone amazing.

Kelly: He is, isn’t he.

Alexis: Right now he and Katelynn are on their way to Paris.

Lexi: The city of love.

Ashley: But it’s not the love they are their for, those 2 are on a dangerous mission, so lets hope their mission is a safe one.

Meanwhile, after a long but relaxing flight, the plane lands safely at Charles De Gaulle in Paris.

Katelynn: Chrissy, that was amazing, you have just made my day.

Chris: I am so glad it made you happy, and I was glad to experience it with you.

Captain James: Thank you for flying with us and we hope to see you again real soon.   We have gotten in touch with Alister from Nasa, and he has arranged for your transportation to London.   He says to look for a famous British Steam Train at Gare du Nord Station, you can’t miss it.

Chris: Thank you very much, for everything.

Katelynn: We will definitely come back.

Just then, Volvagia was being unloaded out of the cargo bay.  She looked well rested, and was ready to get to work.

Chris: Volvagia Old Girl, it looks like you had just as good of a flight as we did.

Katelynn: Ready to take us Sweetie?

Volvagia: Beep Beep!

Chris: That’s a good girl.

Both Christain and Katelynn hop in Volvagia, and Volvagia takes off, and drives out of the airport.

Chris:  Okay, we need to find the Catacombs.

Katelynn: I am not sure where they are exactly. Hmmmmm.

Chris: It should be somewhere near the heart of Paris, since Paris is built on top of the Catacombs, and it’s rumored that as the population grew, there was no where to place the dead bodies, so they were thrown in the Catacombs underground.   It’s rumored to be the most haunted place on the planet.

Katelynn: I love hauntings and ghosts, but to go to some place with as troubled of a history as that, totally freaks me out.

Chris: I hear ya Sweetie.

Just then Volvagia honks her horn, and once again manages to find a Volvo ally to follow her.

Katelynn: Looks like we’ve just picked up a friend.

Chris: Volvagia must be continuing to form her army.

Sure enough she was, for Volvagia was picking up more and more Volvos as she was driving along.  The more she honked her horn, the more Volvos joined her until it was the same as before when a large army of Volvos was driving behind her.     Volvagia then told all the other cars to split up and continue to form an army all across Europe and try to expand all over Asia and Africa too.   All of the other Volvos agreed, and they all split up.   Volvagia, Christian, and Katelynn then came up to the Arc De Triomphe when a bunch of large hands came up from under ground.  Volvagia then slammed on her brakes, spun a 360, and came to a stop.


Chris: Darn Meat heads, that’s what they are.

Then sure enough a bunch of those Ugly Meet Heads came walking straight towards Volvagia……

Chris: I can easily take down one or 2, but these are hundreds of them.  I can’t take em all out at once.

Katelynn: They look disgusting.

Chris: You’re telling me.   Their source must be in the Catacombs.    There is a museum about it, but that is only one section, in order to shut off the source, we need to go deep, and there is only one way…….  Yes.   Along the Paris River.  Volvagia, see if you can drive onto a ferry then find us a way underneath Paris.

Volvagia: Beep Beep!!!

Volvagia, then puts her self in reverse, drives on to a bridge, and stops.  Volvagia then revs up her engine and prepares to jump.

Chris: No Volvagia!!!! There is no boat.  STOP!!!!

Katelynn: NO DON’T DO IT!!!!

Volvagia then charges at full speed, jumps off the bridge, and splashes into the river below.

Chris: Volvagia!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????

Just then Volvagia popped out from underwater and began to float, and was able to move down the river like a boat.


Chris: The old girl never ceases to amaze me.

Volvagia then floated down the river until Christian spotted a large tunnel to the left.
Chris: That must be it.  The entrance to the Catacombs.

Katelynn: It looks freaky……..

Just then, more and more large hands and meatheads were popping out of the ground, and attacking innocent people.    The whole city of Paris was soon becoming a place of horror, and death just as it was during the French Revolution hundreds of years ago.

Chris: We must go in, otherwise the whole city will become one big blood bath.

Volvagia then entered the tunnel, and turned on her 2 headlamps, her fog lamps, and her bonnet spot light.   The tunnels looked very dark and confusing, not to mention the high number of human bones were everywhere.

Katelynn: Chrissy, I don’t like this place.

Chris: I know you don’t, but we have to do this.

Aleasha: The Core of the monsters is farther deep, I will show you, the way.

Chris: Thanks Aleasha, we could use the help.

A bright light then directed Volvagia deeper and deeper into the Catacombs.

Katelynn: How much farther?

Chris: Your guess is as good as mine.

Volvagia then rolled up onto dry land, and drove further and further down the tunnels until finally reaching the core inside the Catacombs Museum.

Chris: It was here in the museum.   I didn’t think they would place it in a place so obvious.


Chris: I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t think it would be placed in a place as obvious as a museum.


Chris: A NERD???!!!!

Katelynn: BABY!!!! I’M SOOO SORRY, I DIDN’T MEAN THAT!!!! Look, can we please just destroy the core and get out of here?

Chris: Of course Sweetie.

Katelynn: I’m sorry for calling you that, I was just angry.

Chris: I understand.

Christian then gets out the Gorean Blade and tries to strike down the core, but the blade wouldn’t cut.  It was like the core was protected by a barrier.    Just then more large hands came out from underneath the Catacombs.  One hand grabbed onto Katelynn’s mini skirt, and pulled her down to the ground.  Four more grabbed onto Volvagia’s wheels, locking her down so she couldn’t move.


Just then a group of Meatheads came walking in and lunged towards Chris, Katelynn and Volvagia.  Volvagia then sprayed motor oil on one right in the face, Katelynn then got out her eye glitter and threw some in another one’s face, and Christian shot an arrow in another.   Christian then performed the Sword Spin attack, and took down all 3 meatheads in one shot, along with the arms that were holding Katelynn and Volvagia down.    

Chris: Brace yourself you 2, there is more of them coming.

Katelynn: Right!

Four more Meatheads came lunging in at them, and with quick thinking Volvagia sprayed all 4 of them with motor oil, then Katelynn threw her eye glitter at all four of them, then Christian shot each one with an arrow.


Using the Gorean Blade Christian then struck down all 3 Meatheads in one might swipe.   Then judging his moment, Christian used the ice arrow, and managed to freeze the core.    The large core then crystallized, and self destructed with a massive explosion.    The whole ground shook for 30 seconds as each Meathead above ground was being destroyed by the explosion of the core.  


Chris: Yes we sure did.

Volvagia then opened her doors, and both Christian and Katelynn hopped in.

Chris: Alright Old Girl, Gare Du Nord Train Station, and hurry.

Volvagia: BEEP BEEP!!!

Volvagia then took off, and drove out of the Catacombs Museum, and out through the entrance and onto the main road.  Everyone in Paris then saw Christian and Katelynn inside of Volvagia and instantly recognized them as the 2 that made the large speech over in Los Angeles.  Little did Christian and Katelynn know that their speech was broadcasted across the globe, so everyone on Corneria knew who they were, and they also knew to prepare for an upcoming war.  Just then Alister gives Christian a call on the car’s blue tooth phone.

Alister: Good Evening Chris and Katelynn.  I take it you’ve taken care of the problem over in Paris.

Chris: That is a big 10-4, and we are on our way to the train station.

Alister: Excellent.  We have contacted the US Government, and they have gotten in touch with the French Government so they know to prepare for a war.

Chris: That’s great.

Alister: And how are you Ms. Katelynn?

Katelynn: I’m doing wonderful, how are you?

Alister: I am excellent, thank you.  Now to let you know your train is a steam powered Orient Express bound for King Cross Station in London.  The locomotive is the City Of Truro number 3717 from the Great Western Railway.  She departs as soon as you arrive.  Be sure you 2 get a good night sleep, you will need it.  

Chris: Thanks, will do.  Alright Old Girl, lets go!

Volvagia: BEEP BEEP!!!

Alister: By the way Chris, there is a pipe Organ Recital at Notre Dame Cathedral in less than 5 minutes, and if you'd like to participate, now would the time to do so.

Chris: GOT IT!!!!!!!

Volvagia’s Pratt & Whitney Turbo kicks in, and she takes off flying down the city’s main streets until stalling outside of Notre Dame De Paris.

Katelynn: Chrissy, what are we here for?

Chris: No time to explain, we don't even have a minute left, and we must hurry to London.

Chris then rushes inside of the Notre Dame Cathedral, flies up the stair case leading to the gallery, and instantly sits down at the mighty Cavaille-Coll Organ's Console and begins playing the Gigout Toccata, a symphony that was written by Eugene Gigout.  Katelynn then followed, and was almost out of breath by the time she made it to the gallery.

Katelynn: Chrissy, you need to slow down, I can't keep up.

Just then Christian had set to work, and the Gigout Toccata was already in the mists of being played.  The symphony started out softly but at an amazing high speed with only a couple of divisions stops pulled, but as the piece progressed, more stops were pulled, and the 32 foot reed pipes were being played, and the louder and more powerful the symphony became.  Christian then pulled out the main knob that pulled out all stops on the organ, and pretty soon the Toccata was in high gear.  Stomping on the pedal boards, and pounding on the 5 manuals went on until the thunderous finale at the end.

Everyone in the cathedral cheered.


Chris, the pipe organ is an instrument I enjoy playing, and although it's the most difficult musical instrument known to man, it's certainly rewarding, and I always get a huge rush when playing a Toccata.  I Feel very powerful when each symphony hits its Climax, and all stops need to be pulled.  Also this instrument was built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll during the late 1800s.  The Organ case dates even farther back than that.  This organ, is the largest and most powerful instrument in all of France with over 9000 pipes, 110 stops, 152 ranks, and 5 manuals.  


Chris: As am I by this organ, or anything made by Cavaille-Coll.  Their pipe organs were like no other, and far superior to anything else.  Only Casavant Freres comes close to making pipe organs with amazing craftsmanship and mechanical refinement, but then again, Casavant, like Cavaille-Coll is a French company, except their based in Quebec Canada outside of Montreal, and I have great respect for Casavant, in fact, they built the pipe organ in Norte Dame De Montreal, and it's their finest instrument.  My family had a beautiful E.M. Skinner Organ that was built in 1929 with over 9,000 pipes, 129 stops, 167 ranks, and 5 manuals.  It was a wonderful instrument, and it was a beautiful work of art that I always enjoyed playing.  I was heartbroken when I saw it being destroyed by the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus for it was the very first pipe organ I have ever played, it's where my family held various town recitals, and the organ was where I first met you 12 years ago.  I could go on and on about it, but we're on a tight schedule so, I'll play one more symphony then we're out of here.

Katelynn: I know how you feel baby, and I will never forget how we first met.  That organ recital and Royal Betrothing Banquet was one of the best nights and worst nights of my life.  It was one of the worst because I lost my birth Mommy and Daddy, but it was one of the best because I met you, and I heard your amazing organ playing...... From the moment I first met you, I thought you were amazing, and I still think you're amazing.

Chris then plays the most famous Toccata known to man when it comes to pipe organs, the Widor Toccata Symphony 5.  This symphony was very popular with the crowd, and was one of the hardest pieces ever known to be performed.  Chris only touched the keys lightly with his wright hand while playing the melody primarily with his left hand, and the pedal board.   The notes thundered throughout the cathedral as Chris pounded on the 5 manuals with his left hand, and stomped on the pedal board with his feet until the symphony faded into silence when Chris was only lightly touching the keys until, Chris opened both tone ranged pedals all the way opening up the wind chests to all divisions, and Chris pulled out all stops sending the symphony into over drive and putting the climax way over the top until the famous finale when Chris slammed on the manuals and pedal board repeatedly until one final slam bringing the famous Toccata to an end.

The whole Cathedral bursted out clapping like mad, when Chris looked at his cell phone, and saw he and Katelynn had to go.

Chris: Okay Katie Belle we must get going.


Chris: I know, I tend to get carried away during a Toccata, but I can't help it, those powerful 15 foot and larger pipes make you feel powerful the moment you put them into use, especially on a pipe organ as powerful as that and with the Widor Symphony 5 Toccata at that.

Katelynn: What's a Toccata if you don't mind me asking.

Chris: A Toccata is well....... If you play a piano you primarily play with your right hand, and your left hand follows.  The right hand does the melody while your left hand only either chords, background, or secondary melody.  In a Toccata it's sort of the other way around.  Your right hand lightly touches the keys, but VERY fast, and it's your left hand that primarily plays the main melody along with your feet.  Your feet are playing a pedal key board, and are hitting the deepest notes which are played using the pipes as large as 15-32 feet.  Also unlike a piano where you only have one key board and 2 to 3 tone ranged pedals, a Pipe organ has 3-7 key boards, and 2 to 5 tone ranged pedals.   So there is a lot going on, and it's really hard on the brain, so you need to think and work fast when it comes to pulling a Toccata, especially the Widor Symphony 5 Toccata.

Katelynn: WOW!!!!! THAT IS COOL!!!!!!

Christian and Katelynn then hop back into Volvagia, drive off, and it isn't long until the the Gare Du Nord Train Station finally comes into view.

Katelynn: By the way, did Allister tell us the platform?

Chris: No, but I know exactly what engine to look for, the Legendary City Of Truro.   That locomotive was built in April of 1903, and in May of 1904, she became the first vehicle of any kind to reach 100 miles an hour.
Katelynn: WOW!!!!

Chris: Yep, and because of that she is one of the top 5 most legendary steam locomotives in all of England.   I have wanted to ride that locomotive for a long time, but now, she’s our engine.

Katelynn: And That is great!!! I’m sure she’s a very beautiful train.

Chris: Oh she is.  Well, wait, Volvagia, don’t be…..

Just then Volvagia drives right through the station’s main entrance, drives down the corridors, past security, through the departure lounges, and onto the platform……

Chris: Too rash.

Katelynn: Well we’re here, this must be it.

Chris: Yeah, and we are looking for a beautiful green steam locomotive…..

Just then, Christian’s jaw dropped as he saw the stunning City Of Truro and her 6 car train being polished and readied to go.  Volvagia then drove up to the train, and stopped right next the baggage car behind the locomotive.

Chris: WOW!!!!

Katelynn: AMAZING!!!!



Chris: You got that right.  

Engineer John: Hello, can help you?

Chris: Yes, I’m Prince Christian Allen Mandez, and this is my girlfriend Princess Katelynn Riku Calver, we were told by our man Alister that this was our assigned train to take us to London.

Engineer John:  Yes, Alister told me about you, and I’ve been expecting you.  I am John, your main engine driver, this my fireman Peter, and that is your second engine driver Jim, and that is his fireman Christopher.  Peter and I will be handling the first leg of the journey while Jim and Christopher will take over for the second leg.  We should arrive in London first thing in the morning, but I should warn you, the railway systems are mad house there.   The Picadilli, Northern, and Jubilee lines have been over run by these armored skeletons of some kind.

Chris: I am fully aware of the situation, and plan to have it take care of as soon as possible.

Engineer John: Very good!  Conductor Henry along with Percy the Chief Stewart will take good care of you, so climb aboard, we’ll top off our coal and water, then we’ll be on our way.

Katelynn: Thank you very much, we’ll do!

Conductor Henry: Right this way your royal highnesses, let me welcome you 2 aboard the Orient Express.

As Christian and Katelynn boarded the train, Volvagia slowly backed herself into the baggage car, and was safely chained down and secured.  Shortly after boarding, Christian and Katelynn were in for a big surprise.    The entire train was beautifully polished with beautiful wood with stained glass, plush velvet seats, along with beautiful pictures of old British trains from during the golden age of steam.   The train had 5 beautiful passenger cars which included a beautiful first class sleeper compartment which featured a four poster bed and a full bathroom with a shower, a beautiful first class dining car which featured beautiful china laid out on the dining room tables along with very soft and plush velvet sofas, a beautiful Steinway upright piano, along with first class service.   The other 2 passenger cars were a beautiful first class coach which was the first car Christian and Katelynn walked aboard, and of course a very beautiful parlour car at the rear of the train which was a beautiful car surrounded by large glass windows, had large comfortable arm chairs that had foot rests, a bar, a t.v. with a dvd player, and a cute little fire place.


Chief Stewart Percy: Oh, I forgot to mention your dinner will be a five course Greek Salad along with French Onion Soup, Wild Mushrooms, Cock-O-Van, and a white chocolate soufflé.  Tomorrow morning for your breakfast, you will be served delicious fresh fruit with our chef’s specialty French Toast along with the best fruit juices offered.  We’ll give you some nice refreshing Orangina to give you a good start to your trip.


Katelynn then wraps her arms around Chris, and gives him a big wet kiss on the cheek.

Conductor Henry: ALL ABOARD!!!!!

Engineer John then gives 3 blasts on the whistle, slowly pulls back on the reversing screw, then slowly eases the throttle open, and with one loud and mighty CHUFF CHUFF, CHUFF CHUFF, CHUFF CHUFF, CHUFF CHUFF, CHUFF CHUFF CHUFF CHUFF, CHUFF CHUFF CHUFF CHUFF, they were backing out of Gare Du Nord Station and onto a wye.    Engineer John then stopped the train, threw the reversing screw forward, gave one mighty blast and with a loud WHOOOOOOO!!!!! They were off.   It wasn’t long until the mighty City Of Truro was picking up speed and then flying down the line at 75 miles an hour.    Pretty soon the speedometer climbed and the City Of Truro was flying down the line at a staggering speed of 110 miles an hour.

Katelynn: Chrissy, I don’t know how you do it?  You got us on this amazingly beautiful plane, which was my first flight, and the most amazing flight I have been on so far, and now you got us on this amazingly gorgeous steam train.  I don’t know how you do it, but you’re amazing, and I love you very much.   Even if you weren’t able to pull this off, I would still love you because you’re such an amazing person, and you don’t have to shower me with luxury and glamour to win my heart, you already won my heart the moment you rescued me from that horrible temple.

Chris: I would do anything for you Katie Belle, know that.  I love you with all my heart and more than anything.  I love everything about you, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.  I am more than happy to bring you aboard these beautiful planes, trains, and everything else.   Even if they weren’t chartered or provided by Nasa like they are, I would be more than willing to pay the full price to you, because it would be my way of showing you how much I love you, and how special to me you really are.

Katelynn: Oh Baby…..  You’re gonna make me cry Boooo.

Chris: Well lets enjoy our ride on this train, because tomorrow we have another full day.

Katelynn: Yep.  *Giggles*

Chris: I still can’t get over the fact that the Legendary City Of Truro is pulling our train.   She is one of my all time favorite engines, and is one of the most amazing machines in the world.

Katelynn: Really?  You say that with every steam train.  *Giggles*

Chris: But this is the Legendary City Of Truro we’re talking about, the first vehicle of any kind to reach 100 miles an hour.

Katelynn: *kisses ur cheek*  I get it Baby.  *Giggles*

Christian and Katelynn then enjoy a romantic train ride on the Orient Express as the Legendary City Of Truro steams on through the night.

The next morning the beautiful City Of Truro arrived at Waterloo Station in London and it was like all hell broke loose.   There were armored skeletons everywhere and it looked like everyone was being attacked.  Just then, Christian had spotted Barnaby Craighan wreaking havoc with his evil laughter and uncontrollable shooting with a powerful machine gun.
Volvagia then drives out of the baggage car, out of King’s Cross Station, and onto London’s mainstreets.   Volvagia then began honking her horn, and got to work on building her army of Volvos to help.
Christian and Katelynn then get off the train and run after Barnaby.



Just then Juan calls Katelynn on her cell phone.

Juan: Hey Katelynn, this is Juan, do you read me?

Katelynn: Yes, loud and clear. What’s up?

Juan: I have found a tracking on the man you are after?  His name is Barnaby Craighan, am I correct?

Katelynn: Yes you are.  Can you help us get a location?

Juan: Yes, I have managed to hack into the system and get a very clear map of all the lines in the London Underground.    We have placed a small camera on the stack of the City Of Truro, and had it shoot a tracking device on the man you’re after.   Right now from the looks of it, it appears he is moving to the south bound platform for the Northern Line, make sure you and Chris get on the platform and wait for further instructions.

Katelynn: Thanks.    Okay Chrissy, your friend Juan says that he shouldn’t be too far, he’s on a South Bound Platform of the Northern Line.

Chris: Okay, good to know.   Also to let you know, this is not King's Cross Station, it's actually WaterLoo.   Someone must have gotten the message wrong or mixed up the stations.   But it’s actually better that we came here because now we can track down Barnaby and get him.  If we succeed, Lord Barnabus will be knocked off his horse.  

Katelynn: Yeah, he won’t see it coming.

Christian attacks and destroys each armored skeleton that stands in his way until both he and Katelynn finally reach the south bound platform on the Northern Line.

Juan: Katelynn, you and Chris hold on because I am not sure if he is on the train or not.

Katelynn: Got it.  It's hard to see because the platform has massive glass doors in front of the train, and those glass doors partially block our view.

Just then as the warning door warning alarm goes off signaling that the platform's glass doors and the train doors are going to shut, Christian then spots Barnaby Craighan on the train.




Chris: YOU GOT IT!!!

Both Christian and Katelynn run and jump up to the glass doors as fast as they can as they slowly begin to shut with the alarms going off, and Christian manages to jump on the inside of the glass doors and onto the side of the train.  Using all the strength he has, manages to keep the train's doors open, and by grabbing Katelynn by her butt, manages to throw her through both the platform glass doors and the train's doors and into the cabin before both sets of doors slam shut as the train takes off. The train's motors made quite the loud racket as it departed and picked up speed.  

Chris: I have forgotten how noisy the Northern and Jubilee Line Trains are as they depart. Those motors whine something fierce; it kinda sounds like a loud screeching sound followed by a revving sound. It sounds cool when you're a passenger riding the train, but not when you're on the outside hanging on for dear life.

Christian then climbs on top, runs towards the very front of the train, climbs down to the very front emergency access door and stairs at the train operator right in the face.


Without hesitating the train operator opens the door and Christian runs down the length of the train to catch Barnaby.

Katelynn: Okay Juan I’m on the train, and I believe Chris is too.

Juan: Okay good.  He is looks as if he is dressed as a British policeman.

Katelynn: Yeah I know, and here comes Chrissy, he’s running down the length of the train to look for him.

Juan: Okay, does Chris know that Mr. Craighan is dressed like a policeman?

Katelynn: Yes, he does, and I am with Chrissy right now if you’d like to talk to him.

Juan: No it’s okay, he’s busy looking for him, so I’ll talk to you, and you can direct him.

Katelynn: Okay, sounds good to me.

Chris: I found him Katie Belle, he’s in the next car.

Katelynn: Okay, Chris has found him, so what should we do?

Juan: If you 2 go charging after him, he’ll attack and everyone on that train might be killed.    Just wait and see if he gets off the train at the next stop.  Follow him if he does.

Katelynn: Okay, we’ll do.   Okay Chrissy, don’t attack him, just wait and see if gets off at the next stop or not.

Chris: Okay, that works for me.

The train then rolls into Charing Cross station, and Barnaby Craighan then disembarks the train.

Katelynn: Okay, it turns out he’s leaving the train, and we are too.

Juan: Okay, you 2 follow him, and don’t let him get away.  Don’t follow too closely behind him, but don’t let him out of your site.

Katelynn: GOT IT!!!!

Christian and Katelynn then trail behind Barnaby until Barnaby walks through a restricted side door saying “Authorized Personal Only.”  Using Katrina’s Magic, Christian then manages to leave the door open, and both he and Katelynn run through the door, climb down a ladder, and down into a tunnel below.   Just then Christian and Katelynn find Barnaby climbing up a ladder leading him to the street above.


Christian then carefully aims the Flair Bow with the Arrow Of Light and Aims it straight at Barnaby.

Barnaby: Well done Christian and Katelynn!!!!  Well done.  You 2 have caught me fair and square.  Here is your reward.    The newest thing from a nearby toy store, it's called Radio.

Barnaby then gets out a radio remote and blasts a giant hole in the wall.

Chris: I hope that wasn’t for us.

Katelynn: That aim sucked, you were way off if you were trying to get us.

Barnaby: No I wasn’t.  Haaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaa.  But that is.

Just then a 1995 Northern Line Train Stock comes crashing through the wall, dives down, and heads straight for Christian and Katelynn.   Katelynn runs behind Chris, and screams in terror, and using Katrina’s Magic, Christian manages to stop the train dead in its tracks.  Using most of his strength and the power of Katrina’s Magic, Christian then gently places the train down on the cement, and both he and Katelynn climb up the ladder and chase after Barnaby.    

Meanwhile, Barnaby has made it above ground, but he was not expecting what he saw.  Right in front of him was Volvagia and an arm of Volvos waiting to attack.  All of them were reving their engines and honking their horns very loudly warning him if he made one wrong move he was dead.  Barnaby then tried to run away but was blocked off by another army of Volvos.  He then tried to climb down the ladder but Katelynn and Christian were climbing out, and right on his tail.   Barnaby then ran into the street, and moved as fast as he could.  Volvagia and the army of Volvos then chased after him until he was running out of breath.

Chris: Alright, Volvagia that’s enough now.

Katelynn: I doubt you’ll get her to stop now that she’s hard on his tail.

Chris: Volvagia!  If you don’t stop you won’t be invited to the wedding.

Just then Volvagia slams on her brakes and comes to a grinding halt, then the rest of the Volvos one by one also come to a grinding halt.  
Barnaby tries to make a run for it, but is instantly cut off by the London Police.

Officer: We have you now!  If you thought you could get away with causing an upset on the London Underground, while you must be in need of a lot of help.

Barnaby: Help me, Help me, THEY’RE AFTER ME, THEY’RE AFTER ME!!!

Officer: Who’s after you?

Barnaby: Those Volvos, hundreds of them! Can’t you see them you Nitwit?!!

Just then Christian and Katelynn show up.

Chris: You’re not getting away this time Mr. Craighan, now surrender your power!

Barnaby: I don’t have any magic powers, it was all a bluff.  Lord Barnabus was the one using all of the magic, he created the phantom of mine, gave Ben the magic power to control your friends minds, and he rewarded me by giving me the smaller South Section Of the Magic Kingdom as long as I followed his orders.  I don’t have any magic powers, honest.    That was even his magic to leave you the message after you defeated my phantom that he created.

Chris: I’m not buying it.

Using Katrina’s Magic, Christian places his left hand over Barnaby and tries to siphon out his magic, but surprisingly, Barnaby Craighan was telling the truth.

Chris: You’re right, you have nothing.

Barnaby: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, it was all Lord Barnabus I tell you.
Officer: What shall I do with this man?

Katelynn: Take away any weapons he has and put him under observation.  Chrissy and I will find the right punishment for him.

Officer: Very well.   We’ll put him in our tightest security Prison here in England, which is not to far away from here.  We shall keep him locked up until you 2 give us the orders to do otherwise.

Katelynn: Thank you officer.

Officer: No problem.  You must be Prince Christian, and Princess Katelynn from the International Broadcast 2 days ago.

Chris: Yes that’s us.

Officer: We are more than happy to help, and it’s thanks to you, everyone on that Northern line train has evacuated safely and only 4 passengers are seriously injured but are okay.

Just then Christian gets a call from Carlos.

Carlos: Hello Christian, I’m glad to see that you managed to get everything in England under control and in such a short time too.

Chris: Yes, it was no problem.  We have captured Barnaby, and now we need a plane to take us to Jakarta.

Carlos: That is no problem.  British Airways wants to test out their brand new Airbus A380-800, and would be honored to have you and Katelynn as their first customers.

Chris: That sounds great, thank you very much.

Carlos: The British Air Force are taking care of those suits of armor and have them under control, so you should have a better take off out of London Heathrow than you did out of LAX.   Now you and Katelynn have a safe flight to Jakarta.

Chris: Thank you, and will do.

Katelynn: Any good news Chrissy?

Chris: Yes, Carlos said that we do have a plane to take us to Indonesia.  British Airways wants us to be their first customers on their brand new Airbus A380-800 Super Jumbo.

Katelynn: YAY!!!!

Officer:  We’ll gladly escort you to your plane since Heathrow is at least a full hour driver from here.

Chris: Thank you very much, Katelynn and I appreciate it.

Just then Carlos gives Chris another call.

Carlos: By the way Chris, Saint Paul's Cathedral in London is also having a pipe organ recital in 10 minutes, so if you want to participate in it, now would be the time to do so.

Christian: AWESOME!!!!

Katelynn: Is it another organ concert?

Christian: Yes it is.


Christian: We have more time to kill here, so I can play even better symphonies at this one, not to mention, Saint Paul's Cathedral has an even more powerful organ than Notre Dame, despite the fact that it has 1000 less pipes than Notre Dame's, Saint Paul's organ uses much larger wind chests, as well as larger pipes to really put on a good show.

Katelynn: AWESOME, I SO CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR YOU!!!! *giggles and squeaks*

Barnaby Craighan was then placed in handcuffs, and taken to the highest security prison in England, while Christian and Katelynn hopped in Volvagia, and took off for Saint Paul's Cathedral.  It wasn't long until they arrived at the front entrance, and judging her moment, Volvagia, drove straight through Saint Paul's main entrance, down the isle, and stopped right next to the the console of the grand organ.   Christian then gets out of Volvagia, and sits down at the console, and Katelynn sits next next to him with her feet on the bench so she doesn't press any of the pedal keys.

Chris: AWESOME!!!! This thing has 5 tone range pedals, so now I have more control over this instrument than I did over the one in Notre Dame.

Katelynn: Oh?......

Chris: Yes, the one in Notre Dame only had 2 tone ranged pedals for the wind chests and divisions for simple use, but was not as practical of a set up as this, where as this, I can open and close any division at will, and give a better balance to each symphony that is played.

Katelynn: Awesome!!! Now please, show everyone what you can do, I can't wait anymore you bad boy!!!! *Giggles*

Chris: Here it goes.

And with that, Chris set to work on playing the Boellmann Gothic Suite, starting with the introduction choral with 2 divisions wide open.  The pipes thundered as Chris stomped on the pedal board with each note he played.  Then slowly letting off on the 2 division tone range pedals he had open, the music became more gentle and more beautiful as the symphony continued when, then the divisions were opened wide open again as the musical notes thundered through the pipes of the massive cathedral.  The music became gentle and beautiful again, and Katelynn was in shock and awe of amazement, for she was completely blown away by the melody.  Katelynn then wrapped her arms around Chris, closed her eyes, and let her self be taken away by the magnificent symphony that Chris was playing.  Chris then slowly closed the 2 divisions he had open, and brought the introduction to an end, and the whole cathedral clapped in amazement.

Katelynn: CHRISSY!!!!! That one completely blew me away.  You never cease to amaze me.

Chris: This next piece is very different from what you've heard so far an is a nice change from the toccatas.  And the piece I just played was not a toccata, it was an introduction to a main symphony that Boellmann had written.

Chris then played Prière à Notre-Dame which was a very gentle piece.  By having a couple divisions open only half way, the symphony had everyone close their eyes and get taken away by the calm and gentle master piece, and once again, Katelynn, rested her head on Christian's shoulder as he played on.    Volvagia, then turned off her headlamps, let her suspension rest, and was laying on her under carriage with her wheels pointing sideways as the symphony played on, for it was a very soothing piece.  Christian then brought the pice to a close and just before everyone could clap, Christian had set to work on playing the famous Gothic Suite Toccata, but it wasn't long before Chris realized he was being accompanied by a brass band.

Chris: So they want to compete, do they?!!! Well then, they're on!!!!

Chris then opened up 3 of 5 divisions wide open as he tried to keep up the tempo with the brass band while playing the main melody with his feet.  Katelynn opened her eyes with a startle, while Volvagia jumped back on her wheels in that same manner and then they both got that same rush, Chris had gotten, while he was playing, and Katelynn grasped his shoulders really hard and smiled big while Chris played the famous toccata.  Only this time, both hands were lightly touching the keys, and the whole melody was being played on the pedal board via Chris's feet.  Chris then narrowed his eyes, and by the pounding of each note, played louder and louder, but the louder he played, the louder the brass band played, until Chris opened up all divisions wide open, and pulled out all stops, and the brass band couldn't keep up.   Chris's hands were tapping the keys at lightening speed, along with the pounding of the pedal board, and by this time, the toccata had reached it's climax, and the symphony was in over drive.  By this time, Katelynn's jaw had dropped, and she couldn't believe what she was hearing, or what she was seeing.   She was so blown away, she didn't know what to think, until Chris brought the Toccata to its conclusion along with the brass band, and had pounded on all 5 manuals along with the pedal board for the thunderous finale.  The crowd was in an uproar, as everyone clapped, and Katelynn wrapped her arms around Chris, and kissed his cheek.

Katelynn: WOW!!!!! CHRISSY!!!! I MEAN!!!!! WOW!!!!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!

Chris: THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!  THAT WAS PROBABLY THE BEST ORGAN PLAYING-RECITAL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!! I have been to a lot of organ recitals, but nothing like this one.  Never before did I have to compete with a brass band, so that made it really fun, but it felt extra special because you were by my side.  Also Volvagia has never heard me from up close in over 12 years since the Royal Betrothing Banquet; she only heard organ playing from outside cathedrals and Roman Catholic churches, so this must have been quite an experience for her too.

Volvagia: BEEP!!!! BEEP!!!!! Beep!!! BEEP!!!! BEEP!!!!

Katelynn: It looks like she enjoyed it too.

Chris: My 2 favorite girls got to enjoy it, and that's what made this extra special.

Volvagia: Then cried and sprayed washer fluid on her windshield, and activated her wiper blades, while Katelynn gave Chris another kiss on the cheek.

Katelynn: I'll never forget this Chrissy, as long as I live.  I'm one lucky girl to have a boyfriend as amazing and talented as you.

Chris: I'll gladly play for you again, and it was an honor to play for you at this recital.  Also this organ may not be my family's beautiful E.M. Skinner, an M.P. Moller, Casavant or a Cavaille Col, but it is still a magnificent instrument, and holds the honor of being the most powerful instrument I have ever played, and it has put all other large pipe organs I have played to shame.  Only 2 pipe organs range superior, and that is the Casavant Freres at the Carmel Mission Basilica in Carmel California, and the Smith & Gilbert organ Saint Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church in Boston.  Those are baby organs compared to this one, but they are beautiful, and unlike anything I've ever played.  Not counting those 2, this organ is by far the most amazing pipe organ I've ever played, and I got to play it with you by my side.

Katelynn: It was amazing to be by your side while you were playing, and I'll treasure this memory for always.

Chris: Well, now as other organists are coming in to play, it's time for us to go.

Katelynn: alright, Chrissy. *giggles and kisses ur cheek*

Chris: Ready Volvagia?

Volvagia: BEEP!!!! BEEP!!!!

Chris and Katelynn jump in Volvagia and drive out of Saint Paul's Cathedral, meet up with the police escorts, and were then escorted to London Heathrow Airport.    The army of Volvos, as well as the British Air Force managed to fight of the army of Iron Knuckles to allow the police to escort Volvagia, Christian, and Katelynn safely to their plane.  

Officer: This is as far as we’ll go, you 2 have a safe flight Jakarta.

Katelynn: Thank you very much.  Also are you guys okay with those skeletons?

Officer: Oh yes, the British Army is on it, and has most of them down.  We’ve been through much worse during World War II having dealt with the Fire Of London, so those Skeletons are easy peasey.

Katelynn: That’s good, well once again, Thank you so much.

Chris: Be sure to give our regards to the train crew on the Orient Express.

Officer: We will, now you 2 take care.  And by the way, we were at your organ recital, and heard everything.  Your playing was brilliant, be sure to keep it up.

Chris: Thank you, and will do. Smile

Volvagia was then loaded into the cargo bay of the huge jumbo, as Christian and Katelynn climbed on board the brand new state of the art plane, and after they boarded they were both blown away.

The plane’s first class cabin had private suites for one, and even some for 2 for those traveling in couples.  Window seats even had their own blinds, along with a huge 15 inch plasma t.v. screen with a huge selection of movies, t.v. shows, games, internet, and much more.   The first class also hard a large bar with a waterfall in it, and 2 of the bathrooms even had showers.


Chris: Apart from Nasa connections, it’s because I love you with all my heart.

Katelynn: Good answer Boo. Hehe.  *Kisses ur cheek*

Katelynn then wrapped her arms around Chris, and kissed his cheak, and it wasn’t long after until the majestic British Airways Airbus A380 was soring down the runway and taking off into the sky.     2 more battles may have been won while a war still rages on.

Meanwhile, up in his castle in space, the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus was furious.


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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Chapter 16 Battle And Vacation On The Pacific Rim

At Nasa, Ryan, Bradley, and the rest of the boys were getting more and more pissed of about their training, while over at the Obiter Processing Facility, the shuttle was finally reassembled, but need to have some modifications done to it.

Juan: Do any of you know what kind of weapons we can use to arm the shuttle?

Alister: I’m sure we can find something.

Chesley: Since we have a bunch of money left over, we can build giant missiles and arm the shuttle with those.

Carlos: We can also arm the shuttle with extremely powerful laser machine guns on the nose as well as the wings.

Chesley: We can mount the giant missiles on the more inward part of the wings, and place the laser machine guns more outward, and anything else we can find in between.

Juan: Alright! I’ll get to work on modifications right away. Also to let you know, Chris and I have added a safety feature to the fuel tank. It’s an instant release. For if any of you see one of the solid rocket boosters come lose like what happened on Challenger, you can warn us, and one of use can press a release button, and the large fuel tank would be released from the shuttle. We could continue into space with the remaining power from the orbiter’s main engines.

Alister: That’s brilliant! You and Chris are the perfect guys for this mission, and no doubt when your friends are out of training, we can both take down that evil man, and save those 2 lost shuttles.

Juan: Yes Sir! ☺

On the other side of the globe, it was 10 p.m. at night, and the British Airways Airbus Super Jumbo as landing right in the middle of lava rock where only one runway was open. It wasn’t very long until a large ugly Infernal Dinosaur known as King Dodongo came stomping towards the massive jet and stared at the pilots dead in the eyes!

Christian and Katelynn then quickly disembark, and Volvagia is instantly unloaded out of the cargo bay before the plane turns around and flies off to refuel in Hong Kong before heading home to England.

Chris: From getting off the plane to being directly thrown in to battle. Are you ready Katie Belle?


The Large beast then opens his mouth very wide and a massive flame comes gushing out, and the volcano on the neighboring island then erupts powerfully and violently. King Dodongo then curls up into a ball and rolls down the airport runway until coming to a stop. King Dondongo then gets back on his feet and begins to open his mouth again, however, Christian spots a familiar plant near him.

Chris: That couldn’t be what I think it is, could it?

Katelynn: What is it Boo?

Christian then uproots the plant and low and behold it’s a bomb flower.

Chris: Ah-ha! Just as I thought, it’s a bomb flower.

Christian then throws the bomb flower into King Dodongo’s mouth, and shortly after the beast swallows the bomb flower, it explodes inside his throat and stuns him. Christian then gets out the Gorean Blade and makes a mighty strike. King Dodongo then wakes up, curls up into a ball and rolls down the airport runway again. Firey hot lava as well as King Dodongo’s flaming hot breath lit up the night sky as if it was the fires of hell.


King Dodongo then opened his mouth wide open, and Christian then picked up another bomb flower, and threw it into the beast’s mouth. Shortly after swallowing, the bomb blew up in the large Dinosaur, stunning the massive beast stiff on the tarmac. Christian then made one mighty swipe using the Gorean Blade, and King Dodongo then got up, curled into a ball, and rolled even farther down the airport runway until coming to a stop.

Chris: Katie Belle, King Dodongo is mostly just size and isn’t as close to being as evil as Cardonia. King Dodongo is more of a warning, although he has cost the city of Jakarta an airport, he doesn’t have the brains Cardonia had and is a lot more clumsy. We can take him down no problem.

Katelynn: You’re Right Chrissy!!!! I just hate monsters. This guy doesn’t scare me nearly as much as that awful dragon. I’ll take this thing down with you.

Chris: Sounds good to me.

Both Christian and Katelynn uproot one bomb flower each and wait for King Dodongo to open his large mouth. It isn’t long after until the beast opens his mouth wide to breathe his flaming breath, but before he is able to do that, both Christian and Katelynn throw bomb flowers in his mouth, and they explode in his throat. King Dodongo is then instantly stunned and unable to move. Christian then comes charging with the Gorean Blade, and with one last mighty strike, takes out King Dodongo in the final blow. King Dondongo then has enough, and curls into a ball before rolling off the airport runway, and melting into the hot lava until the lava cools off and hardens. A large heart piece then appears in the middle of the runway.

Chris: Katelie Belle, here you go sweetie.

Christian then hands Katelynn the heart piece to increase her strength, and she gladly accepts.

Katelynn: Thank you so much Chrissy.

Just then the Airport controllers then arrive.

Controller: AMAZING YOU 2!!!! We have thought of many ways to destroy that thing, but none of our tactics worked. You 2 however took that thing out in an instant and we can’t thank you enough.

Chris: It’s no problem.

Controller: Is there anything we can do to thank you? It’s the least we can do after what you have done for us?

Chris: We could use some form of transportation to get to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Katelynn: Unfortunately your airport runway is all lava rock, and the only thing on a strip of road is our car.

Controller: That is not a problem. We can load your car onto a military cargo helicopter. We also have an unused A-Star Helicopter that is available. Have you flown a helicopter before?

Chris: Yes. I am from Nasa, and have thousands of hours of flying time on the space shuttle simulator, and have over 200 hours of flying an A star. Nasa has 4 of them for small research hops.

Controller: Very good. Take the helicopter; it’s yours. It’s the least we can do.

The controller than hands Chris the keys to the helicopter, and walks Christian and Katelynn over to it. The helicopter was a beautiful red 6 seater Eurocopter A-Star, which appeared to be fairly new. The seats were nice a plush, the carpets looked clean, the interior smelled like new car, and the machinery seemed to be in good order.


Chris: I’ve been flying since I was 15, and I know the A and Eco Stars very well having over 200 flying hours in the A Star, and 135 flying hours in the Eco Star. If you’re wondering what an Eco Star is, it’s similar to this, but larger with more glass windows, and uses a turbine for the rear rotor rather than a propeller.

Controller: By the way, my name’s Joesph, and I know who you 2 are. You’re the kid’s from the broadcast who destroyed that giant spider in California.

Chris: Yes we are.

Katelynn: That’s us alright.

Controller: Now I can really rest assured now that you have taken out that awful dinosaur too.

Chris: We at Nasa could always use the help we can get, and I will gladly accept this as a donation to help us in our research.

Controlled: Sounds great. Anyway, the military cargo helicopter will lead you to the Great Barrier Reef. Your helicopter has just enough fuel to land on Hayman Island. The Cargo helicopter will then take your car to Sydney Airport.

Katelynn: Thank you very much Joe.

Controller: Anytime mam.

The military cargo helicopter then arrives and Volvagia is then loaded on and secured. Christian and Katelynn then board the red A-Star, and Christian stars the engine. Once the rotor blades are at full power, Christian pulls up on the collective and then follows the military cargo helicopter to Australia.
Just as Christian and Katelynn were flying into Australia, they were greated by a beautiful sunrise.


Chris: I do what I can, and anything for you Sweetie.

Katelynn: That’s my boy. *Kisses your cheek*

Four and a half hours later the military helicopter hovers over Hayman Island, and Christian then gently flies in and touches down gently. The Military cargo helicopter then flies off to Sydney to drop of Volvagia and refuel before returning home. Christian then shuts off the engine, and both he and Katelynn leave the helicopter and walk over to a near by dock to ask for information about the mysterious water creature that has been killing many visitors.

Chris: What kind of creature would doing that? The most dangerous is the Box Jelly, but from what we hear, this creature is larger than that.

Katelynn: Yeah, and no one really wants to talk about it.

Just then Christian comes up to a boat’s captain and asks.

Chris: Excuse my Sir, but my name is Prince Christian Alan Mandez, and this is my girlfriend Princess Katelynn Riku Calver. We are from Nasa and have come to take care of the problem that has been scaring visitors away from the Great Barrier Reef.

Porter: Well hi, I’m Captain Porter, and it’s nice to meet you 2. You’re the 2 mates from the broadcast in California. Hop on board, and I’ll take you out to the Great Barrier reef to find the creature known as Barenade.

Katelynn: Thank you very much; we really appreciate it.

Porter: Hey anytime. We’re anxious to get rid of that thing, and I’m glad you 2 can help.

Chris: We’re ready when you are Captain.

Porter: Okay, lets head out.

Christian and Katelynn then climb aboard the small boat; Captain Porter then turns on the boats engine, and they all head out to the Great Barrier.

Katelynn: Just what kind of creature is this Barenade?

Chris: No idea.

Porter: It is said to be a giant anemone surrounded by box jellies. Well that’s what I heard. Well anyway, we’re here at the Great Barrier Reef.

Chris: Good, now lets wait and see if it shows up.

A few moments later the boat is shaken, and both Christian and Katelynn are knocked off the boat and into the water. Low and behold the Bio-Electric Anemone, Barenade has made itself appear.



Coming out of the top of its antennae were electrical charges mixed with its extremely powerful venom.

Chris: How on earth are we gonna kill this thing?

Katelynn: Chrissy, I found a large rock we can stand on to take that thing down.

Chris: Good plan.

Christian and Katelynn then swim over to the large rock, and by gently pushing on her butt, Christian helps Katelynn climb onto the rock before he climbs up himself.

Chris: Well, here goes nothing.

Christian shot one of his arrows at Barenade’s core, and it managed to destroy a box jelly fish, but it then bounced off the core and shot a crab.

Chris: Well that didn’t work.


Captain Porter then throws his boomerang, and Katelynn catches it.

Katelynn: Chrissy, I know how to use one of these, so I’ll take care of shooting its core. Take care of destroying the Jellyfish.

Chris: You got it Sweetie.

Katelynn then threw the boomerang at Barenade’s core, and managed to stun the enormous anemone and cause the Jellyfish to separated from its body.

Christian then managed to shoot each Jellyfish down with the Flair Bow until Barenade got back up and started spinning.

Katelynn: This will be even trickier, but I think I can do it.

Katelynn then managed to throw the boomerang and land a hit on Barenade. Christian then shot the remaining 2 of its jellyfish and destroyed them. Barenade then shot out more of its powerful venom from it’s antennae, but before Baranade could land a hit, Katelynn stunned it again, and judge his moment, Christian brought out the Gorean Blade, jumped over to Baranade, and gave the darn thing multiple swipes.


Katelynn then threw the boomerang at Baranade and stunned him for a final time. With on final and mighty swipe from the Gorean Blade, Christian stabbed Barenade right in the core. Barenade then began to get covered in warts until self destructing with an explosion from the inside out.




Katelynn then wraps her arms around Christian, and Christian gives her a kiss on the forehead.


Christian and Katelynn then swim back to the boat, climb back on board, and Captain Porter then takes them back to Hayman Island Resort.

Porter: I’ll make sure the resort staff, give you a beautiful room, and provide you with the best accommodations for today and tomorrow.

Chris: Thank you very much. Katelynn and I can use some relaxation before we head home.

Katelynn: I’d love that. Also this cheer uniform has gotten uncomfortable now that it’s all wet.

Chris: And the denim in my jeans are beginning to hurt.

Porter: The Resort staff will take good care of you, don’t you worry.

Captain Porter then pulls his boat up to the dock at the resort, and both Christian and Katelynn disembark.


Hotel Staff: Thank you very much you 2. We’ll get you out of those close, into nice swimsuits, give you 2 a beautiful sweet, serve you the best food, and do anything you’d like us to do. It’s the least we can do for you as a token of our graditude.

Chris: Thank you very much Katelynn and I really appreciate it.

Katelynn: We sure do.

Hotel Staff: We’ll have your clothes taken to the laundry and cleaned up asap. They shall be waiting outside your suite first thing in the morning.

Katelynn: Thank you so very much, this is wonderful.

Christian and Katelynn then undress out of their salty we clothes, and put on nice comfortable swimsuit. Katelynn was given a very cute sparkly pink and baby blue ruffled and skirted one-piece swimsuit, while Chris was given a nice pair of black shorts.

Chris: Much better, now I don’t have to deal with that salty denim.

Katelynn: I know. And this looks so cute. *Giggles* Chrissy, I love you. It’s from one good thing to another with you.

Hotel Staff: We’ll show you to your suite, it’s a penthouse that has been newly renovated and has a spectacular view of the Great Barrier Reef.

Katelynn: Sounds wonderful!!! My name’s Princess Katelynn Riku Calver, and this is my love, Prince Christian Allen Mandez II.

Hotel Staff: You’re the youngsters from the broadcast. Well it’s an honor to have you 2 here as our only guests, and we hope you have an enjoyable stay.

Christian and Katelynn are then escorted to their suite, and the 2 grow closer in love as they enjoy their nice short but sweet vacation in paradise.
The next day, Christian and Katelynn get their clothes back, and head off for home.

Chris: You sure we can keep the swimsuits?

Hotel Staff: Take em, they’re yours to keep. Besides they were a perfect fit for you 2, and perfect for a Prince and Princess. Also, I’m sorry about your left arm Chris.

Chris: Hey it’s no problem.

Katelynn: YAY!!! THIS BATHING SUIT IS SO CUTE!!!! And Chrissy, that fake arm of yours makes you look hot in my eyes. *Giggles*

Hotel Staff: Please come back to visit us real soon.

Chris: We’ll do.

Katelynn: That’s right.

Christian and Katelynn then climb inside the beautiful A Star Helicopter, Chris then turns on the engine, and not long after the 2 take off into the sky and head for Sydney.

Porter: Take care young mates; we’ll miss you.

3 and ½ hours later, Christian and Katelynn arrive at Sydney airport and find Volvagia waiting for them on the tarmac.

Chris: Oh, I bought us the last seats available on a United Continental flight home, and yes they are first class.

Katelynn: Chrissy, you’re amazing. I don’t know how you do it?

Chris: Research and luck.

Katelynn: You’re so cute. *giggles*

Christian then carefully lands the A Star on the tarmac, and then shuts off the engine.

Christian and Katelynn then step out of the helicopter, place their swimsuits in Volvagia’s trunk, and walk into the airport’s main lounge.
The helicopter was then disassembled and loaded onto a cargo plane that would take it directly to Nasa. Volvagia was then loaded into the cargo bay of the massive United Continental 747-400. It wasn’t long after until Christian and Katelynn were called to board, and assigned to their 2 first class seats at the very front of the plane.

Katelynn: Chrissy, thank you. For everything. I had a great time, and I am very excited about our future together.

Chris: Me too sweetie.

It isn’t long until the massive 747 jumb jet, sores down the runway and takes off into the sky where Christian and Katelynn finally set off for home.

Another battle may have been won, but a war is just beginning.

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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C: Ugh; your energy's annoying -_- But way to go, bro Laughing

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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Chapter 17 Final Preparations

After an extremely long and tiring mission throughout Europe and the Pacific Rim, Christian, Katelynn, and Volvagia finally return. The United Continental 747-400 Jumbo along with the Airbus A300-600 Beluga cargo plane touches down gently at LAX and all is well after a long journey around the globe. Christian and Katelynn were surprised to see that the army of Iron Knuckles had completely disappeared and planes from the US Army were now parked throughout the airport’s tarmac.

Chris: Glad to see everything’s under control.

Katelynn: Yeah, and I’m glad to see the army has decided to take action.

Chris: It’s like, ever since Barnaby Craighan’s capture in England, everyone has seemed to accept that we are under attack and need to take action. It was also a surprise that United Continental has resumed flights.

Katelynn: Yeah, and we got the last 2 first class seats.

Chris: This must have been the first United Continental flight back to the US out of Australia, otherwise it wouldn’t have sold out so quickly.

Christian and Katelynn then get off the plane, and Chesley, Alister, and Carlos greet them warmly.

Chesley: Well done you 2, I’m very proud of both of you.

Alister: You have also managed to bring us back a fairly new beautiful red $1 million dollar A-star.

Chris: The airport management in Jakarta wanted to thank us from turning the place into a molten waist land of magma, and had no problem giving it to us. I figured we can always use more equipment to help us, so I thought the new A-star would be perfect.

Carlos: Right you were. The British government got in contact with us and are very grateful for what you have done. Not only by saving the lives of many on board a wrecked train, but by capturing a mad man who would have made things a whole lot worse. You 2 have literally saved the London Underground, and the millions of people who commute on it every day.

Alister: Not to mention the French Government wants to do whatever they can to help us fight. They are also grateful for your help in saving the whole city of Paris from becoming the battle grounds it was hundreds of years ago.

Chesley: Also the Australian Government is grateful to the fact that you 2 saved the Great Barrier Reef, and pretty soon tourists will be returning to the various Island Resorts on the Great Barrier.

Chris: However, there is no time to celebrate. Lord Barnabus may have retreated for now, but he’ll be back, and with an even bigger army.

Katelynn: The sooner we can defeat him the better.

Alister: Right, so lets head back to the OPF.

Chris: Sounds like a good plan.

Katelynn: Since today’s Saturday, I guess I’ll spend it with you Chrissy.

Chris: Sure, no problem.

Chesley: Oh Chris, by the way. Your friends have done very well in the training program and are less than two days shy of ready.

Carlos: Also the shuttle has received a few modifications and is good to go.

Alister: And launch has been rescheduled to the following Wednesday.

Chris: That’s less than 2 weeks from now, more like a week and a half, so we’re bound to get to the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus sooner than he would expect us to.

Katelynn: Which means the whole world should have all armies prepare to attack.

Christian, Katelynn, Alister, Chesley, and Carlos walk out to the curb and meet Volvagia there who had just been unloaded and ready to head back for home.

Chris: Alright Old Girl, back to the OPF.

Volvagia: Beep Beep!

Katelynn: I guess she means yeppers.

Carlos: We’ll meet you 2 there and discuss the updates.

Chesley: Now we got to make sure our new helicopter is trucked safely.

Chris: Okay, no problem. Lets go Old Girl.

Volvagia: BEEP BEEP!!!

Volvagia then drives out of the airport and heads back to the Orbiter Processing Facility.

Chris: Next Wednesday. WOW! I have been looking forward to going into space for a long time, and to be given that opportunity and take down the Evil Lord Barnabus too, it’s beyond awesome. I can’t wait till launch.

Katelynn: Chrissy, I’m glad you’re happy, but please don’t remind me. I am already worried enough about you as it is, so I don’t want to think about it. If I…..No….No…No…No….No….No….. I don’t even want to go there. PLEASE!!!!! Chrissy will you please not bring up the shuttle launching again?

Chris: Okay Sweetie.

Katelynn: Thank you. I’m sorry if I’m bitchy, but I’m only like this because I love you, and I care about you, and I don’t want to think about what would happen.

Chris: I understand Katie Belle.

Katelynn: Now would you please hold my hand?

Christian and Katelynn then hold hands for the rest of the drive back to the OPF, and waiting for them was a welcoming surprise. There was Juan, both Kevins, Ryan, Bradley, Jayden, Dylan, Henry, Akira, Eric, Brandon, Natalie, Brittany, Ashley, Tori, Kelly, Lexi, and Alexis, all waiting for Christian Katelynn to return.

Brittany: KATELYNN!!!!

Katelynn: BRITTANY!!!

Katelynn then jumps out of Volvagia and the 2 girls hug tightly.

Juan: Hey welcome home Bro.

Chris: Thanks, it’s good to be back.

Ryan: We’re going to get you for putting us through that awful training.

Henry: Awful training? It was fun!

Brandon: SHUT UP YOU LIAR!!!

Bradley: You had fun because you ranged superior on everything including the bookwork.

Akira: I didn’t mind the bookwork, but all the running drove me nuts.

Jayden: You’re telling me, I hated the explosive decompression tests.

Dylan: Anyway all that is over, and we’re all good and ready to go.

Just then the new helicopter is unloaded off the truck and placed on it’s new helipad outside the entrance.

Juan: Awesome Bro? How did you get ahold of the new helicopter?

Brittany: WOW!!!! I LOVE THE RED!!!!


Katelynn: You’re not gonna believe this. MY CHRISSY CAN FLY A HELICOPTER!!!

Juan: Both Chris and I have man hours of flying both the A and Eco stars, although Chris is more experienced, and has no problem flying in bad weather, I also know my way around.

Tori: Now I find out something new about you Big Bro! YOU HAVE BEEN HIDING THE FACT YOU CAN FLY A CHOPPER FROM ME TOO!!!



Kelly: Knock it off you 2. Now you were saying Katelynn?

Katelynn: The whole trip was amazing, there were these beautiful luxurious planes, as well as this amazingly gorgeous steam train that took us from Paris to London, and an amazingly beautiful resort we stayed at on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Chris: We got the helicopter in Jakarta as a token of gratitude. The airport runway was turned into hard molten lava, so there was no way for a plane to take off, but there was this unused helicopter that was available. The helicopter belonged to no one but the airport, and they knew we needed to get out, so they let us take the A-Star home with us. We were just so lucky that it had only been flown like once or twice and was practically still brand new. I then figured rather than leaving it in Australia to be left sitting at Sydney airport, to have it flown over here for us to use it for research flights here at the CAOPF. We’re always looking for new pieces of equipment anyway, so I thought this beautiful new A-Star was perfect. Shipping it here on a cargo plane wasn’t cheap, given that it was the only piece of cargo onboard that Airbus Beluga, but because of that, the cargo plane was able to take on enough fuel to make it all the way her to California.

Juan: That’s awesome Bro.

Lexi: I still can’t believe that you know how to fly something like this.

Chris: I’ve been flying A-Stars since I was 15, so I was very comfortable flying it out of Jakarta to Sydney.

Juan: It’s no surprise, now lets all take a look inside the Endeavour and familiarize ourselves with it before we take our first flight on her.

Chris: Good plan Bro.

Just then Christian receives a call from on his Iphone.

Chris: Austin?

Austin: Hey Chris, what’s up?

Chris: Well we managed to take down Queen Aracnia, destroy a bunch of meatheads, capture Barnaby Craighan, melt down King Dodongo, and get rid of Barenade, how about you?

Austin: Everyone across the Magic Kingdom has gathered here in the main overworld field to help. Every last village has gotten increasingly strong and we are ready to take down Lord Barnabus’s army when he comes.

Chris: That’s great man. All the governments across the globe here are having their armies prepare for a battle here too, and the Space Shuttle is ready to go. We launch in less than 2 weeks.

Austin: That’s Awesome man. I have just come out with a new secret weapon. These Giant Toy Soldiers I have made can do anything, including fight in this gruesome upcoming war. I have also built a machine that can reproduce these bad boys so we can keep up with whatever Lord Barnabus throws at us. Also you are taking good care of Katelynn I hope.

Chris: WOW!!! You are on top of everything. And yes, don’t you worry, I am making sure she is well taken care of and well loved.

Katelynn: Tell him I couldn’t be happier. *Giggles*

Chris: She says she couldn’t be happier.

Austin: You’re a good man Chris, and a good friend. You are the lover that I could never be to her, and of the guys she has chosen to be with, I am very glad she chose you.

Chris: Thanks Austin. You’re love will come by real soon, I have a gut feeling.

Austin: Well I hope so, now lets keep doing what we can to prepare ourselves for the upcoming battle.

Chris: Right.

Christian then hangs up the phone, and walks with everyone down to Space Shuttle Endeavour. Everyone is in great shock to see how massive the Orbiter is when they see her fully intact. They are also surprised at the very large missiles, laser guns, and cannons mounted right on the undersides of the wings.

Chris: Okay, from the looks of it, the weapons armed on the shuttle are for any enemies, or dangerous obstacle that stands in our way. Is that correct Juan?

Juan: Yes, that is right. Also, the cockpit has been redesigned to the way you recommended Chris.

Chris: Ahhh. Yes, I see that the control stick has been moved from the center of the seats to the left side panel on what is to the left the first officer’s seat on the left, and as well as on the right hand side panel that is to the right of the Captain’s seat, like it is on a modern Airbus.

Juan: Yes, because we knew that you hated how the control stick would be mounted between your knees, and also we know that you feel more comfortable piloting on the right hand side so we swapped some of the pilot controls from the left side to that on the right. We also fitted a touch screen keyboard like what you find on a modern Airbus in the place where the control stick used to be.

Chesley: We also added an emergency fuel tank release switch on both the Captain’s and First Officer’s side of the cockpit, for incase we noticed anything dangerous, we could inform you of anything wrong, and one of you could press the release button and drop the large fuel tank for if it were to explode, it would explode far enough away from the shuttle. And don’t worry it would still be a far enough distance away from the ground, so no one will get hurt.

Chris: WOW!!! I am impressed. This is my idea of a comfortable cockpit.

Juan: I like it too. It’s much better than the way it used to be before its rebuild that’s for sure.

Alister: By the control stick are buttons for firing the laser guns, and cannons.

Carlos: And there is a large red button located on each both sides of the cockpit to fire the large missiles. The one on the first Officer’s side would fire the missile on the left wing, and the one on the Captain’s side would fire the missile on the right wing.

Juan: We also built in some hooks for holding chains to secure Volvagia. We know you will need her for a speedy escape out of the castle, so we were sure to build her a parking space where she would be secured.

Chris: Thanks Juan, you know just what I like and need when it comes to this stuff.

Carlos: Also, we added an emergency cargo release door in the floor for incase there was any danger onboard, all of you can evacuate. We also gave Volvagia her own parachute in case of an evacuation.

Alister: We also told your friends about how the vacuum toilet works, and that also the toilet can be broken. So don’t worry they know how to use it, and also know not to abuse it.

Juan: Like that’s comforting.

Alexis: Good luck, Ryan has a bad habit of breaking the can at our house.

Ryan: ALEXIS!!!!

Lexi: Brandon is just as bad.

Brandon: LEXI!!!!!!!!

Chris: That’s it, no cloning yourselves when we’re up in space.

Brandon & Ryan: Yeah, yeah, yeah; Shut up!

Carlos: Well, I’m glad that’s out of the way. Now lets all call it a day, you guys have 2 more days of training to finish up, and as for the Shuttle, we’ll perform final safety checks, and test all components one last time before we park and secure Volvagia in her parking space, attach the Orbiter to the large fuel tank and solid rocket booster engines, and then mounting it on the crawler for its trip to the launch pad.

Chesley: I have just gotten off the phone with the Russian Space Agency. They have completely revived Buran by building an exact copy of the Spacecraft that was destroyed many years ago. The new Buran is also being prepared for it’s launch and will assist you in your battle when in space. They have also agreed to help you find both Space Shuttle Atlantis, and Space Shuttle Discovery.

Chris: That’s great. We’re gonna need all the help we can get on this mission. And it’s a shame Buran was only used in one flight, it was as good of a shuttle as our Orbiter Endeavour.

Alister: Unfortunately it was built for military use only at the time, and it was no longer needed after its first flight. Also there were no civilian tasks for the orbiter, so even though it proved to be an operating success, commercially it was a bust.

Carlos: This will be the first manned flight in Buran, and a second flight of a Buran Space Shuttle in almost 25 years. So this will be the battle of not only the century, but of the millennium, will go into the history books for future generations.

Juan: But we can only hope that minimal amounts of innocent blood will be spilt in this war, for we are looking at something beyond a fourth world war.

Chris: I don’t recall their being a third World War.

Juan: There was, it happened right after The Cold War in the 80s, no thanks to a high school student who was hacking computers but simply thought it was all an innocent video game.

Chris: You’re right, I forgot about that.

Katelynn: I don’t know why the 3rd World War hasn’t been put in the history books yet.

Juan: Because of the cause of it is so stupid, no one thought it was worth putting into the history books. I mean, would you want to mark a world war important all because a 16-year-old kid in highschool started it through computer hacking because he thought it was a giant video game?

Chris: Now that you put it like that, it does sound stupid, and is reason enough not to put it into the history books.

Juan: Exactly, and that is why World War III is a war that everybody has forgotten, but that’s not the point. My point is, we are looking at the biggest war in the history of all wars.

Chris: You’re right Juan.

Chesley: The fate of the planet Corneria is in your hands Chris.

Alister: We know you can do it.

Carlos: You are our only hope for our world.

Chris: I’ll do my best. Lord Barnabus won’t have his way with me.

Juan: That’s the spirit Chris, now lets all go home and rest up for tomorrow. We have a lot of finishing up to do.

Chris: You’re right Juan, and I must take Katelynn home, her parent’s must be worried about her.

Katelynn: Thanks Baby, I do miss my mommy and daddy, and my baby sister Brooklynn.

Chris: I understand Sweetie.

Volvagia then drives inside the Orbiter Processing Center, and both Christian and Katelynn get in. Christian then puts in the clutch, and throws Volvagia into first gear, and they drive away.

Katelynn: I can’t believe how much we’ve already been through so far, and that you and I have been together for a good while now.

Chris: Yeah, and I’m just as amazed about us as you are.

Katelynn: Yeah, and I am so glad I asked you out. You saying yes to being my boyfriend made me so happy it was the best thing to ever happen in my life.

Chris: I am very glad I said yes, because you’re the most wonderful person I have ever known Katie Belle.

Katelynn: I know, and thank you for loving me the way you have been. I know I’ve had my moments of being bitchy, and I know I do get mad at you sometimes, but still, I love you with all my heart Chrissy, and you’re the only one for me.

Chris: And you’re the only one for me, and I can never love another girl.

Katelynn: Baby, I love you so much. Promise me, we’ll always be together.

Chris: It’s a promise I intend to keep.

Not long after, Volvagia drives up and parks outside of Katelynn’s apartment.

Chris: I’ll escort you to your apartment.

Katelynn: Thank you Babe.

Chris: Anytime my love.
Christian then escorts Katelynn to her apartment, and her parents answer the door.

Mr. Smith: Welcome home baby girl.

Mrs. Smith: Katelynn, we were so worried about you. We are so glad you’re back.

Katelynn: Thanks Mommy.

Mr. Smith: This must be Chris we have heard so much about. Hi, I’m Richard, it is very nice to meet you.

Mrs. Smith: I’m Morgan, Katelynn’s mom; Katelynn has told us so much about you.

Mr. Smith: We’ve heard so many great things about you Chris, and you I would like to thank you for taking such good care of our baby girl.

Chris: It was no problem.

Mrs. Smith: We are so glad that Katelynn has found someone who loves her for who she is, and is not after her goodies.

Mr. Smith: And we are blessed that she has found herself such a good man who takes good care of her. Now let’s have a man to man talk.

Mrs. Smith: Katelynn, I’ll run you and Brooklynn a bath, lets let Chris and your father have their talk.

Katelynn: Okay Mommy. Thank you for everything Chrissy, I had a great time. The girls and I from the cheer squad will be hanging out at the mall tomorrow, so I’ll call you when I can. Good night Chrissy Boo.

Chris: Good night Katie Belle.

Katelynn then gives Chris a big hug, and gives him a big kiss on the cheek.

Katelynn: I love you Baby, sweet dreams.

Chris: I love you too sweetie, sleep well.

Katelynn then walks inside her apartment, while her father and Chris have a talk.

Mr. Smith: Now then, lets have a talk shall we.

Chris: Sure.

Mr. Smith: Now you know how strict we are with Katelynn, and when it comes to her having a boyfriend.

Chris: Yes. I am well aware of it. I am also aware that I am a lot older than what you guys would like me to be.

Mr. Smith: The difference in age doesn’t bother me, Morgan on the other hand isn’t too happy about it, but she’ll get over it, since age is only in numbers.

Chris: Everyone has their own opinions about it, some people would hate the fact I am many years older than Katelynn, and some people wouldn’t mind it.

Mr. Smith: Yeah, and the fact that you’re a lot older than Katelynn doesn’t bother me at all. You’re a good man, and have treated Katelynn right, and care for her like a good man should.

Chris: Thank you.

Mr. Smith: Katelynn did not have such a good experience with her last boyfriend Austin who was before you. Those 2 did absolutely nothing, and that irritated him, and Austin just wouldn’t respect Katelynn’s wishes when it came to her first kiss or having sex, so she left him a month after they got together. With you however, you haven’t pressured her into it, and that’s what she loves about you. She loves that you haven’t pressured her into anything she doesn’t want to do.

Chris: Well, I have been forced into things I didn’t want to do when I was younger. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of me and Space Shuttle Columbia which happened many years ago.

Mr. Smith: Yes, Katelynn told Morgan and I all about it, and she told us that you are someone who is very kind hearted. She’s right in everyway. I would also like to talk to you on how we adopted her.

Chris: Okay.

Mr. Smith: She was 5 years old when we adopted her, and we knew that she was from a royal family. Her guardians left her with us to keep her safe and out of harm’s way. Morgan and I could never have children over our own, and we always wanted a little girl, so we felt blessed when we found out we could keep her and raise her as our daughter. That marking on the back of her right hand though, it’s something that only she has carried until she found you. It turns out you have that same marking.

Chris: Yes sir. The Royal Amulet Tristar, only those whose blood are connected to the Royal family carry that mark on the back of their hands.

Mr. Smith: Yes, I know. I have always known that which is why Morgan and I have been very strict about her dating, not only for her safety, but in hopes of finding the boy she was destined to be with, and after many years she finds him, and that boy is you.

Chris: Yes sir. Prince Allen Mandez II

Mr. Smith: And we never changed Katelynn’s last name to honor her royal background. I would also like to thank you for saving her. After she was kidnapped, Morgan and I fell to pieces. Katelynn was the light of our life, and when she was gone, we felt like our whole world had disappeared. You however risked your life to travel to another world to save her, and for that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chris: I love Katelynn very much, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

Mr. Smith: You’re an amazing person Chris, and don’t you forget that.

Chris: Thank you sir.

Mr. Smith: And also, you have my permission to ask for our daughter’s hand in marriage.

Chris: Uh…… I haven’t really come to marriage yet.

Mr. Smith: But I know it will happen one way or another someday down the line.

Chris: You’re right sir. I was planning on purposing to her when I felt I was ready.

Mr. Smith: Ya see, there you go. So for that you have my permission to marry her.

Chris: Thank you very much. I do have my mom’s engagement ring, and I was told it was the most beautiful jewel of any kind in existence. And I am sure that my late mother, Katrina would want Katelynn to have it.

Mr. Smith: That sounds perfect young man. Have a good night. You have a big mission ahead of you, and I’m sure you’ll be just fine.

Chris: Thank you sir. Sleep well, and take care.

Mr. Smith: You too.

Christian then walked back to Volvagia and drove back to his penthouse condo. The next day, Christian was planning to give Katelynn something very special for when he returned from his Mission.

Chris: Okay Volvagia, meet me at the OPF, I’m gonna take the back-up V50 to be modified. It’ll be a present for Katelynn.

Volvagia: Beep Beep!

Volvagia then drives off, and heads off for the OPF. Christian then picks up his second car, the Volvo V50 mini-station wagon, and drives it to the body shop near the OPF.

Billy: Hello Sir, is there anything we can help you with.

Chris: Yes, I would like this V50 to have a completely different color.

Billy: Sure, what do you have in mind?

Chris: Well, I was thinking a beautiful gloss royal red on the outside with small pink cursive lettering on the rear, as well as stuff that is perfect for a girl who is preppy, along with painting the wheel rim interiors pink along with the top of the lug nut bolts if you can. I would also like a cute little vase with some cute fake pink roses inside the car on the dash board like that in a VW New Beetle, and add some pink to some of the fabric stitching on the interior. Ya see, this car is not the car I normally drive, so I thought it would be a perfect gift to give to my girlfriend.

Billy: Ahhh. I hear ya, and it’s no problem.

Chris: I don’t care how expensive it is, all that matters is to have it done by next Friday.

Billy: You got it sir. We’ll start working on your girlfriend’s car right away.

Chris: Thank you very much.

Christian then leaves the car at the body shop, and walks over to the OPF. Christian then sets to work on testing all the major components with Juan, and everything tested out fine. The main rocket engines ignited and fired without a hitch, all the electrical switches and components were right on, all the flight controls were in sync, the landing gear wheels deployed without any problems, the laser guns fired nicely and precisely, every last nut and bolt was then checked and retightened, all of the ship’s computers were tested and passed with flying colors.

Juan: I say we are ready.

Chris: It appears so, everything is in the green, and all we need to do is park Volvagia inside of her, and lock her down before the orbiter is then attached to the rocket boosters and fuel tank.

Juan: Right. The tank shall be ready in a couple days, and when it is, park Volvagia inside the Orbiter, then we’ll send Endeavour on her trip to launch pad.

Chris: Then we are ready for blast off.

Juan: Boo Ya!

Over in his castle, The Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus was forming his army to begin the war on all worlds. A whole army of Iron Knuckles, Meatheads, skeletons, lizards, dodongos, fire dancers, ghosts along with orcs, and goblins ridding on top of massive Mumakil Oliphaunts, which were giant elephant like creatures, only accept they we as tall and massive as a 12 story building.


Using his evil black magic, Lord Barnabus opened up the magic portal connecting the magical world to that of the human world along with the space pathway leading to his evil space castle. A large black cloud loomed above Corneria and the magical world as a symbol that all worlds have connected, and will soon be under control of the Evil Dark Lord, Lord Barnabus.


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Re: The Life Of A Prince & Princess

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Chapter 18 Count Down To Launch

It was already Tuesday night, and the launch of the shuttle was scheduled to occur the next day at 6:30 Pm. Sharp.   The dark cloud looming over Corneria was really creeping people out, but the world’s army’s were all ready in place for battle.  Over in the Magic Kingdom, Austin had formed a big and powerful army to take on the army of Lord Barnabus.   Everything was all set to go for the biggest war that was ever to occur in history.    Christian and Juan were making final preparations before sending Endeavour on her way.

Juan: That’s the last of everything.  The fuel tank and solid rocket booster engines are now in place.

Chris: Alright, now it’s time to secure Volvagia, and attach the Orbiter to the fuel tank and solid rocket boosters.

Juan: Ready on your command Chris.

Chris: Ready to go old girl?

Volvagia: Beep Beep!

Chris: Good.

Volvagia was then loaded into the Orbiter, parked in her designated spot, then all 4 of her wheels along with the very top of her roof racks, were then chained down with very high strength cables that were strong enough to hold down the weight of ten tons, so that was more than enough to keep Volvagia secure.    Christian then toped off the rest of Volvagia’s ethanol, and the Orbiter was then locked up and secured.

Chris: Okay, we are good to go.

Juan: Right on Bro.

Christian and Juan then hooked a crane to the Orbiter, and very slowly and carefully tilted her up until she was 90 degrees from the floor.

Juan: Alright, phase one complete.

Chris: Onto phase two.

The orbiter was then carefully lifted over and attached to the massive fuel tank and the two solid rocket booster engines.

Juan: Phase two complete.
Chris: Onto Phase three.

The Orbiter along with her fuel tank and solid rocket booster engines was then carefully mounted and secured on top of the crawler.

Juan: Phase three complete.

Chris: Begin phase four and we should be ready by tomorrow morning.

The giant crawler was then activated and slowly trucked the Orbiter out of the hanger and out to the launch pad.

Juan: She should be at the launch pad first thing in the morning.

Chris: Once she exits the hanger, lets close up and go home.

As soon as the Orbiter was out of the hanger, the OPF then closed its doors and locked up for the night.
Katelynn was then waiting for Christian outside of the main building.

Katelynn: Hey baby.

Chris: Hi Sweetie.

Katelynn: My parents said I can sleep over at your place tonight.  I hope you don’t mind but I want to be with you as long as I can before you leave tomorrow.

Chris: I would love to have you over at my place tonight sweetie, and I too want to treasure the time we have left before I go into space tomorrow night.

Katelynn: Thank you for understanding.   I love you and I’m really gonna miss you.

Chris: I’ll miss you too, and will be thinking about you.

Katelynn: Oh Darling. *giggles*

Christian then turns around and takes one last good look at the Orbiter as she is being trucked slowly making her way to the launch pad.  The Endeavour looked like a spectacular work of art, and it was the first time than any space ship was every armed with powerful weapons.  The missiles on the under sides of each wing were so long and pointy, they looked like they could wipe out an entire planet in one blast.

Chris: Tomorrow’s the big day Old Girl, sleep well, you’re gonna need it.

Katelynn: What is it Chrissy?

Chris: Just looking at the Orbiter.

Katelynn: WOW!!!!!! SHE REALLY DOES LOOK AMAZING!!!  I have never seen a spaceship prepare for launch before.

Chris: It’s a very spectacular sight, and this will be by far the most spectacular launch in history.  Space Shuttle Endeavour my not have been as famous as her four older sisters or her Russian Cousin Buran, but that will soon change after this mission.

Christian and Katelynn then climb aboard the monorail at the station outside the OPF, and then they head off for Christian’s home.  Katelynn then sits on Christian’s lap and lays her head on his shoulder during the entire ride back home.

Announcement: Approaching Gateway Towers.  Gateway Towers, now approaching!  Next stop.

Chris: That’s us Katie Belle.

Katelynn: Right

Christian and Katelynn then disembark the monorail as it comes to a full stop.   They then walk up to the entrance and through the lobby of Gateway Towers.

Bellman: Good Evening Master Mandez.

Chris: Good evening.

Katelynn: WOW!!!! The place you live at is so nice.  

Chris: It is, and that’s just the entrance and the lobby.

Christian and Katelynn then pass a bunch of beautiful fountains and artwork until stopping at the elevators.

Katelynn: Which floor do you live on?

Chris: 44, which is literally the top floor.  There is a beautiful pool deck with an infinity swimming pool along with a bar and small restaurant on the roof.

Katelynn: WOW!!!!!  How much do you pay for this?

Chris: About $.5 million a year.   That’s on utility bills, along with all the service, and everything that is offered here.   The place was completely bought out right when I first moved in at age 12, and this has been my home for almost 13 years now.

Katelynn: I wished I lived here, it’s so pretty.

Chris: Yeah, I love it here.

Christian and Katelynn then walk into the elevator, and are then taken to the top floor.

Chris: Room service is offered here, so I can gladly call for something if you’d like.

Katelynn: Alright, that sounds great babe.

The elevator then reaches the 44th floor, and both Christian and Katelynn then disembark, walk through a small lobby with a few fountains, and stop at two massive doors.   Christian then gets out the key to the penthous, unlocks the doors, and the 2 grand doors open wide, and all the lights in Christian’s Condo turn on.

Katelynn: WOW!!!!! THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!!!

Chris: I’m glad you like it.

Katelynn: Now I know where you live Chrissy, and I’m not leaving.  You’re gonna have to make me leave.

Chris: Is that so?

Katelynn: Yeah!  Hehe! :3

Chris: Very cute sweetie.

Christian and Katelynn then walk over to the master suite, and Christian then starts up a nice warm bath for Katelynn, leaves her a fresh set of towels, lights a few candles, picks up his remote the music activates.

Katelynn: Awwww Baby…….

Chris: I love you Katie Belle.

Katelynn: I love you too Chrissy Boo, with all my heart and soul.

Katelynn then looked at the large fire place with quarts facade in a corner, and couldn't help but notice the beautiful Mason & Hamlin Model A2 double keyboard Baby Grand Piano near by in the condo's great room.

Katelynn: Wow!!!! This is beautiful, I've never seen such a beautiful grand piano before in my life, let along one with 2 keyboards.

Chris: It is, but it was not cheap, $66K for that puppy, however it was worth every penny.  Unlike most pianos, this piano, has 2 key boards, for it was a custom order, had it been a single keyboard, it would have been $15K less.  The piano is not an assembly line piano, it was made by hand using the highest quality spruce, along with the highest quality wired galvanized and stainless steel strings, along with beautiful spruce made ivory keys, and authentic ebony keys.  Also the spider rolling dolly this piano sits on for easy movement rather than conventional small wheels, were hand casted, and forged, to top it off, the large wheels were hand painted in a beautiful crimson red.  Not even Stienway pianos can compare to Mason & Hamlins, and Steinways are more expensive too.   I almost bought a 12 foot double key board Steinway & Sons Grand piano after seeing one being fully assembled from start to finish.  I then saw this 5 ft 8 inch double key board Mason & Hamlin Baby Grand piano being built from start to finish, I had second thoughts about the Steinway.

Katelynn: It's gorgeous, and no doubt it has a beautiful sound.

Chris: It does, and has the most amazing tone of any piano I've ever heard, baby or full sized grand.  It was because of the beautiful tone of this Mason & Hamlin that I chose it over the 12 foot Stein Way.  Don't get me wrong, the 12 foot Steinway was VERY majestic, beautifully made, and had a very beautiful tone but this has slightly better construction quality and a MUCH more beautiful tone.  

Katelynn: Well, aren't you gonna play it? *giggles*

Chris: Of course, She just got a new set of strings, and I also had her retuned, so she's pretty much good to go, and I know just what to play.

Chris, and Katelynn sit down at the piano, and Chris begins to play the most beautiful song he can think of for her.  Chris selects Foreigner's I Wanna Know What Love is and plays along.  

Chris: I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when I'm older

Now this mountain I must climb
Feels like a world upon my shoulders
I through the clouds I see love shine
It keeps me warm as life grows colder

Katelynn: In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life

Chris & Katelynn: I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

Chris: I'm gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me
I've got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me

Katelynn: In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
I can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life

Chris & Katelynn: I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

Chris then plays gently, and beautifully, until his fingers fly and the melody takes him away, the harder and faster he plays.  Katelynn's eyes fill with tears for her heart was touched by the song, and she wrapped her arms around Chris as he continued to play.  Katelynn then held Chris tight as she cried softly and kissed his cheek, until Chris brought the song to an end after playing the full 9 minute extended version of the song.

Katelynn: Chrissy, that was beautiful.  Although your organ concerts were amazing, and blew me away, this really touched my heart, and made me realize that you and I are in the same boat, and both new to love, yet we know how much we love each other.  And Yes, I also want to know and feel what love is, and yes I want and know you can show me.  This song means so much to me, and if you don't mind, can I download or copy the song off your Iphone?  It's such a beautiful song, and it's something you and I can relate to.

Chris: Of course sweetie.  Because you and I are so new and inexperienced to love, I had to play this song, because I knew that you would like it, because I fell in love with it ever since I first heard it when I came to this world at the age of 12.  It's been an all time favorite of mine, so I figured you haven't heard it, so I wanted you to hear it, and what better way, then for me to play it, on my beloved Mason & Hamlin.

Katelynn: You're right, this was the first time I heard it, and I instantly fell in love with it, because it reminds me so much of us, and how much we love each other, and for that, I will treasure this song with everything I have.  It's not only because the piano has a beautiful sound, but it was how you played it that made it touch my heart.

Chris: As will I, and I will play this song for you anytime you want me to, and as much as I love playing the majestic pipe organs, this Mason & Hamlin has much greater emotional impact on me, and is a lot more down to earth.  Not to mention it's 1000 times easier to play. LOL

Katelynn: Thank you baby, and yes, it definitely has a big emotional impact; but now, I'd like to have a bath, relax, and cuddle with you.

Chris: You got it sweetie, and I'll escort you to the bathroom.

Katelynn then walked into the bathroom and took one look at the bath tub she was gonna be bathing in.

Katelynn: WOW!!!! THIS BATH TUB IS HUGE!!!!!

Chris: This is the first time it’s ever been used, since I always use the glass shower, so I’m glad I can finally put it to good use.

Katelynn: With me around, you’re gonna be using it a lot more, because I love my bubble baths.  Hehe.  

Chris: I can see that.

Chris then filled up the tub with entire bottle of bubbles, and activated the jacuzzi jets.  Katelynn then undressed by slowly removing each piece of her cheerleading uniform and slowly stepped into the tub.

Katelynn: Chrissy, will you scrub me please?

Chris: Of course my love.

Christian then picked up the sponge and gently scrubbed Katelynn’s back.  Just then Katelynn decided to grab Christian, and she pulled him into the tub with her.    The song on the music selection then changed to Demi Lovato’s My Love’s Like A Star, and both Christian and Katelynn wrapped their arms around eachother and held eachother tight.   Christian and Katelynn then went onto washing eachother, and afterwards, cuddle eachother in bed, watched a romantic movie, and no matter what happen, they never let go of  each others hands..

Katelynn: Chrissy, until the time comes tomorrow night I will never ever let you go.

Chris: You got it Sweetie, but don’t you have cheerleading tomorrow night?

Katelynn: I’ll leave early and even though I do have cheerleading tomorrow, still I am not letting you go until we are separated by the launch.

Chris: You got it my love.

Katelynn: We’ll be together forever Chrissy Boo.

Chris: Yep.

Katelynn: Forever and ever and ever and ever……..

Katelynn then faded off to sleep in Christian’s arms, and it wasn’t long until Christian fell asleep.   The 2 were then happily asleep in eachothers arms, and neither one let go while they were asleep.

Meanwhile over his castle in space, Lord Barnabus’s army was getting anxious, and was ready to begin the war right away.


The next day, Christian and Katelynn then went to school together since Chris had nothing to do over at Nasa, he decided to spend the day with his love before it was time for him to launch into Space.

Katelynn: You will be very impressed at my cheerleading.  I have been working extra hard just for you.   I am also one of only 5 girls that wears bikini spankies instead of boy-short spankies.  Alexis, Lexi, Brittany, and Tori are the other four.  Ashely, Kelly, Natalie, and the rest of the girls all wear Boy-shorts all because they said they feel naked in the bikinis and they don’t like their panties showing through.  Me I don’t mind, I think the bikinis are cute which is why I wear them, and you’re lucky Chrissy, I’m one of only 5 girls.  *giggles*

Chris: There is no doubt, you are the cutest girl in that cheerleading uniform.

Katelynn: Hehe, lots of boys tell me that, but ugh, you have no idea how many have looked up my skirt, but that’s okay, I just slap em on the hand.  Only you can look up my skirt and that’s because you’re my love. *giggles*

Chris: Very Cute Katie Belle.

Katelynn: I love it when you call me that.

Christian and Katelynn then spend the whole day together even though it was at her school, Chris didn’t mind, he wanted to be with his love until it was time to launch, and Katelynn wouldn’t let him go until it was time for the launch.
The hours passed, and it was time for Katelynn’s cheerleading competion.   It was nearing close to the shuttle launch, but fortunately Lawrence Highschool was the first squad up to compete.

Katelynn: READY!!! 1 2 3 4!

Cheerleaders: 5 6 7 8!!!!!!! READY, OK!!!!

And with that the competition was on, and using every ounce of agility she had Katelynn poured all of her heart and soul into her cheers.   She was doing various back flips, basket tosses, and air-bourn corkscrews.   With each jump, high kick, movement she did, the more she smiled, and the more she poured her heart and soul into her cheers.   After various maneuvers, a quadruple back flip, and a final basket toss, Lawrence Highschool’s routine had ended, and everyone cheered.  Katelynn then ran over to Chris and wrapped her arms around him.

Chris: You were amazing.


Chris: RIGHT!


Alexis: But KATELYNN!!!


Brittany: KATELYNN!!!!!!

Christian and Katelynn then run out the gym as fast as they can, run to the nearest monorail, and manage to get on board the monorail just as it was leaving.

Chris: Wew!!! Just in time.

Katelynn: Yeah!!!

Chris: You really were amazing Katie Belle.

Katelynn: Thank you Booo.  Now will you please do one last thing for me?

Chris: Of course.

Katelynn: Will you hold me?  I know it’s not much longer until you have to go, but until then, please hold me.

Chris: You got it sweetie.

Katelynn: Thank you.

Katelynn then sat Christian’s lap, and Christian then held her close to his hear as she laid her head on his shoulder.

Katelynn: I love you Chrissy Boo.

Chris: I love you too Katie Belle.

The monorail then speeds down the track and as it speeds down the track, Owl City's, When Can I See You Again, pops up on the radio's P/A system.

Chris: You know what that is, right?

Katelynn: Our Song.

Chris: Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you
Go see the world 'cause it's all so brand new
Don't close your eyes 'cause your future's ready to shine
It's just a matter of time, before we learn how to fly
Welcome to the rhythm of the night
There's something in the air you can't deny

It's been fun but now I've got to go
Life is way too short to take it slow
But before I go and hit the road
I gotta know, 'til then,
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can I see you again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
I gotta know, when can I see you again?
(When can I see you again?)

Katelynn: Joined at the hip, yeah your sidekick needs you
Life is a trip and the road map leads you
Look all around at the mountains you haven't climbed
It's just a matter of time, before we learn how to fly
Welcome to the rhythm of the night
There's something in the air you can't deny

Chris and Katelynn: It's been fun but now I've got to go
Life is way too short to take it slow
But before I go and hit the road
I gotta know, 'til then,
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can I see you again?
Oh oh oh oh
When can we do this again?
Oh oh oh oh
I gotta know,
When can I see you again?

The song continues to play on the radio p/a system, but it isn’t long until the Orbiter Processing Center is in site.

Announcement: Approaching the Orbiter Processing Facility.  The Orbiter Processing Facility. Now approaching.

The monorail then stops at the station outside the OPF where a huge crowd of people from all over California have gathered to witness the biggest launch in history.   Christian and Katelynn then disembark the monorail, run inside the OPF, and make it just in time.

Chesley: Chris, you’re right on time.

Alister: Your crew is good and ready to go, and will move out on your command.

Carlos: The Orbiter is in good order, and is just waiting for you to set the launch sequence.

Juan: Alright Bro, ready on your command.

Bradley: We follow you, your highness.

Ryan: Are you ready?

Brandon: Just say the magic words.

Chris: Put on your Nasa jackets boys.

Henry: That’s the Chris we know.


Christian then walks out holding Katelynn’s hand, and First Officer Juan walks right next to Christian and Katelynn, and the rest of the flight crew follow closely behind.

News Reporter: We are possibly looking at the biggest space shuttle launch in history, for not only is this a mission to rescue to the 2 lost space shuttles, it is a mission to save our world, and commanding the flight is none other than Prince Christian Allen Mandez who is only 24 and ½ years old making him by far the youngest person to ever command a mission to space, and his First Officer Juan who is only 21 and ½.  But young age doesn’t stop there, the most of the flight crew are still in high school and there are a couple of young men who are not yet even 18, so this is by far the youngest crew in history to ever fly in space, and they are now embarking on possibly the most dangerous mission to space, for they are to stop an evil force that could possible destroy our world.

Everyone’s hearts start pounding very hard, Katelynn then moves off to the side of the red carpet, and gives Christian supposedly his last fair well.


Chris: I promise Katie Belle.


Chris: I will.

Just as Christian, Juan, and the rest of the crew climb inside the van taking them to the shuttle, Katelynn, car-wheels across the carpet, and jumps into the van at the very last second as it drives off.  Little does Chris or the entire flight crew know, she is with them in the van, for Katelynn had hidden herself behind the very last row of seats.

Katelynn: Chrissy, I’m sorry.

The van stops outside the launch pad, and Christian, Juan, and the rest of the boys get in the elevator, and go for a long ride to the top.  Katelynn then runs out of the van, and runs into the elevator right after it comes back down.


Christian was just about enter the orbiter when he heard his name and turned around.

Katelynn: I just wanted to see you one more time.

Chris: I had a feeling you would.  

A few tears poured down Katelynn’s face; Christian then gently stroked her face and wiped her tears.  Christian then placed his left hand over Katelynn's heart, and used Katrina's red healing magic.

Katelynn: I’m really gonna miss you Chrissy.

Chris: I will miss you too Katie Belle, very much.  Also, can you see me on Friday?

Katelynn: Huh?

Chris: Friday is the last day before the weekend, and I would like us to go another date, so I want to see you on Friday.

Katelynn: IT’S A PROMISE!

Katelynn then handed Chris her cheerleading hair ribbon.

Katelynn: Please hold onto this for me, so you know that I am always with you.

Chris: I will.

Christian then gave Katelynn his commander badge, and placed it on her cheerleading uniform top.

Chris: Please hold onto this so you know that I am always with you.

Katelynn: I will.   Please, have a safe flight.

Chris: I will.

Katelynn: I love you Chrissy Boo.

Chris: I love you too Katie Belle.

And with that, Katelynn then got back in the elevator, and as the elevator went down, she watched Christian close and lock the main cabin door.  The elevator then came down, and the van driver was waiting for her.

Driver: A tough good bye, isn’t it?

Katelynn: If the love of your life was on that thing, you’d be worried too.

Driver: Yes, I would, now lets get you to safety.

Katelynn is then take back to the red carpet at the OPF, and just then, her best friends, Brittany, Alexis, Lexi, Ashely, Tori, Kelly, Brittany and Natalie show up.

Brittany: KATELYNN!!!  KATELYNN!!!!!

Just then Brittany comes running up to Katelynn and slaps her on the face.

Brittany: *SLAP*  I WAS SO WORRIED!!!

More tears pour down Katelynn’s cheeks, and tears begin to pour down Brittany’s cheeks.  Brittany then gives Katelynn a big hug.

Brittany: Katelynn, thank goodness you’re safe.

Alexis: Please don’t cry Katelynn.  I know it’s tough, I am also very worried about Ryan.

Lexi: And I’m very worried about Brandon too.

Tori: I’m worried about Akira.

Brittany: And me it’s Kevin.

Ashley: And Bradley for me.

Alexis: So we all know how you feel.

Lexi: Why not give our brave boyfriends a big cheer when they blast off.

Brittany: Is that okay Katelynn?

Katelynn: Yes.

Meanwhile, Christian, Juan, and everyone else had just settled in the cockpit of the orbiter.  Chesley then gives them the clear to star.

Chesley: This is tower; launch sequence is engaged.

Chris: We are go for launch.  We are initiating power transfer in 3….2…1

All the alarms, and components are quickly tested.

Juan: Power level is normal.

Chris: Setting launch Coordinates.

Christian then slides out the keyboard and types in the lauch co-ordinates into the computer.  Christian then positions the 3 main engines and the 2 smaller orbital maneuvering engines.  Christian then tests the flight controls and everything is in order.

Alister: Alright everything is now in order

Carlos then gets on the PA system and announces the count down.

Carlos: 7 6 5 4

Just then the engines ignite, and with a very loud BANG!!!!!   All 5 engines are fired up and ready.

Carlos: We have gone from main engine start, and now we have main engines.

Just then, the massive solid rocket boosters are fully powered, and the shuttle lifts off the launch pad and takes off into the sky.   Everybody then watches in amazement as the Orbiter continues to fly higher and higher, and higher.   Everybody then watches the Orbiter slowly and gently tilt over on its back, but in the cockpit, it was not so slowly nor gently fore that matter.   The whole entire cockpit was shaking like mad, and everyone in the flight was shaken to the core.   Christian and Juan knew how violent the lift off was gonna be, so the just went with the flow.   Everyone else in the flight crew was not too happy, and they started whining.






The shuttle continued to climb, and as the girls watched from below, the began to cheer.

Katelynn: 1 2 3 4!


As the girls continued to cheer, the shuttle was reaching the most dangerous part of the flight.   Little did everyone know, that the repairs done on the solid rocket booster engines were not carried out, and history was going to repeat itself once again unless Chris figures out a way to escape the tragic fate that awaits Endeavour.

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